Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, you have seen several provocative incidents in North Korea that have alarmed the countries around them. This vision shows a preparation for another missile launch that has shown their capability for launching warheads for some distance. They also have tested nuclear weapons, but it is not evident that they have the ability to put nuclear warheads on their missiles. Many of the war games and troop movements could threaten peace with South Korea. I have given you a message that a war could break out soon. Two potential areas of conflict could involve America either in Korea or in the Middle East. Keep praying that such a war does not start, so many people would not be killed or get injured.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen in the news how a bomb in a pressure cooker went off and ball bearings were sent out like shrapnel that killed three people and injured over 260 others. This happened at a crowded event of the Boston Marathon. This appears to be a terrorist attack, but no group has come forward to claim this evil deed. Other attacks by terrorists have used much larger bombs in order to kill more people. The smaller bomb might have been used on purpose to try and implicate a possible right wing group. There are many analysts that are making such accusations. Pray that the people involved who were injured, can be healed, and that the perpetrators can be brought to justice.”

Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, you are still celebrating My Easter feast of My glorious Resurrection. This ‘V’ in the vision is for My victory over sin and death. I know you are weak in your sins, and I have given you My sacrament of Penance so you can confess your sins in seeking My forgiveness. I have conquered the devil because I am more powerful than him. This is why you should not fear evil because when you are with Me, I can help defend you from the devil’s temptations. Do not endanger your souls in occasions of sin, but avoid such places that tempt you. I am asking you to live holy lives as you follow My direction. My ways are better than man’s ways. My victory over sin and death has also allowed souls, who are purified, to enter the gates of heaven for all eternity. I love all of My people, and this is why I have died for your sins, so you can have salvation from the evil of the world. With My help, you can save your soul from hell, and strive to be with Me in heaven one day. Heaven should be the goal of every soul. Heaven rejoices over every soul that converts its life to follow Me instead of the evil of the world. Then when you come to heaven, We can celebrate your victory of being crowned a saint in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, there are two paths in life. One road can lead you to heaven, while the other fork can lead to sin and hell. Following My path will be difficult for the body because I will lead you to holiness and a moral life. Leading a chaste life until marriage, may cause a restraint of your earthly desires, but you will be living in less occasion of sin. Those, who follow the path of their passions, are led to living together in the mortal sin of fornication. This lifestyle leads to continuous sin, and it will be hard to convert from an addiction to lust. If you truly love someone for who they are, you will not violate them with sex before marriage. You should be patient in your courtship. It is better that you get married in a relatively short time of a year or so because you will be tested with sinful desires. Do not follow other people who are living together just because they are living in sinful pleasures. Do not let people tell you that you are old-fashioned, because obeying My laws will reward you with My graces for a happy marriage. Those, who follow the path that I will lead you on, will be abiding in My love by their obedience. A good moral life will lead you to an eternal life with Me in heaven, but following your own ways could lead you on the wrong path to hell.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision is showing you some of the details of the coming Warning or illumination of conscience that everyone will experience all over the earth at the same time. At that time people will see their soul bodies released outside of their physical bodies, and they will be outside of time. You could see how they were flying free into the clouds, and they shared an exhilarating feeling of freedom and joy. These souls were then drawn to My Light as they came before Me to receive their life review. After remembering their unforgiven sins, then they received their mini-judgment of either heaven, hell, or purgatory. These souls were told that if they did not change their lives, that this judgment would become their final judgment. This experience will cause many people to seek Confession for Catholics, or a need for repentance in others. This will be a glorious time to convert those souls, if they give Me their consent by changing their lives to follow Me. Rejoice that My mercy is being granted to every soul so each soul will be given an opportunity to save his or her soul from hell.”

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday, April 14, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, I shine My Light of grace and love over all the people. It is unfortunate that all souls do not open their hearts to love Me because they have cold hearts. I cannot come into your heart unless you open the door from the inside. You know how much I love you, because you are witnesses of My death and Resurrection that I suffered for your sins. Just as I called out to St. Peter if he loved Me three times, so I ask all of you if you love Me as well. St. Peter denied Me three times, and I gave him an opportunity to repent and give his love to Me. So I realize in your weakened state that you have denied Me in your sins. I also give all people an opportunity to come to Me and have their sins forgiven in Confession. Once you repent, then you will be forgiven, and My grace will be restored to your soul. You can show your love for Me in your prayers, coming to Mass, and seeking forgiveness in Confession. When you love Me, you can also share your love with all of your neighbors in helping them with their needs. So let your cold hearts melt in My love, and greet Me with open arms into your heart and soul. Once My love permeates your life, and you allow Me to lead you, you will find all of your crosses will be lighter. As Simon helped Me to carry My cross, so I will be helping you in carrying your cross of life.”

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel I appeared to My apostles walking on the water, and I calmed the stormy seas. They thought I was a ghost at first. I said to them ‘Do not be afraid, it is I.’ This image of calming the sea represents how I come to My faithful, and I can calm the troubles in your life. I ask My faithful to trust in My help with all the trials in your life. By faith I will give you the strength that you need in My sacraments to overcome any fears that you have. Remember that you will never be tested beyond what you can endure by My grace. When you have confidence in My help, you will always have peace in your soul, despite what goes on in the world. In the vision and in the first reading, you are seeing how by the laying on of hands, the deacons were chosen to help My apostles in My early Church. Many of the widows had to be served at table by the deacons. All of the early communities had to help one another in their daily needs. Even today your deacons help with the sick and other duties that your priests cannot attend. Rejoice in My help throughout your lives. You know that you can call on Me in any of your needs, and I will be with you.”

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday, April 12, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, this Gospel of the multiplication of the bread and fish for the 5,000 men is closely associated with My sharing of My Body and Blood with My faithful at every Mass. You have just shared the words of My first Mass at My Last Supper on Holy Thursday. This miracle of the consecration of the bread and wine into My Body and Blood occurs at every Mass, and this is My gift to all of My faithful. In every tabernacle you have My Real Presence with you even to the end of this age. You always have a friend in Me when you visit My Blessed Sacrament. I will help you in all of your spiritual and physical needs if you just ask Me. Those, who receive Me in Holy Communion worthily, and visit Me frequently in My tabernacle, are My special adorers who have made Me the center of their lives. See this gift of My Eucharist as a sharing of My love with all of you. The Father, the Holy Spirit, and Myself love all of you, and We want you to love Us and worship Us as your God, Creator, and Savior. It is not easy, but I ask My faithful to give your will over to Our Divine Will. The first reading about Gamaliel’s advice to leave the apostles alone, was how My Church was allowed to thrive since I formed My Church on St. Peter, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. This allowing of messages to be tested by time is the same way of seeing if the fruits are from Me. If good fruits result, then these messages will be confirmed. I have been giving you messages, My son, for twenty years to prepare for the end times. You have been allowed to continue, and you have seen good fruits come from them. Give praise and thanks to Me for all that I am doing through your ‘yes’.”

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday, April 11, 2013: (St. Stanislaus)
Jesus said: “My people, in your diocese and many others, there is a lack of bishops through retirements and other reasons. In the time of St. Stanislaus, he was martyred by the king as he was defending the Church. As you approach the time of the tribulation, you will be seeing more vacancies among the clergy as persecution of My Church will increase. You will first see a disruption from a division within My Church, as there will be a split between a schismatic church and My faithful remnant. Then you will see more persecution coming from your own government. Already you are seeing your Defense Department classifying Catholics and evangelicals as extremists or terrorists. This is just the beginning when those, who believe in Me, will be tested in their faith. Just as Hitler isolated the Jews from jobs and their civil rights, this will be happening also in America for Catholics and evangelists. The Antichrist will be coming into power, and all of My believers will be threatened by the one world people who are controlled by Satan. This is why I have inspired people to set up refuges for this time, so My faithful will be protected by My angels at these safe havens. Trust in Me when I warn My faithful that it is time to come to the safety of My refuges.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, almost all of your presidents were and are Masons, and they are among the one world people that control governments all over the world. It is the central bankers that control nations through their debts and debt based money. Once your money was taken off gold or silver backing, then the printing presses started spewing out more dollars so your government could continue its spending beyond your tax income. This fiat money is becoming less valuable with every year as you make Treasury Notes out of thin air. Your money system and your National Debt are about to crash because there is no way to continue paying the interest or the debt back. When this happens, My faithful will need to come to My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, as your current government wants to reduce your nuclear arsenal to zero, other nations as North Korea and Iran are building more nuclear weapons. The reduction in your defense is not the right thing to do when you are seeing more threats of war. The one world people want you to disarm so you would be a target for aggressor nations to take you over. Disarming your citizens of their guns is another part of their plan, but your people do not want to give up their weapons. Keep praying for peace, but you may need to be prepared for a civil war in America.”

Jesus said: “My people, with every new poll you are seeing the morals of America degrading. A recent poll has shown 48% of young women are having relations or fornication before marriage. Only 23% of young women are waiting until after marriage for lawful relations. You are also seeing more and more states accepting gay marriage, and even some are accepting lawful marijuana. A few states even accept mercy killing or euthanasia. Mothers are still killing millions of their babies by abortion every year. As these evils increase, you are having My blessings withdrawn from your protection.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have been watching this latest bird flu virus, H7N9, in China that has a 30% death rate for those who become infected. Many of these flu viruses have been created in the lab, and there is some suspicion with this new virus. I have warned you that the one world people have a desire to reduce the world’s population with a new bird flu virus that would be both contagious and deadly. There is some indication that this new virus is spreading between people in the same locations and not just from handling chickens. Beware if this virus becomes pandemic, because you may have to come to My refuges to be healed.”

Jesus said: “My people, you knew Theresa as a quiet and faithful lady for her many years at Holy Name Church. She was dedicated in her work at many organizations in your parish. She will be missed by many of you. I have taken her home to heaven for all that she had to suffer on earth. She will be praying for her family and friends. Pray for her family in all of their needs.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing a little cooler weather this spring than last year, but the precipitation has still been lower than usual. Some drought conditions will continue, but not quite as severe as last year. There is still some concern over further man-made events from the HAARP machine that could bring more disasters. Pray that you will have better crops this year so there will be enough food for most people to survive.”

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, you are made in My image with a body and a soul. The body is the physical shell that contains the spirit of the soul. The desires of the body are always fighting against the desires of the soul. Your body is weak to sin because of the consequences of Adam’s sin against Me. This is why the body craves the comforts and pleasures of the flesh. The soul is the opposite because the spirit is in search of the peace of its Creator. The soul desires holiness and heavenly things. This is why suffering the human condition is a trial because of the battle between the body and the soul. You wonder why it is difficult to pray, but the body wants its own appetites satisfied instead of praying. You fast from food, and you work on self-control and self-denial to limit the body’s control over the soul. The soul strives to be with Me in heaven. If the soul is weak in striving for holiness, the body could lead that soul into sin toward judgment to hell. This is why the soul needs to assert its authority over the body to follow My Commandments and fulfill My mission for your life. Without a strong spiritual desire to love Me and serve Me, you could fall into the devil’s temptations. Keep close to Me in your daily prayers and frequent Confession of your sins, so you can strive to be with Me forever in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, there are some people who are so focused on money and wealth, that they have neglected to let Me into their lives. As long as they have wealth, they think that they do not need Me. If I did not maintain their lives with air to breathe and food and water to consume, they could not survive. Wealth is only a means of exchange, but it is not a god in itself. Many one world people have gold, silver, and real estate because they do not want paper money or anything on paper. These people protect themselves from any bankruptcy that could come from a crash of the dollar or the stock market. The one world people are able to control the stock market and interest rates as you are seeing. They have driven interest rates so low that people are being forced into the stock market. Then they can steal the money in a stock market crash when they short the market. The middle class is the target of the rich, so they can control everyone through cheap jobs and welfare handouts. The ultimate control will come through the chips in the body when the one world people will make you into slaves as robots. Pray for My help against these evil ones, and call on Me to lead you to My refuges when your lives will be in danger.”

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday, April 9, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, ever since Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden, people have had to work by the sweat of their brow to work for their food and shelter. I know all of your needs for water, food, and shelter, so I help each of you to have your bare necessities. Still there are some homeless people who still beg for a living without jobs or any welfare available. You work hard for your own family, but some need to rely on the help of others for their food. Pray for those people who go to bed hungry, that they may find something to eat. You can even make some donations to your local food shelf, or foreign aid as the Catholic Relief Fund, so people can have food to eat.”

Jesus said: “My people, you now have a National Health Care law that will be hard to manage and finance. Some states are fighting any changes in Medicaid or setting up health insurance exchanges. With many uncertainties in this program, some companies may stop supporting their employees’ health benefits to cut expenses. In some cases paying penalties may be cheaper. People may find it more expensive to pay premiums, while new patients may find it hard to have their own doctor. There are many hidden parts of this law that could cause problems for people. Many medical records have been digitized on the computer, but this could be a preparation to put this information on chips in the body. Getting people chipped has been a goal of the one world people so they could control people’s minds with the chips and voices. When your government makes it mandatory to have a chip in your body, this will be the time to leave for My refuges. The plan is to kill those people who refuse to take this chip. This will make My faithful outlaws because I am telling them not to take any chip in the body for any reason. These chips will control your free will with hypnotizing voices. Trust in Me that I will warn My faithful to go to My refuges before your lives will be in danger. I will have My angels protect you with an invisible shield as you travel to My refuges.”

Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013: (Annunciation)
Jesus said: “My people, this feast day of the Annunciation is normally celebrated on March 25th, nine months before the celebration of Christmas on December 25th. This feast was postponed because Holy Week superceded it. You have just celebrated My Resurrection on Easter Sunday, but the Annunciation is already looking forward to the next Church Year. You are seeing My Blessed Mother’s fiat as an important part of the salvation of all of mankind. My Blessed Mother was prepared for that moment of acceptance for a long time as she was sinless from her conception. She had to be the perfect covenant while she was pregnant with Me by the power of the Holy Spirit. All of you need to be thankful to her for accepting her mission as the Mother of God. She was the means of My becoming a man on earth, so I could offer My life up as a sacrifice for the sins of all of mankind. Rejoice in this Easter Season as you are witnesses of My victory over sin and death.”

Jesus said: “My people, in the spring you see violent weather, especially from tornadoes in the middle of your country. This vision is at an airport in your country when a strong wind shear will turn over a plane at night on landing. There will be some deaths, but there was no fire. It is hard to forecast sudden wind shear, and airplanes are vulnerable when landing and taking off. When you travel on airplanes frequently, you do not think that you could be in such an accident. Pray for those who are traveling on airplanes in places where they have violent winds.”

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday, April 7, 2013: (Divine Mercy Sunday)
Jesus said: “My people, I know that you are all suffering through your daily trials of your human condition, because I suffered them as well. This is why you are seeing everyone carrying his or her cross in church. Even when you commit sins against Me, you know that I am willing to forgive you with My Divine Mercy in Confession. It is not easy to struggle through life, but with My peace in your heart and soul, you will have the grace to endure any hardship. You have prayed your Divine Mercy novena, and have made an attempt to get to Confession to meet the requirements for this plenary indulgence. This blessing atones for any reparation due for your sins. Remember to pray in front of My Divine Mercy image so you can receive the blessings I will give you. Rejoice in My Divine Mercy for all that I do for you.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of receiving water from the well reminds you of the account when I met the woman at the well. I told her about her life, and I told her that I wanted to give her My ‘Living Water’ so she would not thirst again. After I died for mankind on the cross, I have given you My sacraments. I gave you Baptism and Penance so I can forgive your sins out of My Divine Mercy, and cleanse them from your soul. I have given you My Eucharist when you receive Me in Holy Communion. In St. John’s Gospel I told the people that unless you eat My Body and drink My Blood, you cannot have eternal life. I give you Myself in the consecrated bread and wine that are transformed into My Body and Blood. Receive the peace of My grace into your souls so you will be strengthened to fight any temptations of the devil. My Eucharist will also help to heal any damage done to your soul from your sins. Even as you receive My grace, I ask you to share your faith in helping to evangelize people around you. Many of you are seeking healings of the body, but when I heal you, I heal the whole person in both body and soul. Rejoice in My Divine Mercy which by this plenary indulgence, you have all reparation due for your sins taken away.”