Friday, February 29, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, many of your scientists have been trying to explain the losses in the number of beehives. Some are saying that it is a combination of mites and insecticides that are disorienting the bees. Man has tried to change plants by making hybrids to improve on My perfection for better yields. All of his manipulations are interfering with how seeds are made, and insecticides are killing even the good insects. A third of your crops require pollination with the help of the bees. If the bee population continues to decrease, this could even threaten the beginnings of a world famine. This is why you may need to stock up on seeds that are not hybrids, so you can harvest seeds the next year. All of man’s manipulations of his crops could undermine My balance of nature and cause a shortage in your food supply. This is why I will have to multiply your food so you can survive this disaster. Keep farming with My original perfect crops and you will see better yields and quality in the end, with seeds that you can continue to harvest.”
Jesus said: “My people, this volcanic eruption will send ash and black smoke into the sky for miles high. It will cause a major blocking of the sun in the immediate area and it will affect the local weather for a time. There will even be a slight reduction in the earth’s overall temperature. These such events have occurred in earth’s history before, but this event will shake many people to realize the fury of nature. I have told you before that you will see many unusual natural disasters this year, and this describes one such event. Be prepared to witness such events that could change the way you live today. As you see this volcano spew flame and dust all over, know also that some demons will be released from hell through this volcano to torment souls on the earth. This is a sign to you that the tribulation is about to begin.”

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of your modern sophisticated weapons of war appear so overpowering to the capabilities of the insurgents tha you are fighting with, when they are using road bombs and suicide bombers. Yet the one world people are insistent on constant wars and tying down your armies in foreign lands. These wars, that are in oil and drug countries, are too obvious that money is the incentive behind the wars. Wars that only want regime changes and are non-provoked, as in Iraq, should alert your people as to how you are being manipulated. It is time that Americans question these wars and how long they are dragged out for areas that have no concern to your country. It is the rich and the Defense industries that profit from these wars, even when there was an absence of nuclear weapons on which the war was based. Pray for an end to these wars, and voice your opinion against this constant killing in foreign lands.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, when a recession or inflation is threatened, some place their trust in gold, thinking that it will not lose its value. My people should put their trust in Me whether you are in good times or in bad times. When you put your trust in money or gold, these things could be corrupted or stolen. When you put your trust in Me, I will promise you eternal life. I love all of you so dearly, and I struggle to help save your souls as long as you are alive.”
Jesus said: “My people, some people want to have as many earthly comforts as possible. It is almost impossible to carry your daily cross without some expectation that you are going to suffer some in this world. Your days will be filled with trials, and you will have to shoulder life’s burdens of sickness, working for a living, and putting up with pain and inconveniences. When you suffer in this life, it will not be any different for everyone else. Ask for My blessings and graces so that your families will be able to endure your life’s trials.”
Jesus said: “My people, do not expect that you will be given all that you need without having to work for it. Some inherit wealth from rich families, but these are few in number. Some receive charity who are unable to work, but you do not want their handicaps. Most people are forced to find work in order to survive, but trust in Me to find you adequate employment. I will not leave you orphans, so you know that I will help provide for your bare necessities as I feed the birds and dress the lilies of the field.”
Jesus said: “My people, during Lent you are asked to give alms to the poor, but not just a token amount. When you give donations to the poor, I want you to give from the heart and be a cheerful giver. This means that you should be tithing ten per cent of your income to help My Church and the poor. You are willing to spend considerable amounts on vacations and your leisure spending on your home items. So be willing to share a considerable amount as well to help your neighbor in having food and shelter.”
Jesus said: “My people, beware of the one world people who will be trying for a takeover of your country by inflicting viruses on you from chem trails and even through the existing flu shots. There is a plan to have all the children receive the flu shots without thinking of any side effects on them. Build up your immune systems and be wary of taking any shots unless you are at great risk.”
Jesus said: “My people, this is the third week into Lent and you would do well to see if you are making any sacrifices in your attempts to improve your spiritual life. You made some promises to yourself to do some penances and help people. Are you truly fulfilling your intentions, or do you need to get back on track to what you promised? By making some sacrifices as fasting, or denying yourself something that you like, you can strengthen your spiritual life for this Lent.”
Jesus said: “My people, during Lent you should be more focused on seeking My forgiveness of your sins. You can strive to be more holy by attending daily Mass, and going to frequent Confession of your sins. It is not easy to avoid constant temptations, but you have strength and forgiveness in My sacrament of Penance or Reconciliation. Making some extra prayer time each day will also help you to see the big picture of why you are here on this earth. By doing everything to serve Me more than yourself, you will have more focus on your purpose in this life to follow Me.”

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, many of your scientists have talked about global warming and are pointing at the melting glaciers. They also are claiming that increased greenhouse gases, as carbon dioxide, are at fault. The irony of these theories is the recent finding of a decline in world temperature in the last year. Many things as less solar activity, or things in the atmosphere from volcanoes, chem trails, or sand storms could be blocking the sunlight. Man-made pollution does have its affects, but it is hard for man to say what is the actual cause of this latest trend. Man could work to keep the environment clean, but there are many factors that could affect global temperatures. This is why it is difficult for man to say if any warming or cooling trends are actually taking place over time.” (Note: In the last year the world temperature dropped 0.60 degrees C which makes the 100 year increase only 0.037 degrees C.)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, you are very comfortable in your homes today, but in the coming days of tribulation, My faithful will need My protection at My refuges from the evil ones who will try to kill you for your faith.  Many will be in confusion in these changing events and the leaders of My faithful will be giving advice and direction how to invoke My protection at the appointed time.  When you see world famine, a division in My Church, mandatory chips in the body, and martial law, know that it is time to prepare to come to My refuges.  My refuges will be at My Blessed Mother’s places of apparition, places of holy ground, and even caves.  At that time I want you to call on My Name and I will have your guardian angels lead you with a physical sign to the nearest place of refuge.  You will first be led to interim places of refuge where My faithful will have a temporary place of hiding and any food will be multiplied for those who come.  Even at these interim places, which this place is one, I will send My angels to protect you and you will be invisible to your enemies.  Rejoice in My merciful protection, even though some will be martyred.  After a while, you will be led further to your final places of refuge.  You will remain at My refuges until I come to vanquish the Antichrist and all of the evil ones into hell.  Be  patient and trust in My protection and how I will provide for your needs.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing in the vision a beautiful manifestation of white light emanating from this cross being carried in procession.  This sign is all about the Triumph of My Cross over death, sin, and the devil.  I have told you before that this place is a refuge and that this Luminous Cross is the same sign that you will find over every refuge, only it will remain in the sky until the end of the coming tribulation.  You will see at the time of tribulation that My cross will triumph again over all the evil ones until I return in glory.  My cross will also be a triumph over all of your diseases as you look upon it and are healed.  This sign of My cross is not a sign of weakness, but it is My offering of My sacrifice for all of mankind.  Truly My cross is a triumph over any of the devil’s powers or any evil.  Even after your death, My cross of sacrifice will bring about your resurrection at the final judgment, and you will share in My final Triumph.”

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, this Gospel of the woman at the well is a very touching story of My love for everyone.  I have talked about My Living Water in many messages, and this refers to today’s reading.  Your bodies desire water and food of this world, but it will never be satisfied except for a short time.  Your soul thirsts for spiritual food and drink in order to have eternal life.  I feed your soul with My own Body and Blood under the appearances of bread and wine.  When you partake of My spiritual food, your soul will be completely satisfied in My sacramental Real Presence.  Holy Communion is a small taste of heaven that you can experience on earth.  I send you My graces and blessings every time that you receive Me in My sacramental presence.  You have this glorious opportunity of being with Me at every Mass, which is why many attend daily Mass.  Other faithful make special visits to adore Me in Adoration of My Real Presence in My Host.  You have witnessed many miracles of My Eucharist that were signs to those that did not believe in My Real Presence.  I have given you this gift of Myself to each of you when I instituted My Eucharist at the Last Supper.  I suffered and died for you on My cross, and it is My Most Precious Blood that has paid the price for each of your souls.  I am the Lamb of God offered up as a sin offering for all of mankind.  This ‘Sacrifice of the Mass’ is a re-enactment of My suffering on Good Friday.  All of you are also appointed to die once before you can come to heaven.  You must also suffer with Me in carrying your daily cross.  Give reverence to My Blessed Sacrament by bowing or kneeling to receive Me without mortal sin on your souls.  I am Lord and God over your lives and I ask you to follow My Will and give everything over to Me as your Savior to serve Me in your mission.  Love Me and your neighbor so that all that you do is out of love for Me.  Give Me thanks for all the gifts that I have given you, and hold My peace in your heart without letting anything earthly control you, or disturb your peace.”
Jesus said: “My people,  I want to lead My faithful on a path to increased holiness.  It is only by becoming holy that you can strive to get closer to your goal of sainthood.  The gate in this vision represents a fence that encloses your comfort zone that you feel save to work in.  Opening this gate means in order to grow in your faith that you must be willing to take risks in your trust of Me by going out of your comfort zone.  Call on Me first to discern if your plans are in keeping with what I want you to do.  I call on you to share your faith with others in evangelizing souls.  When you are following My lead out into the world, you will meet with these tall white walls that seem impossible to go through.  These walls are the restrictions of your society as a resistance to stopping abortion.  Do not let people hold you back with threats, because you need to protest abortions in any way that you could.  Only with My help and that of My Blessed Mother can I help you break through these barriers.  Another wall is a resistance to stopping wars.  I want peace all over the world.  You cannot say that it is good to continue killing one another.  So strive even publicly to be a peacemaker in voting against wars.  Another wall is a resistance to stopping pornography and prostitution.  You know there are many evils caused by literature and pictures on the internet.  You need to fight such evil shops and places of prostitution in your neighborhood.  Pray also for people to break down their personal barriers of addictions that people fall victim to.  When you strike out in trust of My power to fight these evils in the world, you will meet with much resistance from man and the demons.  So ask My help to reach out to purify your soul and the souls around you.  By working in My vineyard, you will gain a great reward in heaven.”

Website redesign

The web site is undergoing a redesign.  While most of the functionality is available now, there are some work-in-progress features to be finished up.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  We hope it will be a much better user experience as time goes on.

How do we know when to go (to refuges)?

It will be after the Warning experience and there will be many problems going on in the world. When we see the three signs: 1)the world famine where people will be killing for food, 2)a division in the Church, 3)mandatory chips in the body will be implemented. Then you are to pray to Jesus for Him to have your guardian angel lead you with a physical sign to the nearest place of refuge. This is similar to the Israelites being led by the pillar of fire by night and the cloud by day. It is not really necessary to know where you will go, just trust in God. If there is fuel for your car, you may drive at least part of the way, but bicycles or foot will be needed the rest of the way. The refuges will be protected by angels who will be visible and they will protect you even from a nuclear attack. The dwellings will be multiplied in large areas, and floors will be added where there is limited space. We will know the people that will be with us as they will be marked with a cross on their foreheads. Those without a cross will not be with us. Some of the faithful are marked now and the rest will be after the Warning. We know this is very difficult to believe and understand, but the Lord is going to do the impossible.

What supplies should we bring (to refuges)?

First, we need our spiritual blessed sacramentals: Bibles, rosaries, scapulars, St. Benedictine crosses, holy water, and blessed candles. Physical things to bring would be extra food, water, warm clothes, a deer knife, and shovel. We are to do what we can to prepare in a reasonable manner. What is needed is trust, love, and prayer and not fear or anxiety. We are to share what we have and not hoard it because what we need will be multiplied.

Where are they (refuges)?

They are all over the world. Some are places of Our Lady’s apparitions, monasteries, convents, or churches where the Blessed Sacrament has been honored and adored for many years called holy ground places. Some people after much prayer have been led to prepare their homes for a refuge. In the mountainous regions there will also be caves. Some may find that difficult, but Jesus reminds us that He was born in a cave and fled to a cave in Egypt. Also, there will be a natural light in the cave and the temperature is around 50° F. All of the places of refuge will have a miraculous spring of water for healing, and there will be a luminous cross over them. Those who look upon the luminous cross will be healed of all diseases and infirmities. At the refuges the food that you have will be multiplied. The angels will provide the manna and like the quail of the Exodus, deer will be provided. The evil ones will not be able to detect the faithful at the refuges by sight, sound, scent, or any other means of detection.