Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015:

Jesus said: “My people, you have had two similar Gospels about loving your neighbors. The one is about not taking vengeance for wrongdoing, and the other is to love your enemies, and even your persecutors. You may not like their evil actions, but you still need to love the person and pray for their conversions. Do not discriminate between those people you like and those people who you do not like. When you love everyone, you are imitating My love for everyone, and you are working toward your perfection. When you think of loving your neighbor, you need to love My presence in each soul. You are all temples of the Holy Spirit, despite your sins. It is this grace that keeps you alive, and keeps your soul in existence. Give thanks and praise to Me for your life and your gift of faith in Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have flown in planes before, and you have read how planes are directed by radio homing beacons, and by satellite. These beacons keep the plane on the right course to its destination. In a spiritual way, I am your homing beacon, and I am always drawing you to My Light. When you sin, you are following your own will, and you lose your focus on Me. To follow My Light, you need to be open to following My Will over your own free will. It is when you are union with My Will that you can fulfill the mission that I have for you. Your final destination should be coming to heaven, so you need to keep on course by following My Light. When you obey My Commandments and seek My forgiveness for your sins, then your reward will be great in heaven.”

Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday, June 15, 2015:

Jesus said: “My people, in various ways I keep asking My faithful to love your enemies, and even those who persecute you. If someone strikes you in the face on one side, then turn your face to be struck on the other side. This is not a normal earthly response, as most people seek vengeance to repay an injustice. If someone harms you in some way, do not look to harm that person back. I want My followers to respond to people with love to combat their evil ways. People may take advantage of your kindness, but love them just the same. In cases of serious harm or killings, then civil justice will deal with such criminals. But for small slights, they can be overlooked. Do not plan evil or grudges against your neighbor. This is a difficult response for some, but you are trying to be perfect as I love both the good and the bad people.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have had a somewhat dry April, but now you are experiencing an unusually wet June. Texas has seen the worst of the flooding, and they may even see a near tropical storm. You have also seen some damaging tornadoes, even in upstate New York State. Some of these persistent rainstorms are giving all indications that they are being caused by weather-making microwave machines. In addition to floods, the severe storms have caused trees to fall on power lines giving power outages. You have had to pick up a lot of small branches from the wind effect on your trees. With all of your rain, your sump pumps have been coming on frequently, and some people have had flooded basements. Be prepared for some natural disasters from your strange weather patterns.”

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday, June 14, 2015: (Fr. John Reif’s 50th Anniversary as priest)

Jesus said: “My people, you are celebrating Fr. John’s 50th Anniversary as a priest, and he is a priest forever according to the order of Melchisedec. You have known Fr. John from various parishes for many years. The priest represents Me at the altar and in the presentation of the sacraments to the people. You rely on My priests for daily Mass and the Eucharist, as well as for Confession, Anointing of the Sick, and for funerals and weddings. You can remember the priests who baptized your children and gave them their First Holy Communion. You are fortunate to be ordaining four priests this year, as some priests are dying. Give praise to Me and thanks to have a beautiful priest as Father John.”

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday, June 13, 2015: (Immaculate Heart of Mary, St. Anthony)

The Blessed Mother said: “My dear children, you are sharing a special feast of my Immaculate Heart as I love all of you as my own Son, Jesus. I bring you to my Son in all that I do. I give Him all of your petitions as an intercessor. The feast of our Two Hearts shows you how close I am to my Son. This church is named for my Sorrows, and today’s Gospel about losing my Son for three days, is one of those sorrows. As all mothers know, not finding your son among a lot of people can be trying, and even traumatic. I pondered the words of Jesus in my heart when He said that He must be doing His Father’s work. At age twelve, I did not know that He would be starting His ministry. I realized later the mystery of His true mission in His offering of His life for all the sins of mankind. We love all of our children, and we want you to encourage souls to love us as well. Remember to pray your rosaries every day, and pray for the saving of souls in the world, and the souls in purgatory.”

(4:00 p.m Mass) Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading, and in the Gospel, there is mention about the mystery of My creation in how crops grow with the right fertilizer, the seed, water, the sun, and good soil. It is the grace of crops that give you your food to eat and survive. There was another parable when an enemy sowed weed seeds with the planted wheat. When the wheat grew up, so the weeds showed as well. Instead of pulling up the weeds and destroying some wheat, the master allowed both to grow until the harvest. At the harvest, the weeds were gathered and were thrown into the fire, but the wheat was gathered into My barn. In life you also see the good and evil people living together until the judgment of souls. At the judgment, the evil souls will be gathered and cast into the eternal fires of hell. My faithful souls will also be gathered with Me into heaven as their reward for believing in Me and seeking My forgiveness. There are other parallels when you compare good and bad trees by their fruit. The good tree bears good fruit, as a faithful person will have many good deeds to show for their time on earth. The bad tree bears bad fruit, and it is not worth eating, much like the evil people who have only evil deeds to show for their life. There will be a judgment for all souls, and it will be your actions and deeds that will determine your eternal destination. Trust in My words and follow My Commandments, and your reward will be great in heaven.”

Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015: (The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus)

Jesus said: “My people, I thank you for honoring My feast day and that of My Blessed Mother, because our two hearts are always joined together. You have a picture of our Two Hearts in your bedroom, and you look at us while you are praying your rosaries. I have an infinite love of all souls, as I pray that all of you could be saved from the evil one. I do not force My love on you, but I want you all to love Me of your own free will. In the picture of My Sacred Heart, you can see an eternal flame of love, and I unite your suffering with Mine on the cross. My mercy and My love are poured out on everyone, as you see Me as your Creator and your Savior. I desire that you show your love for Me in your holy hours of prayer, in your Masses, in your Adoration of Me, and in your good deeds for your neighbors. I am all loving, and I want you to imitate Me by loving Me and your neighbor.”

(Pat Amato’s Funeral Mass) Pat said: “I am overwhelmed by the kindness of all the people who attended my funeral. I love Fred and all of my family so much, and I am sorry that I had to leave all of you so suddenly. I thank all of the people who helped me in my health problems. You know in life how much I loved to help people in many ways and through many organizations. I had this mother instinct in me for not only my children and grandchildren, but also for all the people that I could help. You know I had a great love of life, and I always worked to save the unborn and help all the mothers. I even had compassion for those mothers who had abortions. I am with my Jesus in heaven by his grace, and I will be praying for my family and for all the organizations that I worked with. It is the loving people that I enjoyed working with, and I will miss being with all of you.”

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thursday, June 11, 2015: (St. Barnabas)

Jesus said: “My people, you can see how the early Church took a lot of hard work and traveling to bring My Good News of salvation to the people in various countries. In the Acts of the Apostles you can read of some of the miracles that My disciples performed that helped to convert souls to the faith. It was much harder to travel in those days, but still My disciples were working to convert souls despite any problems. It is this eager spirit to build up My Church that I am calling on all of My faithful to put their faith into action. Not everyone is willing to travel to share My words with your neighbors in other states and countries. My son, you have been called to prepare the people for the coming tribulation, and you have done well in your travels for many years. Now, you are again being called to provide a safe haven for My faithful to find protection. Keep working on conversions, and your work at your interim refuge.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My people, parting with good friends can always present a moment of sadness. Your friends are also fellow workers in defending the unborn babies in your Right to Life groups. Pat Amato was a beautiful lady who worked many hours in the defense of life for the unborn. Her death is a great loss, but she is no longer suffering from her health problems. Your little send off party for Barbara and Jan Fredricks is a little like when St. Paul and St. Barnabas were sent off to convert souls in many lands. Pray for Pat, and for a good mission for Barbara and Jan.”

Jesus said: “My son, your friend, Alice, has had you speak many times in Charleston, South Carolina. She had suffered many years with difficulty in walking. She had followed your messages, that I gave you, for many years. I have had mercy on her soul, and she is now with Me in paradise. She was a strong and faithful woman, even despite her disabilities. Give thanks to Me for the gift of her life in helping your mission.”

Jesus said: “My people, you all are tried in life with many trials, both in faith and in health. Take courage, because I will give you the grace to carry out your missions. Keep strong in your faith with your prayers and the reception of My sacraments. I rely on My prayer warriors to help their families and to convert souls to the faith. Keep praying for the younger people to stay strong in their faith, and keep coming to Sunday Mass. My prayer warriors will have their reward in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing many of your friends in bad health from various infirmities. After the Warning, events will lead up to the coming of the Antichrist, and I will be calling My faithful to come to My refuges. Just like the apostles performed many healings, so you will see all of My faithful healed of their infirmities by looking on My luminous cross, drinking the healing spring water, or drinking holy water. These healings will strengthen My faithful in their faith.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen a lot of damage from your recent tornadoes, thunderstorms, and even hail storms. You have seen these events before, but when it happens in your own backyard, it becomes more threatening. When storms threaten your lives, you can call on My help by praying your storm prayer in the Pieta prayer book. I will hear your request, and you will be protected as you have seen in the past.”

Jesus said: “My son, I know you have many duties to carry out in running your home and carrying out your two missions. You are gracious with your time in speaking in many cities, as well as preparing your new refuge. I have asked you to speed up your work in the old basement by cleaning and painting your walls. I thank you for your latest work in addition to your other responsibilities. I am not forcing you to work harder, but you do not have much time left to prepare your refuge. Call on My help in prayer so you can complete your work in your refuge preparations.”

Jesus said: “My people, some of My refuge builders have various accesses to money,either from friends or from inheritances. If you choose to build a refuge, I will find a way to help complete your work. Those builders, who have started late, may have to speed up their plans, or I will have to have My angels complete their work. Keep working steadily on your preparations, and I will bless your efforts. Many people do not realize how much planning, spending of money, and the long hours of work that are necessary in preparing a good refuge. Others can help you by their prayers, physical labor, or even donations, if they are needed. With the help of your friends, you all can have an adequate refuge to fulfill all of your needs.”

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesday, June 10, 2015:

Jesus said: “My people, in My day the Jewish leaders were more wrapped up in following the details of the Mosaic Law in many human traditions, that they lost the spirit of love in the law. I came to fulfill the law and not to change it. I did emphasize that all the laws given could be summed up in a love of God and a love of neighbor. It was this love relationship with Me and others that was not being fully expressed by the religious leaders of My day. Even in the lives of your people today, many are wrapped up so much in watching TV and computer devices, that they have lost the art of conversation. It is this love relationship with Me and your neighbors that has turned cold, because of the devil’s influence. You need to be more focused on personal interactions that are based on love of everyone, rather than only focusing on yourself. Move out of your old sinful habits, so you can focus more on loving Me and loving your neighbor.”

Jesus said: “My son, your construction is finally complete, and now you need to organize your food with some new bedding. Once you finish repainting your old basement, then you need to see what things you need to get rid of. I showed you some bunk beds to maximize your space for sleeping in the new basement during the tribulation. It will be a major job to finish your clean up of the basement and your other rooms. Your time is short, so you need to finish your basement as quickly as possible. You will also need to get your chapel ready to receive people for prayer services. Plan your work to finish your preparations as soon as possible. Call on My help every day to get things ready.”

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday, June 9, 2015: (St. Ephrem)

Jesus said: “My people, this Gospel is very appropriate for all missionaries, as St. Paul. I want all of My faithful to be the Salt of the earth. You are My prayer warriors that pray for souls, and you must be willing to suffer persecution for standing up for your faith in Me against all heresies. In the end times some of My faithful could be martyred for proclaiming My Word. Do not ever deny Me, even if your life is required to witness your faith in Me. I am the Light of the world, and I bring you My words of eternal life in heaven. You have heard the words of My Gospel, and My faithful need to put My words into action by going out to all the nations to evangelize souls. I have brought salvation to all souls by My death on the cross. It is up to each soul to repent of one’s sins, and come to Me in the priest to seek the forgiveness of one’s sins. You also need to accept Me as your Savior and Master of your lives. By doing so, I will guide you on your narrow path to heaven. Rejoice that I give My prayer warriors a strong gift of faith, as they go forth to share their salt and My Word of Light in the Gospels to all the souls in the nations. When you call on Me, I will send My angels to protect you from evil, and the Holy Spirit will give you the right words to proclaim to the people.”

Jesus said: “My son, you need to pray for more protection for your chapel. I told you to call on Me to send you My angels of protection when you are attacked by demonic things. These thousands of flies were definitely an attack of the evil ones. Pray your long form of the St. Michael prayer, and then make a cross with holy water over your stained glass windows, and all the objects in your chapel. You can even place some blessed salt in all the corners of your chapel as well. You could have a priest or a deacon bless your chapel as an exorcism for any future attacks on your chapel. I told you that many graces will be poured out on the people who come into your chapel to pray. Give praise and thanks to Me for getting rid of these flies, along with your contractor, Don, who cleaned them up.”

Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday, June 8, 2015:

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing the sinful people getting worse, and My faithful are becoming stronger in their faith. The lifestyles of living in fornication, or some in same sex marriages, are so foreign to My faithful’s way of living. Because My faithful live faithful lives, and they try to share My love with others, they are a threat to other people’s lifestyle. Because those, who live evil lives even hate you, you will be suffering various persecutions for who you are. Do not feel that you have to change your lives to be accepted. It is better to obey Me than to obey people who may threaten your lives because of your faith in Me. Once your lives are in danger after the Warning, you will have to seek out My refuges for protection, or you may face martyrdom. Even as you may suffer persecution now, you can unite any of your suffering with Me on the cross. The coming tribulation will be shortened, and it will last less then 3½ years. This is a brief time of suffering for an eternity in heaven. Keep close to Me with pure souls, and you will have nothing to fear.”

Jesus said: “My people, you know how much I love you because I came to the earth to give up My life to save all of those souls who love Me. I call on all of you to love Me as well, and I give you the Beatitudes to follow for your perfection. There are many people who I have called to become missionaries in spreading My Good News of My Resurrection and salvation. If you love Me every day, then you should desire to share My love with your neighbors. My desire is that My faithful should reach out to save as many souls as they can from the fires of hell with My help.”

Private message about the thousands of flies in our house. Jesus said: “My son, in all the months of the construction of your chapel and kitchen, your workers left the doors open, and only a few flies came in. Now, as you are giving your talks, you are seeing thousands of flies in the chapel behind the stained glass windows. You have sensed that this attack of flies is not normal, and it could well be an attack of the demons. I want you to pray the St. Michael prayer and spread some blessed salt and holy water all over your house. Fight this with prayer and exorcism first. Then work to remove the flies. I have allowed this as a sign to you that Satan is very upset with your chapel plans. When you do good things, the evil one will attack you, and try to bring it down. Call on Me and My angels to defeat any attacks of the demons.”

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday, June 7, 2015: (Corpus Christi Sunday)

Jesus said: “My people, in older days Moses took the blood of sacrificed animals, and he spread it over the people. Then when I came, I gave My life on the cross, and you now have My Most Precious Blood that covers My people from the One who is your most worthy sacrificial Lamb. At the Last Supper, that commemorated the Passover, I gave the blessing, and I offered up to God the Father the bread and wine that were consecrated into My Body and Blood. So at every Mass, the priest also consecrates the bread and wine, and it is transubstantiated into My very Body and Blood. This is a teaching of My Real Presence in the consecrated Hosts. When you keep My consecrated Hosts in your tabernacles, you have My Presence, and this makes your churches holy and different from any other church. I also want to emphasize to My people that it is necessary to receive My consecrated Host or Eucharist, in the state of grace without mortal sin on your souls. If you have mortal sin on your soul, you need to come to the priest in Confession so you can be absolved and have your sins forgiven. Then you can receive Me worthily. Those, who receive Me in mortal sin, are committing a sin of sacrilege. I am holy, and only holy souls should receive Me. People also can come in front of My Blessed Sacrament to adore Me in Adoration for your holy hour. Those special souls, who love Me so much, come to daily Mass, and even some come in Adoration of Me every day as well. Give praise and thanks to Me for giving you My Gift of My Real Presence that you receive in Holy Communion.”