Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, many times your path to improving your spiritual life has been blocked by your complacency to take any action to improve it. The idea of this vision of a door blocking your way is a challenge to decide how to act and when to act. Until you open the door from the inside of your heart to Me, I cannot enter. So the first step to improving your life is to be open to My grace and change in your life. The second step is to have enough belief in your faith that you are willing to reach out and try to understand your faith better with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. A third step to improving your spiritual life is to learn how to love Me and your neighbor more as you love yourself. You should have the intention in your heart to do everything out of love for Me without worry about the cost of how you will be viewed by the world. I am love itself, and you were created out of love. So love should be in your make-up by the life I give you as your inheritance. In order to accomplish any improvement in your spiritual life, you need a good prayer life and be humble in all that you succeed in doing. You are to give glory to Me for all of your accomplishments, and not just give all the credit to yourself. When I ask you to love everyone, I want you to love even your enemies and your persecutors because My Light of grace shines on the good and the bad. See Me in every person so that it is this part of loving Me in them that will help your faith grow. Listen to My words and let them touch your heart so you can truly grow and improve your spiritual life. It is this searching for perfection that will lead you on your path to sainthood. Remember that only saints can enter heaven, so ask Me to give you the grace to achieve your crown in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, all of these skulls represent how many babies are dying from abortion every year. The avalanche is a sign of how many abortions are being done in America which is in the thousands. If man cannot hold back all of these abortions from being performed, then I cannot hold back My arm of justice that will strike your country. All of these slain babies are martyrs who are having their reward in heaven. All of My faithful need to struggle to save your brothers and sisters from being murdered. Unless you do everything that you can to stop these abortions, then they will continue to condemn your land. If you truly love Me, then you will fight to save these lives from being killed. I love all of My people so much, but you must wake up your country to all the horrors going on in your abortion clinics.”

Saturday, January 30, 2010: (Funeral Mass, Loretta VerWeire)

Jesus said: “My people, you are celebrating the life of Loretta as a very loving woman of faith who helped many people in her many activities. She was always doing all that she could do for her family and her friends. She was also a faithful daily Mass person and she spent many hours at Adoration. I have mentioned in other messages how My adorers are My special lovers, and they have a special place in My Heart. The reward that I have for My adorers in heaven is a special place that I have prepared for them. Know that she is with Me in that place right now. Her life is a great model to imitate both in her physical and spiritual life. She is happy to be with Me and her husband.”

Jesus said: “My people, at the Mass you have the bread and wine that are later consecrated by the priest into My Body and Blood. I have told you many times that if you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you cannot have eternal life. Those, who partake of Communion every day, are that much closer to Me in My Blessed Sacrament. A time of persecution is coming when you may have to defend My Blessed Sacrament from the evil ones by carrying Me to a safe place. You may also have to take care of a priest and make a place for him to stay so you can have the Mass and My sacraments. Trust in My angel protection at My refuges and you will have no worries.”

Friday, January 29, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, in the everyday course of doing your mission, some people have offered to help you. It is part of having a generous spirit to be able to welcome help from others, even when you could have done something yourself. I have asked people to be charitable in helping others in their needs, but when you have a need, then others might be willing to step forward in assisting you. So there is a twofold response to charity. One is being open to help others when the opportunity arises, and the other is being generous in accepting another’s offer to help. By helping one another, then all of your missions can be fulfilled and people will feel satisfied that they could contribute to another’s needs. This is the spiritual reward that you receive from your charity, even when there was no physical reward. You would much rather store up heavenly treasure than be paid in earthly treasure.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is hard for people of faith to understand what would make a mother want to kill her own child by abortion. The numbers of abortions in America are staggering in even its effect on your population. The repercussions of these killings are leading America down a path to your own destruction. I have asked you repeatedly to pray to stop your abortions, but your people seem to have no pity in their hearts for all the unborn babies who are being killed. Just because you do not see the dead babies, some may think it is easier to put them out of your mind. This vision of hundreds of dead babies is real, and the disposal of these little lives does not even honor their deaths. They are many times treated as human garbage where some have to be incinerated to avoid an evil smell of dead bodies. If Americans do not heed My words to stop your abortions, then you are bringing your own destruction upon yourselves. Do whatever you can to close the abortion clinics without violence, and encourage your mothers to have their babies.”

Thursday, January 28, 2010: (St. Thomas Aquinas)

Jesus said: “My people, I have invited My faithful to take time to visit Me in My Blessed Sacrament in contemplative prayer. After you receive Me in Holy Communion at Mass, you usually do not have a lot of quiet time to hear My words to your heart. That is why at Adoration you have more time for meditation and listening to what I want you to do. Also, your time in Adoration of My Blessed Sacrament is a preparation for what it will be like in heaven as My saints and angels are always praising Me in song and adoration. Give thanks to Me for My two great gifts of My salvation in My death on the cross, and My Real Presence in My Blessed Sacrament. My sacraments are the fullness of the faith that are missing in other religions. So enjoy this intimate closeness with Me that you have in My Blessed Sacrament.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My people, it has been a tragedy in Haiti where many have lost their lives in the rubble from the earthquake. Another tragedy is how many young children, who were fortunate to survive, are now orphans because their parents have either died or they have been separated from each other. Some orphans have been adopted in America, but the rest will need help to continue surviving. Pray for these people and continue your donations for their basic needs.”

Jesus said: “My people, driving in blizzard snow is very risky, and you have seen some major pileups in your recent storms. Sometimes it may be better to avoid driving in real bad weather if it can be put off. Pray for the safety of your workers who have to battle the storms to make a living. Living in the North has its trials in dealing with the snow, ice, and windy cold.”

Jesus said: “My people, at times wearing gold jewelry may be tempting someone to steal any valuable jewelry. You have seen such theft in Venezuela on one of your trips to Betania. In certain places it is prudent not to wear such an expensive necklace. You have noticed how many are turning in their gold things because they are more valuable now. The gold maintains its buying power, but it is your dollar that is losing its value. When commodities such as gold increase in price rapidly, then you can see how quickly your dollar’s value is deteriorating due to your rising deficits. Trust in Me more than any of your valuables.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is this time of year that many start taking vacations in warmer climates. Older people or retirees have more opportunity to live down in the Southern states in the winter. Those, who endure the winter cold and snow are hearty and may not have the time or money to travel to the South. Every area of your country has its risks to live in. The South must bear hot summers and possible hurricanes. The North has its cold, and the West endures fires, mud slides, and earthquakes. Pray that you live in as safe an area as possible. Offer up your pain and suffering for souls, as everyone is tested by trials in this life.”

Jesus said: “My people, at times in history you are blessed with some gifted doctors of the Church in their writings. St. Thomas has left you with many valuable books and even some beautiful hymns to honor My Blessed Sacrament. You sing these hymns often at Adoration, as St. Thomas had a great love for Me in My Divinity. When you come to heaven, you will hear all kinds of beautiful music that gives honor and glory to Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, your business people are always using various holidays and occasions to sell their goods to those who prepare for these special days. Earthly love is part of your St. Valentine celebration. Marital love is a needed cornerstone for your families which are under attack in your society. Many enjoy a good love story and it is good to see couples in love getting married. There is also a spiritual love for Me and your neighbor. Think of sharing valentines of love with Me as I show My love for you as well.”

Jesus said: “My people, think of how the world glorifies earthly things in this world with all of your high profile advertising. Your businesses try to entice you to buy many things that you do not need, and these things do not make you happy just to own them. The real valuable things are those gifts from heaven as life itself and your faith. Desiring to lead good lives in preparation for heaven is a lot more rewarding than buying the latest things being advertised. Helping your neighbor with food, clothing, and shelter is again more rewarding than keeping your wealth just for yourself. Loving and sharing is what you should be doing instead of focusing on just your earthly desires.”

Wednesday, January 27, 2010: (St. Angela Merici)

Jesus said: “My people, My parable about the sower of seed is all about how people receive Me in My Word. When I was on the earth, the people only heard the parables without the explanations that I gave My apostles. But today My Word in the Bible is available to everyone who wishes to read it in various languages. The seed in the parable is the Word of God, and how it is received, will determine how everyone will bear fruit. Those, who do not have deep roots of faith, or those, who are choked by the cares of the world, will not bear much fruit because Satan steals the will to believe out of their hearts. But those, who listen and act on My Word, are the ones who bear fruit thirty, sixty, and a hundredfold. Those, who truly love Me and desire to be with Me, are the ones who receive Me in Holy Communion often and visit Me in My Blessed Sacrament in Adoration. This alternating vision of Me and My Sacred Host is to emphasize My Real Presence in every consecrated Host. This gift of My Presence with you is how I strengthen you with My graces so you can resist the temptations of the devil. You have Confession when you fail, so you always have an opportunity to be with Me. Go forward and share My Gospel of love with all those that you meet so they can have the same experience of My loving Presence.”

Jesus said: “My people, it was the rich hedge funds and Wall Street derivatives that really were the culprits of your latest bank system failure. Then when they lost money on speculative home loans that had more risk than was made public, the rich had the government and AIG bailout their losses as ‘too big to fail’. There was little or no regulation of these derivatives or risky home loans. A combination of bank and stimulus spending, along with near zero interest loans from the taxpayer have bailed out the banks on their bad debts. This was a created economic crisis to cause a recession and high unemployment as a means to bankrupt your economy. Even though many lost money, it was the man in the street who saw his investments stolen, his job taken, and his house devalued. But the rich were allowed to regain their losses at the taxpayer’s expense. These are the injustices that I will hold the cheaters and swindlers on Wall Street accountable for at their judgment. The one world people will reign over you for a short time with the Antichrist, but I will come and cast this whole evil lot into hell for all of their greed and killing. Then I will renew the earth and bring about My Era of Peace. Have patience for now as you go to My refuges of protection, because you will be happy with Me, but the evil ones will languish in hell with the devil tormenting them.”

Tuesday, January 26, 2010: (St. Timothy and St. Titus)

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a great divide in the rock of the mountains is a sign of the coming division in My Church. Even as you are seeing the early structure in My Church in the readings, there were problems that caused divisions in My Church before. Wherever you see division and confusion, you know that Satan is there trying to destroy My Church. Because of My promises, I will always defend My Church from the gates of hell. The coming division I have given you many times in My messages, and there will be such a division between a schismatic church and My faithful remnant. The schismatic church will be teaching New Age which is not about God, and that the sexual sins are no longer serious sins. My angels and the Holy Spirit will be guiding My faithful remnant, even when you may need to celebrate Mass in the homes and later at My refuges. Trust in My leading you even throughout the coming tribulation.”

Camille Remacle’s birthday (Carol’s father): He said: “I want to comfort My family that I am still praying and watching out for all of you. Continue to watch over Lydia and Vic, for they are in need of your help. My signs around you will be less frequent, and more around my day of death than my birthday.”

Jesus said: “My people, after the earthquake in Haiti, there were massive problems with dead bodies and looting. The American military has helped a lot in aid distribution and keeping order. Some countries are concerned that America could be an occupying army in a takeover of Haiti. Seeing the military in a disaster situation brings back memories of the military in keeping order in New Orleans. You can see how a natural disaster or a man-made disaster could precipitate a larger takeover in America, under the pretense of a national emergency or martial law. The military could easily be called in to manage such a crisis. This is the opportunity that the one world people are looking for to bring about their North American Union. All of these events will be leading up to the Antichrist taking over these unions. Trust in My protection and My providing for your needs at My refuges.”

Monday, January 25, 2010: (Conversion of St. Paul)

Jesus said: “My people, what you are seeing in this vision is a spring time experience with blooming flowers. Sometimes your life is like the winter weather where all the plant life seems dull and dead. This is when you need a retreat or a spiritual awakening to put some spirit back into your life. If you truly believe in your Christian faith, then you should look forward to every day as a new opportunity to do something for Me and your neighbor out of love. If you do everything only for yourself, then your life will be dull. Conversion, as with St. Paul, can wake you up to your real purpose on earth to know, love and serve Me. Wake up out of your complacency, and you truly will feel alive in the Spirit.”

Jesus said: “My people, you would be amazed to see the process of how your money is created through bonds and Federal Notes. The documents are all debt instruments that make up a part of your trillions of dollars of the National Debt. People from here and various countries buy these notes and bonds, expecting to be paid back interest in more debt notes. As long as people accept these notes as backed by the taxpayer and your net worth, these notes have value. The larger your National Debt is as a percentage of your GDP, then the value of your money decreases. The more the Federal Reserve monetizes your debt, the more chance that they are going to inflate your dollar. In days past you had real money in gold and silver as a currency. Once you accepted Federal Notes, there is no intrinsic value to your paper money. This has allowed your central bankers to control you by the loans you are making to the Federal Reserve, which is not a part of your government. Once people stop buying your Treasury Notes, you will go into bankruptcy with no market to sell your debt and interest. This is why gold and silver will always be more valuable than your paper promises to pay. This bankruptcy could happen any time, and everything denominated in dollars will become worthless as the one world people will use ameros to replace your dollars. Do not put faith and trust in your money or your possessions because they can be stolen, devalued, or lost. Put your faith and trust in Me because I can always be trusted to treat you fairly and protect your souls. Keep close to Me in your prayers and your obedience to My Commandments.”

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, you have read in the Gospel of Luke (Luke 4:18-19) ‘The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me because He has anointed Me; to bring good news to the poor He has sent Me, to proclaim to the captives release, and sight to the blind; to set at liberty the oppressed, to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, and the day of recompense.’ After reading this passage from Isaiah, I sat down and said: (Luke 4:21)

‘Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.’ The people of Nazareth at first did not realize that I was declaring Myself the Messiah. Later, they understood when I made it clear that I was sent from God, but they could not stand hearing what I proclaimed, and they tried to kill Me. I walked through their midst because it was not My hour. This is another acknowledgment that a prophet is not accepted in his own town because they have little faith. Trust in My words and imitate My actions in your own life.”

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, when I was on the earth in human form, I took many liberties to do My mission, and My life is an example to all Christians not to be afraid to step out in faith. When you were baptized, you were given the grace to carry out your own mission and help save souls. When people are paralyzed with fear to fight the political correctness of your society, then they will refuse to fight against abortion. Many times even in My own efforts, I did things to show the hypocrisy of many of the actions of the religious authorities. It takes spiritual courage to stand up for the morally right decisions. Taking a correct stand by My laws will gain you a reward in heaven, even if you will suffer in this world. Whenever you are faced with making decisions, always take the morally high road, despite any repercussions.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you several messages on the Swine Flu shots with an emphasis on not to take it. Every time another wave of disease comes out, the authorities start offering free Swine Flu shots. They are not truly free because your government pays the drug companies to distribute the shots. Many of these diseases are man-made, but the vaccine shots can damage your immune system and cause other problems for years. Some develop Gulf War type reactions to the shots, while others do not see any immediate effects. The mercury preservative and the squalene in some shots are the most damaging to your health. These diseases and viruses, that are being spread, are meant to reduce the population as part of the death culture plan to make an easier takeover of your country. The Health Plan is part of their grab for power to control your medications and operations. This plan will now have a harder time to pass through the Senate without enough votes to by-pass the Republicans. The people are waking up to the threat against their freedoms. They are finally taking some action to block your president’s plan to push an unfavorable bill through by backroom trickery. Pray to protect your health and freedoms from the one world people who want to control you.”

Friday, January 22, 2010: (Row vs. Wade Anniversary)

Jesus said: “My people, in the Early Christian era you were sought out and killed if you practiced your Christian faith. Even today in some communist countries you risk jail or martyrdom for being a Christian. Many of these early martyrs became saints and were canonized by My Church. Also today, you have new martyrs in all of the babies being killed by abortion. Your society, by its laws, has little respect for life in the womb and even life at the end in old age. Any kind of killing is not acceptable behavior in My eyes. Self-defense and just war situations may be justified in self-preservation, but any other killing is against My Fifth Commandment. When you are allowed to kill by abortion or euthanasia, your society does not appreciate how precious life is to be honored. Your marches for life on this day of the court decision bring to mind every year how brutal and inhumane your people are in killing their own children. You have read studies of the increased abuse of your children, but killing them is the ultimate abuse. If people can be tried for murder in killing their born children, why should they not be tried for murder for killing their unborn children? Your laws in this area are not consistent, and they are against My laws which is more important. Work to stop abortion in your prayers and actions. Even if people persecute you for being outspoken about murdering My babies, be willing to stand up for a greater good against your evil society.”

Jesus said: “My people, as adults you are already alive and you see some mothers having abortions that you are praying would have their babies. Too often abortions are performed to hide affairs outside of marriage or when married people do not want to have any more children. If you were the soul in a forming baby that was at risk of being killed, you would be praying for loving parents who would not even consider having an abortion. If you were a forming baby who was being aborted, it would seem like an unexpected terror to be killed by your own mother. Mothers need to think of life as precious, and babies are too valuable to be slaughtered like an animal that you would use for meat. These little ones are defenseless and vulnerable in needing care for their survival. You should only have the marriage act if you are married and are willing to bear any children that result from your relations. Adultery and fornication are mortal sins requiring Confession, but abortion compounds these sins with a worse sin of murder. All unborn babies are human beings and not just flesh only. Each unborn baby has a soul and a body that the parents are responsible for. When you think about abortion from the baby’s point of view, abortion becomes a much more serious crime. This is why your society is very evil when it thinks that these lives are expendable. Pray for all mothers to avoid abortion at all costs, even if having a baby may be embarrassing to the parents.”