Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, I have warned you before that you will be seeing many disasters in the end times. This vision of a large tsunami is a result of a large earthquake. In previous large tsunamis you have seen thousands of people killed, as seen in Indonesia. You will see many killed again in this coming tsunami. This is why I have asked you to include the people in all disasters that died, in the intentions of your Reparation Masses. This is because you are about to see one disaster after another. These disasters are being allowed as a punishment for the many sins of the world. Because there are not enough people praying to make up for all the sins of the world, this is why you will be seeing so many disasters. This suffering helps to make up for the reparation due for not only individual sins, but also for national sins.”

Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013: (St. Catherine of Alexandria)
Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel you read of the widow placing her few coins into the Temple treasury. I remarked how she put in all that she had, while the others put in more from their surplus wealth. There are some people who are wealthy in this world’s goods, but they are poor in their spiritual wealth. Also, there are some who are rich in My spiritual gifts, but they may be poor in worldly wealth. You would rather be blessed more in spiritual gifts and treasures in heaven, than in earthly things. Where your treasure lies, so lies your heart. If your treasure is in Me in My Blessed Sacrament, then your heart is with Me. If your treasure is in worldly riches, then your heart may be in your money. Those, who put worldly things before Me, could be losing their soul, if they do not change their ways. Do not put false gods before Me, because you should be putting Me first in your life. You were seeing a stairway to heaven like Jacob’s ladder. You are struggling to get close to Me, so keep your focus on Me in all that you do out of love for Me and your neighbor.”

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday, November 24, 2013: (Jesus, King of the Universe)
Jesus said: “My people, I am showing Myself as a King and My Blessed Mother as a queen in heaven. You are giving Me praise for My Sacred Heart, and you are honoring My Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart. We love all of you, and My Blessed Mother and I are joined as one in two hearts, and we are inviting you to be with us for all eternity. This is the last day of your trip to the 21 Missions of California, and it is ending on the 300th Anniversary of St. Junipero Serra’s birthday. You have been blessed with a beautiful pilgrimage, and we want all of you to go home with a renewed strength in your faith that you can share with your friends and family at home. We are praying for your safe travel home, as My Blessed Mother will place her mantle of protection over all of you. Rejoice in the many blessings that you have received on this pilgrimage.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you how much I love all of you, such that I suffered a crucifixion for the salvation of all sinners, as I died for your sins. Even as I suffered persecution from the worldly people, so My people will also suffer persecution for My Name’s sake. Even though this death of Mine may appear as a defeat, yet it was My victory over sin, death, and the devil’s hold on man. You heard the beautiful words of the good thief who said: ‘Remember me when you come into your Kingdom’. My words to him were the words that all of you will desire: ‘This day you will be with Me in Paradise.’ On the top of My cross there was an inscription ‘This is the King of the Jews’. Not only am I King of the Jews, I am the King of the Universe, as is the title of this feast day. This is the last Sunday of the Church Year, and it is appropriate to talk of the end days when I will return in victory over the evil ones. All of you know the end of this story, and the evil ones lose in hell, while My faithful will be with Me in heaven.”

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday, November 23, 2013:
Jesus said: “My son, I hear your plea that your world is so evil that you are praying to Me to bring My Warning. I have told you that I will choose the time, but I do tell you often how close it is. Remember that I am Lord over all things in this world, and I only allow the evil ones to go so far. You will be seeing many disasters, and I want you to keep doing your Masses of Reparation, especially for the souls who will die that are not ready to meet Me at their judgment. When I bring My Warning to everyone, there will be many souls who will wake up and repent of their sins. Keep praying for your families, so they will not see hell in their mini-judgment. I give hope to all of you that I will be with you to protect your souls and your bodies. Do not have fear from the evil ones because I am more powerful than they are. There will be many injustices in this world, so you will be suffering a penance from your persecutions. Your suffering will be short, but your joy with Me will be greater that you can imagine for all eternity. Rejoice in the glory of your King, and your opportunity to bring souls to Me.”

Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013: (St. Cecilia)
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing a heart shape in the vision which represents love. Then I showed you My Sacred Heart which is a greater representation of My personal love. This was even ultimately shown in My death on the cross for all the sins of mankind. In the readings you saw the reverence for building a Temple, and in the Gospel I also called St. Peter and My apostles to build My Church. I defended the Temple from the vendors, as you remember that I have great zeal for My house, and it consumes Me. You have seen many beautiful church buildings, but My Church is found the most in the souls of My people, both in the clergy and the laity. This is why it is important to build up My Church in bringing your family to Me, and in reaching out to convert souls to the faith. You need to encourage your families to attend Sunday Mass, pray daily, and come to Confession at least once a month. If you do not teach the faith to your children, how are they going to teach their children? Even you grandparents need to be a good example to your grandchildren, and continue building up My Church. I am depending on My prayer warriors to keep the faith strong in your families. When you love Me, you want to share My love with everyone.”

Jesus said: “My people, your penance from your Confession may be a few prayers from your priest today. In former years, your penances would be much more vigorous like wearing hair shirts, or possibly more physical suffering. You could make an extra penance of fasting from something you like, as not eating desserts or sweet things for the day. Doing a bread and water fast may be more difficult. Fasting should be done with the intention of controlling your bodily desires by the desires of the soul to please Me. It is when you allow your bodily desires to perform sinful actions, that you offend Me in your sins. The more you can control your body with penances, the easier it will be to avoid the devil’s temptations. Learn from your sinful mistakes, so you can avoid them in the future. Work on your frequent sins to understand how you fell into sin. You will be attacked more when you are in occasions of sin, or when you are tired and weak. By anticipating how the devil will attack you, you can be prepared to defend your soul from committing other sins. Know that I am always willing to forgive your sins, because I want to receive you into My loving arms. Do not fear, avoid, or put off Confession, but see this sacrament as a means to keep your soul clean and ready to meet Me at your judgment.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you the marriage of a man and a woman in the Church for two reasons. The first reason is that this is the proper way to be married. Living together in fornication is not a proper marriage. Living in homosexual acts is also not a proper marriage. The second reason is that this marriage is a symbol of My people as the bride and I am the Groom who protects My Church. Marriage is a promotion of the preciousness of life because the children are born into an environment of love. Protect My babies in the womb from those who want to kill them in abortion. Protect the elderly from those who want to kill them with euthanasia. Pray for peace to protect the people from being killed in your manufactured wars. Pray for all the people who are being killed by disasters, by vaccines, and by viruses. Life is truly precious, and you are all created in My Image with free will. I want all souls to love Me and come to heaven. Keep praying for all souls that could be saved from hell. Also do not forget to pray for the poor souls in purgatory. My Communion of Saints is a union of My faithful on earth, the souls in purgatory, and My souls that are saints in heaven. Your soul’s life is the most important, and you need to keep your soul on the right path to heaven.”

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday, November 21, 2013: (Presentation of the Blessed Mother)
Jesus said: “My people, when you see this fire burning in the fireplace of a home, it represents the burning love that My Blessed Mother and I have in our hearts for love of all of you. When you see pictures of our two hearts, you see a flame burning in each of our hearts. We want to join our hearts with you, so you can be one with us. We also want to be a part of your life so we can walk with you in all that you do. Many of you have done the consecration prayers to My Blessed Mother over thirty-three days before one of her feasts. Others have had their homes enthroned to My Sacred Heart. All of your consecrations to us enable us to help you even more in accomplishing your missions. Every day when you pray your rosaries, you are not only talking to Me, but you are inviting My Blessed Mother to bring your intentions to Me. You love all of your family members and friends, and you should keep praying for their souls so you can keep them from being lost in hell. I invite you to pray also for the poor souls in purgatory. You can even invite people, who are away from Me, to come back to Me or to know Me for the first time. My Blessed Mother and I are good role models for you to follow because we lived in God’s Will, while we were on the earth. Keep a picture of our two hearts in your prayer room.”

Jesus said: “My people, at times people are very defensive in wanting to run their own lives without Me interfering. This can be a form of pride when souls want to be in control of their lives. Until you can give your free will over to Me so I can lead your life, it will be difficult to fulfill your mission. It is your simple obedience to My laws that I desire from each of My disciples. When you do everything out of love for Me, I can use you and give you My graces to accomplish great spiritual things. It is these spiritual blessings that will help you overcome all of life’s trials that you will face. So let go of all of your earthly desires, as in fasting, so these things do not hold you back from doing My Will. Tear down all the barriers that you build around yourself, which you think will protect you. When you put your full trust in Me, you will accomplish impossible things by My grace. I will be your defense and your shield from the evil ones, and I will see to all of your earthly and spiritual needs.”

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday, November 20, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, I am showing Myself as the Vine, and you are the branches. Those, who are with Me, will survive and be saved. Those, who fall away from Me, will be detached and wither away. In the Gospel reading I gave a parable of a king, who gave one servant ten gold coins. He earned ten more, and he was give ten cities as a reward. A second servant was given five coins, and he earned five more. This servant was rewarded with five cities. A third servant was given one gold coin, but he kept it in a handkerchief, and he wasted his talent. Again I give everyone a unique set of talents, which I expect all of you to use wisely for My glory, and not just for your own gain. I have given each of you a mission, and only by your ‘yes’ can you carry it out. I want all of My people to use their God-given talents, and do not bury them or ignore them. By sharing your talents, both for your own needs and the needs of others, you can store up treasure in heaven for your judgment. The good servants will have their just rewards, but those, who abused their talents, will lose the little they had.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen how reverent the Jews were in protecting My Word in My Ten Commandments. Even so, there are many of My tabernacles where My people give reverence for My Blessed Sacrament. Wherever you have Adoration of My exposed Host, you should try to make an hour for Me, and even more when there is no one to take your place. You always have Me present in your tabernacles, so please come to visit Me when you can, to make up for all of those people who do not take time to come. Attending holy hours in front of My Blessed Sacrament is another way of showing Me how much you love Me. You know that I love all of you enough to die for your sins. You express your love for Me also in your prayers, and when you can come to daily Mass. You also can express your love for Me when you pray for others, even for your enemies, or those people that you do not like. You know that I am all loving, and I ask My people to try and imitate My love of everyone as well. When you reach out to everyone in love, you are like My Light of love that shines out on everyone, and I disperse the darkness of hate that comes from the demons.”

Jesus said: “My people, after you have seen some difficult land to live on, you can appreciate how hard it was to organize and build so many missions. Not only did the missionaries try to convert the Indians to the faith, they also had to provide a means of self-support for both themselves and the Indians. They were fortunate to get grants for the buildings, but they had to have them built and provide farms for food, clothing, and heat. This was in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s when life was a lot harder than now. In more recent years, you have seen dedicated people in the 1900’s who were willing to restore the missions to their former appearance. Now your people can appreciate the great work of St. Junipero Serra. You have missionaries all over the world, and they are worthy of your financial and prayer support. Even your parish priests need your prayers and financial help as well. Your priests are a gift to you in providing the sacraments and your spiritual leadership. There is still a need to help evangelize the children, and the Catholics that have fallen away from their faith. My people need to keep reaching out to save as many souls as you can.”

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, in this vision I am showing you a contrast between the quiet flowers and the busy world of cars moving back and forth. I invite My people to come to My tabernacle for a visit, so you could come in out of your busy world and take a quiet rest from all of life’s distractions. If you allow the noise of the world to block out My voice, then you may forget your prayer time. You need to plan your life around Me, instead of trying to work Me in among your daily activities. Consecrate all that you do to Me and My Blessed Mother in the morning. Then we can be helping you all day long. It is your quiet time with Me, when you recollect your life’s actions so you can correct your previous mistakes. If you do not take time for Me every day, then you could lose your focus on My love. I love you every moment of every day, and you can be thinking of Me all the time as well. When I am the center of your lives, you will be doing everything for Me. Loving Me and loving your neighbor should be your focus every day.”

Jesus said: “My people, when you see a red sky at the end of the day, you know that you will have good weather the next day. Yet, even though you can read the sky, you cannot read the signs of the time. Just as I told the people of My time, even now the only sign that I will give, is the sign of Jonah. This means that your country must repent of its sins, or you will see a takeover by the one world people. You need to read the signs of evil that are getting worse in the world, as the time will lead up to the Antichrist’s coming to power. You are seeing same sex marriage accepted in many states. You are also seeing more couples living together in fornication without marriage. All of these evils are leading up to the Antichrist’s declaration. My Warning experience will be shared by everyone, and then events will quickly lead up to the Antichrist’s short reign of less than 3½ years in the tribulation. My faithful will need to heed My Warning when I will warn you that it is time to take your things to My refuges. Those, who do not leave, could be martyred at their homes, or in detentions centers for not denying their faith. So read the signs of the times, and be ready to leave quickly for My refuges.”

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, I have been talking to you of a coming split in My Church which is very much like the first reading when the good Israelites refused to change their religious customs, even when they were threatened with death. Even in the coming days, you are going to see some clergy who will try to change your religious customs. You will see some priests changing the words of the Consecration at Mass, and I will no longer be present in their Masses. You will see more heretical teachings that will accept New Age things as Reiki and other things that are not correct according to your Catechism of the Catholic Church. When you see these heresies, you will need to go to another church. Once the schismatic church controls most of the churches, then My faithful remnant will need to have Mass underground with a faithful priest. This division in My Church is coming among you very soon. You will also start to see a stronger persecution coming from your own government against all the people who will not obey your government mandates. They will try to force heretical things upon you, that you must reject. These evil ones will threaten your lives because of your faith. At this point of severe persecution, you will need to leave for My refuges and the protection of My angels. Be prepared to stand up for your faith, even if you are criticized for not changing your beliefs. Your life may be in jeopardy for keeping close to My ways, instead of following man’s ways.”

Jesus said: “My people, your movie stars are always in your entertainment news, and they are very famous and usually rich. On the contrary, My saints should be looked up to for their holy lives, and most of them were poor in the world’s eyes. The saints are your real heroes, and you could imitate their lives to bring your souls closer to Me in heaven. Many of the saints gave up their wealth, and they held the richness of My graces in My sacraments of more value than any things of the world. All of these missions have a special character that shows how important the missionaries were in bringing the faith to the people. Even as you attend many Masses, you need to pray for your priests and bishops who need your physical and spiritual help to keep faithful to their vocations. In your rosaries, call on My Blessed Mother to keep the clergy protected under her mantle of protection.”

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, you are just starting out on visiting the 21 Missions with a beautiful Mass. The gardens and the grounds are beautiful also. In the readings you are seeing a mention of the end times. This is your mission, to wake up My people before I return. At the end of the Church Year, you have these readings about preparing your lives for when I will bring My victory over all the evil ones. It is a good time for people to find some quiet time so they can examine their consciences to keep a pure soul in Confession. There is also a mention of a time of persecution in standing up for your faith in Me. You could even see how the Indians killed some of the missionaries. In the end times you will see an evil in the Antichrist’s reign during the tribulation. It is then that you will need to come to My refuges for protection by My angels from the evil ones. Some will be martyred, while the rest of My people will be protected and fed Holy Communion by My angels. You will have food and water multiplied, as well as your shelters. You will be living a more rustic life than your comforts of today. When you are stripped of your possessions and your earthly distractions, I will be helping you to live holy lives as the saints did. Keep close to Me in your daily prayers, and keep working to improve your faith, and your trust in Me in all that you do.”

Jesus said: “My people, you should be thankful for the hard work and dedication of the friars who persevered over many years to bring the faith to the people. Now, you are seeing fewer people coming to church on Sunday. In some areas the churches are being closed, or used as museums. In some ways America is becoming a missionary land in need of evangelization, because the spiritual hearts are growing cold to My love. I love My people, and I do not want to see any souls lost. Your people need to repent of your sins, and you need a great renewal of the faith. I am calling on My faithful to reach out and share your faith with your neighbors. Many Catholics are no longer practicing their faith, so you need to invite them to return, and re-ignite the fire of My love in their hearts. These souls need to be awakened from their spiritual slumber, and come back to My Church, and confess their sins to the priest in Confession. Without My light and grace in your soul, it will be very difficult to enter heaven. Your goal is to save as many souls as you can from going to hell, especially the souls of your own family. My faithful need to be persistent as the friars were in praying for these souls to return to Me.”