Saturday, May 31, 2008: (Visitation)

Jesus said: “My people, you are very familiar with the account of My Blessed Mother’s Visitation of St. Elizabeth and the focus on the forming babies in their pregnancies. St. John the Baptist first heralded My coming even from the womb of his mother. These were two pregnancies that were brought to term. My Blessed Mother conceived Me by the power of the Holy Spirit, but it was before she was married to St. Joseph. She could even be considered a patron for unwed mothers. This vision of a flowing river of blood is very graphic in considering what happens in an abortion and how the doctors and nurses have to dispose of the destroyed babies. This killing of the unborn is just as violent as the babies that King Herod had killed in the Holy Innocents when he tried to kill Me. These people involved with abortion, by their actions, have no apparent feeling for the preciousness of life. The women appear to think more of their convenience and shame than their own flesh and blood children. The abortion doctors are more concerned with making their blood money than saving the lives of these children. They all can be forgiven of their sins if they seek My forgiveness, but they will pay a heavy price in making reparation for their sins at their judgments. Then I will show them the plan that I had for the lives of these little ones. Remember that My Blessed Mother warned you to do whatever you could to work against abortion, or you would be committing the worst sin of omission. Pray and work to stop abortion in America because your country is accountable for this river of blood on your hands.”

Friday, May 30, 2008: (Sacred Heart of Jesus)

Jesus said: “My people, on My feast day of My Sacred Heart you are seeing in vision all the angels in church who give honor to Me at the Mass when the priest consecrates the bread and wine into My Body and Blood. This goes on at every Mass, but this vision is special for this feast day. There is an eternal flame both in My Sacred Heart and My Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart. This represents our love for you which is unconditional and will never end. It also is how our two hearts are joined as one in looking out for all of our children in your souls. We both love you so much, and it pains our hearts to see so much sin going on in your country and all over the world. Remember to pray to our two hearts, especially to stop abortion and this latest flaunting of gay marriage against My institution of Marriage as a sacrament. Gay marriage is an abomination that will require reparation for those supporting it.”
Jesus said: ‘My people, man’s desire for fame and riches is a fleeting moment in time. You are so occupied with wanting earthly treasures, that you forget the real treasure is your soul for after this life. Everything that you see today, will soon be gone tomorrow, and you will be standing before Me at your judgment. The spiritual treasure that your soul desires is to be with Me in Holy Communion, or visiting Me in My tabernacle. So do not seek out earthly treasure and fame because it will not help you get to heaven, but they could deter you from finding real joy and love with Me. Once you acquire things, there may be a brief earthly joy, but these things will not make you happy or give you My peace. Trust in Me to give you all that you need to survive, but most of all give yourself over to My Will, so I can have you accomplish the mission that I created you to carry out for My glory.”

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, the healing of Bartimeus (Mark 10:46-52) of his blindness came out of My compassion for him to see again. I could see he had great faith in calling Me the ‘Son of David’. He knew in his heart that I could heal him. Not only did I heal him of his sight, but I also healed his soul when I said: ‘Go thy way, thy faith has saved thee.’ It is this faith that people believe in Me that they can be healed, that will heal some people of both physical and spiritual blindness. I am the Light of Truth for all people, and My Light dispels the darkness of evil and allows people to see with the eyes of faith. As you meditate on how difficult it is to be without your sight, your heart also goes out to want help for all of those who are blind or are losing their sight. You have gifts of all of your five senses, but when one is in danger of being lost, only then do you realize the blessings that you received, but did not appreciate them. Give thanks to Me that you have the gift of sight, and pray for all of those who have difficulty with diseases of the eyes, or have deteriorating eyesight. See My Light in your life and keep the faith.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, you marvel every spring how the flowers are giving glory to Me in all of their splendor. The colors and breath taking beauty is a part of My creation which really needs to be experienced to fully appreciate My gifts in the varieties of flowers, bushes, and trees. When you look at a flower closely, you can see that its purpose is to be beautiful in the eyes of the beholder. So it is with My faithful that you are created to give your gifts to Me and your neighbor for My greater glory. You all have loving and smiling faces as well as loving hearts to offer in My service. The beauty of My souls far surpasses the beauty of these flowers which are gone tomorrow.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are always trying to clean up your houses and discard the garbage and refuse from your daily life. Look how much this piles up when the garbage men go on strike. Your sins can be seen also as being collected in a spiritual bin of your soul. At times you have to empty these sins by coming to Me in Confession. If you fail to come often, think of how much stench will collect in your soul if you stay away from Confession for many years. Be joyful in coming to Me in Confession so your soul can be white and beautiful again with My graces.”
Jesus said: “My people, some do not want to hear the priest asking for money in the collection, but the people need to know the status of the church’s finances. There also are separate appeals for various second collections to share with poorer parishes or with missionary efforts of those in the world suffering from natural disasters. The days of giving only a few dollars is not going to pay the bills. I have suggested tithing to your charities with My Church being your largest responsibility. Think of your donations as a sharing of your labors and sharing My gifts of your income. Your pastors are depending on your faithful contributions to keep your parish church viable and strong. So do not complain with these requests for your donations, but be a cheerful giver.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have been seeing all of the damage occurring from your earthquakes, floods, fires, and tornadoes in your country. Many are losing their homes and work places from this destruction, and there are ways that you could help support these people. There are also the major disasters in China and Myanmar that need your assistance as well. There are many deserving charities that are needed most to help people with the necessities of life.”
Jesus said: “My people, I know that you spend your money wisely in most things. If you can spend a considerable amount of money on luxury things beyond your bills, then you should also be able to spend a like amount on your charities. Do not short change helping your church and your neighbor for your own selfish desires. Be able to balance your budget by spending a fair share of this extra money for your charities.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is one thing to share your money with charities, but there is another gift of time that I have given you that also can be shared as well. Many of your family and friends need extra prayers or physical help in good deeds. Be open to share your time just as generously as you share your money. When you pray for someone, it is something that comes from the heart out of love for Me and your neighbor. Contribute your time for people’s need voluntarily without being asked or forced. In the end you will see great rewards in heaven, and those that you help will be open to help you in your need.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have been talking about My many gifts to you in your income, time, and blessings. In addition to sharing some of these gifts with others, you also could be praying prayers of thanksgiving to Me for all that I have given you. I give you many spiritual gifts as well that also should be a part of your prayers of thanksgiving. When a prayer has been answered, or a special blessing is granted, you should also remember to thank Me in prayer. Remember the one man of ten lepers that I healed of leprosy who returned to thank Me. Be that one person every time that you are blessed or healed.”

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you many messages before about caves being used for refuges. Having candles already in the caves is another sign of preparation for the tribulation, but it is also another sign in the vision of how close it is to going to your refuge. You need to stay closer to the mouth of a cave for light and oxygen to breath. A burning candle needs oxygen to burn, so when the flame goes low, you cannot go any further back into the cave. The candles also will give you light. A windup mechanical flashlight would also be a good source of light so you do not need batteries. I am giving you information so you will be protected at My refuges from the evil ones who will try to kill you because of your belief in Me. Pray for all souls to be saved, even your persecutors.”
Jesus said: “My people, many references to God have been removed from your history books, even though it can be read in your original documents. The same atheists that are cleansing the history books, are also taking prayer out of your schools and the Ten Commandments out of your public buildings. This is all part of the ongoing battle of good and evil that you will need to endure during the tribulation. Do not complain of the evil ones trying to harass you, for they will be trying to kill you and keep you quiet. I will send you My angels for protection at My refuges. You will see many miracles of spiritual and physical healings. I will multiply your food and My angels will protect you from the power of the evil ones. Do not have any fear of what the evil ones will do, for My power is greater than all of the demons put together. Trust in My angels and follow them wherever they will lead you to safety. My truth is among you, so do not believe the lies of those changing the history books.”

Tuesday, May 27, 2008: (St. Augustine of Canterbury)

Jesus said: “My people, you are being given a history lesson today in how the faith was brought to early England from Rome. St. Augustine represents the ‘rock’ of St. Peter that established the Catholic Church in Canterbury. This remnant of a stone Roman arch in the vision is emphasizing the origin of the Church in England. It is part of history how the Anglican Church was separated from the pope by the kings in England. Now you have even heard how some Anglican Church members are returning to the Catholic Church. The Eastern Rite Church also has been separated from Rome for many years. All of these remnants of My Church still need to be prayed for so that one day they all could be reunited as My one true Church. By reading about these early missionaries, My faithful can be inspired in your own evangelizing efforts to bring souls to Me so they could be saved from hell. Also pray for the lukewarm Catholics that also need to be brought back into the Church to receive the sacraments, especially Confession.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is sad when your parishes are made to close their Catholic Schools, even when they are being well financed. Giving your children a Catholic education in grammar school is needed to train the young minds in the faith. This is much more affordable than high schools. Parishes should see this financial need is well worth the expense. Catholic High Schools are also a good influence, but it is getting less affordable for some families. If you can afford to educate your children in Catholic schools, you should be willing to put this ahead of some of your other discretionary expenses. Many parents are working and they do not always have the time to teach their children in the faith. This is why your children need a Catholic education for as long as you can afford it. Sometimes the Diocese cannot afford a complete Catholic school funding. This is why private Catholic schools, funded by the parents, may present another opportunity. Sunday religion classes of only one hour is not adequate for what is needed, and it is difficult to get enough voluntary attendance when the parents do not support it. Pray and help your children in imitating a good Christian life, and be willing to go the extra mile in teaching them properly. Without a good Catholic upbringing, this is why many children are falling away from their faith, and why they are not attending Sunday Mass.”

Monday, May 26, 2008: (Memorial Day, St. Philip Neri)

Jesus said: “My people, today I want to warn My people about the attacks of modernism against My Church. Not only are some priests removing My tabernacles to the back rooms, but they are also misleading My faithful in bad teachings and the lack of good teaching that should be taught. Some are also putting down Adoration of My Blessed Sacrament and praying the rosary. They want to be up to date with the latest theologian ideas, but they want to discard all the Church traditions, statues, angels, and the lives of the saints. The lives of the saints are your inspiration how to live, and you need a good prayer life to lift you up from your daily trials. When priests minimize Confession or the seriousness of sexual sins, then they are really misleading My faithful that could endanger their souls. This is why you need to pray for your priests that they will be enlightened with the truth that I taught, and not their own interpretations. If you hear priests teaching heretical things, then try to talk to them first. If they continue to mislead souls, then take your case to a higher authority. You are obligated to speak out against heretical teaching wherever you find it.”
Jesus said: “My people, you know during life that you have to suffer and endure things that are not always easy or desirable. As long as you are doing things for Me with your time, then your suffering is beneficial for your soul. If you spend too much time doing your things, and do not give yourself time for prayer and time for peace, then you are too busy with other activities. It is sometimes hard to plan time for everything, so discern the best that you can with your time in accomplishing My Will before your own. You are beginning to see the increased difficulty in your travels as your fuel prices rise and raise the cost of your plane tickets and driving costs. Continue to work on giving your talks, selling your books, and selling the DVDs that I have instructed you to get out. For your DVD on spreading Adoration look into how others are promoting this devotion and combine the messages on this subject for at least one half hour of an interview or talk. Combine messages on the Miracles of the Eucharist with what places and miracles that you know for the second half hour. Promoting Adoration and My knowledge of My Real Presence is important for My faithful to understand and take part in visiting Me.”

Sunday, May 25, 2008: (Corpus Christi)

Jesus said: “My people, your priest wanted to change the name of this feast to the ‘Touch of the Eucharist’, but you could also see this feast as the ‘Feast of Adoration of My Real Presence’. You receive Me in Holy Communion every day, yet it is a new and glorious experience every time that I come into your heart. You also visit My Blessed Sacrament almost every night and you receive My love and peace that radiates out to touch your heart. The closer that you can come to Me, the closer you are to Me in heaven, even while you are on the earth. Those, who receive Me daily and visit Me often in Adoration, know Me as your personal Savior and our hearts are joined as one. My grace and My personal love relationship should be shared with everyone. You remember when you promoted Adoration of My Blessed Sacrament in Trinidad. I know your time is limited, but promoting Adoration and Miracles of My Eucharist would also be a rewarding part of your ministry. Look into or make some appropriate DVDs that could be used to inspire people to start Adoration services at people’s churches, even if only for one hour a month or a week. You will see where Adoration is promoted and sponsored that the faith will be strong and many priestly vocations will come forth. Thank you for all that you do to bring people closer to Me, and pray that more will adore Me.”
Jesus said: “My people, the vision of My carrying My cross means that I am still suffering for your many sins of abortion. The red rose petals represent all the dead babies that were killed in the womb from abortion. How long do you think that I will tolerate this gross injustice to My little ones? You know how much I love the children and I told you that those who harmed one of My little ones should have a millstone put around their neck and be thrown into the sea. The doctors performing abortions are just as guilty as the women consenting to abortions. They are accepting blood money to kill these innocent babies, when they should be protecting and saving lives. My people of America need to change your laws and stop this carnage of My little ones. Pray much to turn abortion around to stop it, or you will see My harsh hand of justice strike against your country.”

At the Queen of Heaven Cemetery at Joseph Reinholz’s grave I could see a school bus turning onto a side road. Joseph gave me only a few words: “Please pray for my family, they are in great need of your prayers.”

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I invite My people to be open, innocent, and loving as the little children love their parents. I even told the people of My day that unless they have the faith of little children, they could not enter the kingdom of heaven. This lesson of complete trust in Me and a desire for you to love everyone is My same call to everyone of today as well. In the vision I am showing you how in this world you are allowing divisions to occur in your families and among your nations. It is the evil one who is planting these seeds of hate and dissension. My Word of love invites you to love everyone, not only your friends, but even those who dislike you, or who are your enemies. You are all My children and I love all of you equally. If you are to be perfect as My heavenly Father is perfect, then you too must love all people unconditionally. This is the love of a child that knows no fear, and it is a trusting love in following My Word. So when you love even the poor, or those who have a different religion, or even those in prison, you are showing your belief in a truly Christian love. Do not make divisions in your family, but act as peacemakers to join peoples in love. If you truly believed in this child-like love, there would be no divorces, no enemies, and no wars.”
(Body and Blood of Jesus) Jesus said: “My people, this vision of washing your hands as the priest does at Mass represents the need to confess your mortal sins before you receive Me in Holy Communion. When you receive My Eucharist, you at times feel a tingling and a sense of peace and love as you receive My Real Presence. This is just a small taste of heaven when you will be in total ecstacy in My peace and love as you will experience My beatific vision. Pray that all Catholics will come to know Me and give Me reverence in understanding My Real Presence in My consecrated Host. Remember how the Israelites in the Exodus were given My manna freely. I multiplied the bread and fish for the four thousand and the five thousand. Even more I shared My Body and Blood with My apostles. Continue to share in My Real Presence and give Me reverence every time that you receive Me in Holy Communion or visit Me in Adoration.”

Friday, May 23, 2008: (Sacred Heart)

Jesus said: “My people, water is a basic necessity needed for all life to live. Fresh water is required which is in shorter supply than the ocean’s salt water. Rivers, lakes, wells, and rain are your ususal sources of water, which is why it is important not to pollute them. In the vision you are seeing how water can become a problem for you if the weather accumulates too much rain to cause flooding. Even in the winter, snow and ice storms or hail storms can be very damaging. This same water is a symbol in Baptism for cleansing your sins through My grace. You also use holy water to bless yourselves or to bless sacramentals. See the many different ways that water influences your earthly and spiritual lives. Pray that you can be sheltered from life’s storms, and that holy water and blessed salt will serve as your protection from the evil ones.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing food costs continue to increase and shortages of food appearing in third world countries, especially where there have been major natural disasters. Truly, articles of a silent famine are slipping into your news coverage. A few years ago I suggested that you put aside some food that would be multiplied for the end times before you have to leave for your refuges. I told you then that you would begin to see famines and food shortages because of natural disasters and a need to have smart cards to buy your food. This extra food is not about hoarding, but having food to multiply and share when people come to your house looking for food. Some people, that have listened to My request and have stored some extra food, will become interim refuges for people traveling on the way to their final place of refuge. All of My faithful who are being tested and persecuted for these preparations will be vindicated when the prophesies of the end times will come about. Continue to be prepared physically and spiritually for the coming time of tribulation.”

Thursday, May 22, 2008: (St. Rita)

Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel I used strong language to emphasize to the people how to remove yourself as much as possible from near occasions of sin. It is the same as speaking to those who are addicted to drink or gambling, and advising them to avoid bars and casinos. At times you are led to sin by allowing something to control you. But addictions are not the only source of abuse or sin, it can also be an obsession for any earthly desire or pleasure taken to the extreme. Whenever you desire something more than Me, then you could make that an idol in your eyes. You also know that I do not want you to worship any gods or idols before Me according to the First Commandment. So put these desires and near occasions of sin out of your mind when you are tempted, so you will not have to face the fires of Gehenna. I am telling you also that hell is a true place of flames that will last forever for those condemned to be there. Strive to follow the narrow road of keeping My Commandments, and you will receive your reward in heaven.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, I want to thank all the members of this prayer group for your dedication, your prayers, and your endurance to keep your prayer group going for so many years. Your prayers have been a saving grace for this parish, and you have seen some rewards in your current pastor and your cross on the altar. Continue to pray your rosaries. Your hours of Adoration have brought you all many graces as well.”
Jesus said: “My people, many of you pray your prayers before meals, but you also should be praying together as a family as well. This vision of a prayer bench in the living room is a sign to have family prayer in your home. You recently had your home re-consecrated to My Sacred Heart with your Enthronement certificate. Remember to share the certificates with your daughters in their own home enthronements. This Enthronement to the Sacred Heart is a protection for your home and the souls of your families.”
Mary said: “My dear children, when I appeared to the children, I had to teach some of them how to properly pray my rosary slowly and completely. You, yourself, know the power of prayer in your life and how important it is to pass this rosary devotion on to each generation in your children and your grandchildren. You remember how you had to teach each of your religion classes how to say the prayers of my rosary. If the children are not taught their prayers, they cannot use my best weapon against the evil one. Continue to share rosaries and how to pray the four Mysteries of my rosary. This May is a month dedicated to me, and you can remember me most in praying for my intentions, as I guard you with my mantle of protection.”
Jesus said: “My people, you all know that the Mass is the greatest prayer that could be offered up to Me. You are renewing in a spiritual way My death on the cross as you partake in My Body and Blood of My Eucharist. Holy Communion is your spiritual food and you need to be free of mortal sin in order to receive Me worthily. For a short time I am intimately present in your soul after you receive Me in Holy Communion. You are experiencing My Real Presence as a taste of heaven on earth. Those, who can receive Me at daily Mass, have even more blessings because you are coming without obligation as on Sunday. Encourage your people to honor Me at daily Mass and Adoration whenever you can visit Me. Enjoy this opportunity now because these gifts will only be had in secret in the future.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have read in the Scriptures how My apostles asked Me how to pray to God. I gave them My very words in the ‘Our Father’ prayer. The rosary prayers are very Scriptural, so do not let people tell you that it is just an old tradition and is not necessary. I tell you, your world needs more prayer now more than ever to fight the evil going on. There are many ways to pray, whether it be formal prayer, personal informal prayer, contemplative prayer, or even attending Mass. However you pray, I listen to all of your prayers and your intentions.”
Jesus said: “My people, I know every thought in your mind and every intention that you make in your prayers of petition. I know that you pray for people who are sick to get better, but your best intention should be for the saving of that soul so they could come to heaven one day. Your sicknesses come and go except for terminal illnesses. But when your body dies, you are only left with your immortal soul. This is why your prayer intentions should be directed for whatever is best for the deliverance of that soul. This is also why I healed people of their sins first, and then healed their body.”
Jesus said: “My people, all forms of prayer are really your means of talking to Me and expressing your love for Me and your love for your neighbor. There are different intentions in your prayers. When you come before My Blessed Sacrament, you are praying prayers of praise, Adoration, and worship. When you seek My forgiveness in Confession you are seeking Me with prayers of contrition to pardon your sins. When you have a prayer answered or something in life is given to you by My gifts, you can offer Me prayers of thanksgiving and give Me all the credit for your accomplishments. You know most about prayers of petition which are answered in My time. You also pray over people in deliverance prayers, for meals, or the blessing of objects with the priest. In all of these prayers you are united in our two hearts.”