Wednesday, September 30, 2009: (St. Jerome)

Jesus said: “My people, many of your old traditional stands, statues, icons, and large crucifixes are being stored in attics and back rooms. Some people, who treasure these things, have been going to closed churches to save these things from being thrown out. There are Old Testament readings where conquerors of the Jews abused the use of sacred vessels and they were killed as a punishment. Some of your modern churches are barren of any crucifixes or statues, and they have placed My tabernacles in back rooms. Why are you ashamed to have Me in plain sight, or why do you not put statues of Me and the saints on the altar to remind the people of us? There is a movement in My Church to minimize the importance of My Eucharist and to deny My Real Presence in the Host. Because My Real Presence is not proclaimed in the pulpit, many do not believe that I am present Body and Blood in My consecrated Hosts. Even if someone does not believe, I am still present there just the same. My laws and My Words will not pass away, even if this earth will pass away. Let your faith be strong, and do not let the elements of modernism in My Church mislead you.”
Jesus said: “My people, I warned you that you could see another large earthquake on the ocean floor followed by a tsunami. (1-21-09) This earthquake in the Pacific was smaller, and the tsunami wave was also smaller, but there were still deaths from flooding and water damage. There also was another large earthquake in Indonesia only a day after the first one. Earthquakes on land can kill people as well, but earthquakes under water have the added threat of tsunami waves. These increased intensities and frequencies of earthquakes are all signs of the end times that are coming upon you in this age. Just as evil gets worse leading up to the tribulation time, so My protection is needed to fight the evil ones’ trials. Pray for the victims of these earthquakes and protect them from any looting.”

Tuesday, September 29, 2009: (Sts. Michael, Gabriel, & Raphael)

St. Michael said: “I am Michael and I stand before God in all of His glory. Us archangels are protectors, messengers, and healers through the power and direction of God. As you need protection from falling down as in the vision of this guard rail, you also need protection against the devil and his demons. Just as I fought the devil in heaven and cast them into hell, so I will fight for your souls. I am the guardian and protector of America, but the more mortal sins that you commit, the less that I can help you. When your sin is so great, God’s justice has to be carried out. When you call on My help to protect your messages from the evil one and you call on Me to help in exorcizing demons, I will be there for you. God and us good angels are more powerful than the evil ones, so just call on Jesus and we will be there for you.”
Jesus said: “My people, sometimes men or women show their pride in how well they perform in sports events, gambling, or the stock market. Some people measure their success by how many events they can win. Others measure success in how much money they can accumulate. True followers of Mine are content to serve Me the best that they can without worrying about being better than someone else. It is better to strive to be humble and the least in My Kingdom, than wasting time trying to be the best in anything. Greed and pride are two strong temptations that tempt souls for fame and wealth. All that you need is enough to survive, but your soul needs to strive for spiritual perfection in order to gain sainthood. This crown should be your goal, but to get there may mean a denial of self and all earthly successes. You are not judged on your wealth or your position, but only how you loved Me and loved your neighbor in life. If you love Me, you would love My Presence in every soul and help them where you could. It is much more rewarding to be humble and give away everything to save souls than to strive to be rich and famous in the eyes of man. It is Me that you would rather please than man, because I have the words of eternal life.”

(Success-how measured by God vs. man; greed & pride-humility and self-denial instead) July 3, 2007

At St. Theodore’s Adoration I could see a trophy case with many first places in sports. Jesus said: “My people, it is interesting to Me to see what man values most in this world. Some people strive to gain as many sports trophies as they can, thinking fame in such accomplishments is their goal in life. Others seek as many patents as they can to show off their knowledge skills. Others seek to make it rich in stocks or property, thinking that success is in how much wealth you can accumulate. Yet success in worldly things will not gain you heaven. In fact giving up your life’s wealth in total faith is more desirable to gain heaven. I measure success in how much you can love Me and love your neighbor. Saving souls, doing good deeds, donating to charities, and daily prayer are much more valuable than any money that you have acquired. Your treasure in heaven will mean more to your soul when you die, because you cannot take your money or your possessions with you. When your soul leaves your body, you are spiritually naked with only the good deeds that you did in your hands. Live your life in total commitment to Me, and you will be led on the right path to heaven. Forget about fame and money, for they do not exist in heaven.”

Monday, September 28, 2009: (St. Lawrence and companions)

Jesus said: “My people, this sign of a bathtub is all about the purification of the souls in purgatory. Going down in an elevator is the descending to various levels of purgatory that the soul will have to rise from over time. The lower levels of purgatory are where souls suffer like in hell with a burning of the spirit, but they are promised one day to be in heaven. Souls suffer in a grey area outside of time with no sense of how long they have been there, and they cannot see Me or the saints with any sense of My love. They long for the day to keep moving closer to see Me in heaven. The souls in purgatory are always asking for prayers to remove or shorten their suffering. They are being cleansed of all of their earthly desires so they are prepared to give Me constant praise and worship in singing. Purgatory is better than hell because the souls are saved and only suffer for a while and not for all of eternity as souls do in hell. Pray for sinners that they could be saved from the devil’s clutches.”
Jesus said: “My people, even at this late date there are people still building places to stay at their refuges. It is never too late to make room for people to stay. Even My angels will help complete the construction of your buildings at the refuges, as well as multiply them. Depend on Me in trust to see to your spiritual and earthly needs. It is very likely that when you go to your refuge, you may have to face wintry conditions as in the vision. Walk with Me in full faith and you will be rewarded in My Era of Peace.”

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, you remember when I criticized the Scribes and Pharisees for making too much care over human precepts as cleaning pots and pans, but their inner soul was full of dead man’s bones. I warned the people to follow My words that they taught, but do not follow their hypocritical actions. So it is today that people go to great lengths to make their outward appearances pleasing to the eye, but their inner soul’s appearance is dark with sins. Cleanse the inner soul first by confessing your sins, and be more concerned how your soul appears to Me than how your body appears to others. The body will pass into dust at your death, but your soul lives on forever. It is best to have a clean soul at your judgment so you do not risk the fires of hell, but also because you want to be restored in My love. When you are in mortal sin, your soul is dead to Me, and it is difficult for your angel to help you stay away from more sin. Every sin has to have an accounting, and you have to make up for the temporal punishment due to your sin. Divine Mercy novenas can take this away, and your good deeds or offered up pain can reduce this as well. Otherwise, you may have to suffer some time in purgatory to satisfy these spiritual debts.”
Jesus said: “My people, there are times when you are tested by not getting something to work in your work place or at home. After trying several times, it can get frustrating when things do not work, even after a lot of effort. My message is not to let such testing so disturb your peace that you get angry with swearing. It is better to stay calm and pray for My help than to get upset. Rethink your job and try different ways to solve it, or call some experts or service people for help. You may even have to buy another device to replace the problem. There usually is a way around most problems, so be patient and go around your problems if necessary. Pray to have peace through all of your trials, and you will be on the road to sainthood.”

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a spinning fan refers to the many events of your life that will be in your life review. This month is also the beginning of another football season which is the time of year that will be the most opportune time for the Warning to happen. There are many people who are unaware of the Warning that will come in My time. I have asked My faithful to keep their souls cleansed of any mortal sin, because those, who are in mortal sin, could have a vision of hell as their mini-judgment. This mercy of Mine will be an outreach to every soul in the world at the same time. Many souls are on the wrong path to hell unless they receive a miracle, or have people praying for them. Everyone will be given this opportunity to change their lives when they see the consequences of their sins. Coming face to face with Me will show everyone their real purpose here and what they should be doing for saving their soul. I do not force Myself on your free will, but people need to see that it is their soul that lives on forever. There is a choice between heaven and hell, and where you want to remain for all eternity. This Warning experience is indeed a wake-up call to everyone to seek My forgiveness and focus more on Me in their spiritual life. Use this time to especially evangelize souls that would otherwise be lost. Pray that your loved ones will be predisposed to changing their lives to follow Me.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have been fortunate that the worst hurricanes have not hit the East coast. Tornadoes are still causing much damage in the middle of your country. Fires in California are heavier than ususal, and are threatening some homes. I told you that more natural disasters would be causing much damage. Pray for those who have to suffer the loss of their homes. This damage and the threat of a pandemic virus are testing your people in addition to the high unemployment, home foreclosures, and bank failures. Some states are even threatening fines and prison for those refusing to take the Swine flu shots along with quarantines. Your trials will only get worse as more and more of your freedoms are stripped from you. Remember to call on My protection and be ready to leave for My refuges when the evil ones trump up any reasons for martial law.”

Thursday, September 3, 2009: (St. Gregory the Great)

Jesus said: “My people, I have sent you prophets, messengers, and saints to help give you a good example of prayer life and a focus more on My ways than your ways. When you pray to Me to help you in your daily tasks, things will go easier for you when you do what I want you to do. When you work to be in harmony with My Will, you are following what is natural, as the rest of My creation. It is when you go off on your own interests, that you are like My apostles that caught nothing all night. Follow Me and you also will have an abundant catch when I help you evangelize souls to be saved. This is your purpose to be here so you can know, love, and serve Me. I can only use you when you are working with Me on your mission.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, as you see this vision of a large hurricane, you know the physical damage such a storm could bring when it comes inland. This vision is more about a spiritual storm of evil that is about to come on the earth during the Antichrist’s reign in the time of the tribulation. The gathering clouds are beginning with the formation of the European Union and the North American Union. When people’s rights and freedoms are taken away, then the one world people will bring about a takeover of America. Be prepared to go to My refuges when this takeover occurs.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is with a heavy heart that I still encourage My people not to take these shots because there are more side effects causing worse problems than the Swine Flu itself. You have yet to see a more virulent form of Swine Flu as the death rate is less than the seasonal flu. Making a vaccine six months in advance is hard to predict any mutations of what strain will be in circulation. Beware of any mandatory vaccinations or quarantines that may cause a need to go to My refuges if prison is an alternative.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is a noble task to try and supply health care for everyone. The Health System is expensive and it is difficult to afford the premiums for insurance without a group plan. Discussion has been heavy on who would pay for this plan and how it would be carried out. It has been a concern when the death culture people are making the bill that they want to pass. Concerns about abortion, euthanasia, and computerization of health records are not being openly discussed. Most of the vague language of the bill is being kept secret until it is passed. Pray that people, who need health care, can be taken care of without putting an undo tax burden on everyone’s children.”
Jesus said: “My people, your abortion mentality of killing millions of babies is making your people open to the taking of life that is not seen. This mentality will extend into the arbitrary killing of those in pain or those who are elderly. This death culture mentality will continue to get even worse in some of the new proposed health reforms. Pray to change your laws so life is protected.”
Jesus said: “My people, many times I performed miracles so My apostles could bring in great catches of fish until their boats were sinking. Just as I performed these miracles of fish, so I gave My disciples the gifts of the Holy Spirit so they could evangelize many souls. Thus My Church grew through their hands and My graces. Even as you are good providers for your physical bodies, you should work even harder to evangelize spiritual souls that are more important. Just as you share your time, money, and talent to help your neighbor in charity, so you also need to share your faith to save souls.”
Jesus said: “My people, you see good people praying and doing good deeds on one side, and the evil ones planning their killing and takeover on the other side. This age will turn more evil in leading up to the tribulation. You will need more prayer and a call on My angel power to defend you against the evil ones. Rely more on My help than using any weapons. My angels will fight your battles, so trust in My power.”
Jesus said: “My people, you should dress modestly without causing sin to others in the way that you appear in public. My people should especially be dressed properly when you come before Me in church. Your movies and TV programming flaunt nudity and immodest dress. Do not follow this bad example, but teach your children to be modest in their attire. Keep pure and chaste in your hearts so you can have pure souls before Me. All of your actions will have an accounting, so have purity of heart both inside and outside of your body.”

(Purgatory-souls suffer burning, loss of love of Jesus; souls-seek prayers, cleanse earthly desires) November 2, 2008

At Sacred Heart Church, Marmora, Ontario, Canada after Communion I could see Jesus in His loving way holding a lost sheep. Jesus said: “My people, My love goes out to all of you as I search for the lost sheep while the other ninety-nine are safe. You are to help Me also in life to bring back My lost lukewarm sheep who are becoming more numerous in these end days. Today, you are remembering the souls who are being purified in purgatory. You, yourself, can witness to others of the reality of this place of suffering in My justice. Some in the lower regions of purgatory are suffering flames as in hell together with the pain of not seeing Me or having My Real Presence. Others, who have less to purify in upper purgatory, are suffering not seeing Me, but without the flames. Some also have to suffer a minimum time before your prayers and Masses can shorten their time in purgatory. In purgatory you are making reparation for your sins and you will need to suffer until you can detach yourself from worldly cares and desires for things and wealth. When you are purified as a saint with a complete focus on My love without any other concerns, only then can you enter heaven from purgatory. This is why I and My Blessed Mother have encouraged you to pray for the souls in purgatory with a special intention for your relatives and for those who have no one praying for them. Should you find yourself here in purgatory, those, that you prayed for, will be praying for you. As you see all of Louise’s friends and family coming to celebrate her birthday, think also of praying for each other before your death. The more you make reparation for your sins on earth and detach yourself from things, the less that you will have to suffer in purgatory. Give praise and glory to Me for that great day when I will welcome you to your designated place in heaven.”

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, as you look upon this beautiful dawn scene, give thanks to Me for every new day that you are gifted with. I want you to give Me praise and glory for being your Lord and Master. Give Me thanks for being your Savior and Protector. I have given you so many graces and blessings with both material and spiritual things, that they are too numerous to mention. Yet if I took away your warmth, your Light, or your oxygen, you would cease to be alive. So give Me thanks for all that I do for you. It is important to encourage all those in your family to thank Me by honoring Me at Sunday Mass. You heard at the retreat, that those who miss Mass on Sunday on purpose, are committing a mortal sin. You all want to be in the camp of the Lord than in the camp of Satan. Do not be spiritually lazy and miss giving Me worship on My one day of rest for the week. If you do not acknowledge Me before My Father, then I will not acknowledge you before Him. Those, who turn their back on Me, will risk My telling you that I do not know you when you come to your judgment. Keep your focus on Me and love Me in your good actions.”

(Sunday Mass-missing on purpose is mortal sin; thanks to God for graces and blessings) March 4, 2007

At St. Cecilia’s tabernacle I could see many rows of pews outside in the sun facing towards a large church. Jesus said: “My people, the church in the vision represents My Church and how it leads people to follow My laws. The pews outside represent all the people that I call to conversion from their earthly ways. There are some who do not come to church every Sunday, even though My Third Commandment calls on everyone to keep holy the Lord’s day. This is not just a suggestion, but a requirement for My faithful to give Me honor and glory each week. I give you life for twenty-four hours a day in every seven day week. The least, that you could do, is give Me one hour each week. For those, that knowingly miss Mass on Sunday, it is a sin against Me for not acknowledging Me as Lord of your life. You need to confess this sin in Confession and make a firm amendment to return to Sunday Mass each week. If My faithful do not attend Mass regularly, how can you be a viable member of My faith community of believers? If you truly love Me, you will obey My Commandments in attending Sunday Mass.”