Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday, August 25, 2015: (St. Louis)
Jesus said: “My people, there are plenty of hypocrites in your own society who proclaim to be righteous, but their actions greatly offend Me. This is like the parable on people who are judging their neighbors, but they are blind to their own evil actions. I told the people, that they need to take the wooden beam out of their own eye first, before they look to try and remove the speck out of their neighbor’s eye. Even in your own society, you are committing sins of abortion, fornication, homosexual acts, and many other evils. You will see My punishment carried out on your country for all the evil laws and decisions that violate My laws and Commandments. Other countries that violate My laws will also face My judgment of their actions. Many civilizations have been brought down from within because of their decadence and their evil actions. You have seen such examples throughout history. If you do not learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of other civilizations, then you will be repeating the same outcome of destruction.”

Jesus said: “My people, I told you that Christians will be persecuted first from within during the division of My Church. The schismatic church will be criticizing you because of your faithfulness to the teachings of My apostles. Then you will be persecuted by the media and even your government. Once your lives are in danger, I will first call you to secret meetings in your homes. Your prayer group will return to your home, and then your refuge mission will come into play. Pray for your enemies, but you will need My angel protection to protect you from the evil ones who want to kill you. You are seeing Christians being martyred overseas already, and soon you will see such killings in America.”

Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday, August 24, 2015: (Funeral Mass for Jeanne Marie)
Jeanne Marie said: “You can see how ecstatic I am to be with my Jesus in heaven. I want to thank all the priests, my family, and my friends for coming to my funeral Mass. I love you Al, Kurt, and Erick. Thank you for carrying out my wishes for my funeral Mass. I thank all of those people who cared for me in my last days. I was in purgatory briefly, but the Blessed Mother took me up to heaven on her feast day of her Queenship. I was brought to heaven because of your prayers, and anticipated Masses. So continue to have them offered. I also thank you John and Carol for bringing us together at your prayer group. I will be watching over Al and the family, and I will be praying for all of you.”

Jesus said: “My people, much of your news and concern has been focused on China and its affect on your stock market, which has had a dramatic downturn. China’s economy is linked very closely to America’s corporations that have their products made there with cheap labor. China’s economy is slowing down, which will mean fewer products for Americans to buy. As China reduces its holding of Treasury Notes, this will put a strain on the financing of America’s debt. There has been a serious explosion in one of China’s cities, and news about the cause and damage has been blacked out in China. The extent of this damage implies an unusual source of destruction. Until there is more stability in China’s finances, you could see stock markets continue to be in jeopardy of further losses. This presents an opportunity for the one world people to take advantage of any financial upheavals that would lead to their planned martial law takeover. I have encouraged all of My refuge builders to have things ready because some serious events will threaten your lives. Trust in Me to take care of My people in the coming tribulation.”

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday, August 23, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, I am the Cornerstone of your belief in Me, and I have the keys to eternal life. One key is My gift of faith so people can love Me, and trust that I will lead them on a path to heaven. Another key is My gift of Myself, both Body and Blood, that you receive in Holy Communion. A third key is how I forgive your sins in Confession to the priest. You need to keep your soul cleansed of your sins by frequent Confession, at least monthly. I gave My apostles the power to forgive sins in Confession, and the power to consecrate the bread and wine into My Body and Blood. In the Gospel it speaks of ‘Does this shock you?’ I am referring to giving you My Body to eat and My Blood to drink. This understanding of My Real Presence in the consecrated Host and wine, is not easy to comprehend. It is a spiritual mystery in how I allow the priest to transubstantiate the bread and wine into My Body and Blood. This is only accepted by a gift of faith in My very words in St. John’s sixth Chapter. This is why some of My disciples stopped following Me, and even some today do not believe in My Real Presence in the consecrated Host. But for those who do believe, you have Me intimately sharing Myself with them in Holy Communion. I give you the grace in this sacrament of My Eucharist to heal any effects of your sins, and I am with you always in My tabernacles.”

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday, August 22, 2015: (Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary)
Our Blessed Mother said: “My dear children, any confusion in the world is coming from the devil, as I crushed his head with my heel. There is a battle of good and evil in a struggle for souls. This is why it is so important to storm heaven with your daily three rosaries. I am thankful for my prayer warriors who pray every day for sinners and the souls in purgatory. As you pray and have Masses said for your deceased friends in purgatory, remember how I take many souls in purgatory up to heaven on my feast days. Make an extra effort in your prayers today, so I can go to my Son to beg for the release of more souls. I see how much you love your deceased friends, and I know how much you would like to see them come into heaven. When you pray, ask Jesus to have mercy on the souls of your deceased friends, so they could be released from purgatory. Have Masses said for them, and they could be released sooner.”

(4:00 p.m. Vigil Mass) Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading you heard Joshua make a bold proclamation: ‘As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.’ Even in your early years, you remember how you are here on earth to know, love, and serve the Lord. You are serving Me in many ways in your prayers, in your good deeds, and even when you evangelize souls. You have served Me many years in spreading My messages and preparing people for the end times. You have also stood up against abortion in your prayers and public protests. Now you will be serving Me again in preparing your place to be an interim refuge. I want to thank you for moving ahead in making your bunk beds. You will need to get some mattresses, cots, and some foam for people to have sleeping quarters. Make some plans so you have time to prepare your safe haven.”

Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday, August 21, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel I quoted the two Great Commandments of loving God and loving your neighbor to the Scribes and Pharisees. They were always trying to test Me and trip Me up, but I usually confounded them in their questions. My apostles and the people were always open to hear My parables, and the people came to Me for healings of their sicknesses and other afflictions. I sent My apostles out two by two so they could spread My Good News of My salvation. After I rose from the dead, they proclaimed My Resurrection as well. Today, I send out My evangelists and faithful people to continue spreading the Good News of My Resurrection, and they are to reach out to save souls. My messengers are also preaching about these end times, and the need for places of refuge during the tribulation. Listen to their words of warning in having your souls purified for the coming Warning experience.”

Jesus said: “My people, there are a few reasons that investors are concerned about the recent downturn in the stock indexes. There are some currencies that are going down vs. the dollar. China’s changes in their currency and the slow down in their economy, is affecting other countries. You are seeing lower gasoline prices because the price of oil has gone down. Some of your oil companies are shutting down oil wells because there is not enough profit to keep them running. Fracking has put more oil and gas on the market, so you have too much oil available, causing a reduced price of oil. This slump in stock prices could stop interest rates from rising, and it could continue even into a recession. The one world people are trying to cause a crash, and they are making investors nervous with this down trend. They are having some practice runs at trying to precipitate a crash, which could give a reason for a martial law takeover of your country. This is another reason to have your things ready to leave for your refuges. Trust in Me to provide for your needs, despite any chaos in your money system.”

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015: (St. Bernard)
Jesus said: “My people, today’s Gospel is about a king who invited people to his banquet. Some killed his servants, but the king had them killed and burned their city. Other guests were brought in from the street to fill the banquet, but some were not properly dressed. One guest, who was not properly dressed, was bound and cast outside. I invite many people to My banquet in heaven, but those, who do not have purified souls, are cast into hell. For many are invited, but few are chosen. Even in your world today, I invite people to be with Me in prayer and at Mass, but the majority do not have time for Me because they are busy with sports, entertainment, or they ignore Me. This is why the majority of the people will be lost in hell, because I only choose those souls, who take time to love Me as My faithful, and they are the few who are saved for heaven. Only those people, who seek My forgiveness and accept Me as Master of their lives, are the souls who are worthy of coming into My banquet of heaven.”

Prayer Group:
Jeanne Marie said: “I am happy to greet all of you, and I am sad that I had to leave you so soon, but I had no control over my cancer. I love Al so much, and I am comforting him for his devotion and love of me. I will be watching out for him as he adjusts to his life without me. I was always happy to invite people over to see our large decorated Christmas tree. It would be nice if he continued this tradition, but it is not necessary. I will be suffering a short time in purgatory, so I would appreciate your prayers and Masses for My intention. Leave my picture around to remember me. I will be praying for all of my family and friends who I love so dearly. I enjoyed all of your friendships in life because you were always concerned about me.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have had an abundance of rain in your area, which is why everything is so green. You can pray for those areas that are not receiving enough rain to have more rain, as in California. It has been a dark few days, as you are mourning over the loss of another long time friend. You have lost three long time friends this year. Keep remembering them in your prayers, and pray for all the souls that are in purgatory.”

Jesus said: “My son, I know that you have a lot of commitments for your first mission of giving talks. Do not be concerned over any trials that you face in your evangelization efforts. I will help you to have My messages spread wherever you go. In your second mission of preparing an interim refuge, you still need to finish cleaning up your new basement, so you could install your bunk beds. Get some mattresses and cots for your bedding, so you can house the people who will come to your refuge. I thank you for all that you have done, but your time is limited, and you need to finish your work.”

Jesus said: “My people, some people are trying to preserve their wealth and store up firearms for protection. Do not be so concerned about your money and your possessions because these things will pass away in your coming money crash. The one world people have a plan to crash your dollar, and takeover your country to make it a part of the North American Union. This will happen quickly after My Warning experience. Do not be concerned about dates, because I will choose when these things can happen. Be prepared to leave for My refuges, where I will protect My faithful and feed them.”

Jesus said: “My people, I know that you are concerned about any Church teaching that could come out of the coming Synod in October of this year. You know that I consider same sex marriage as an abomination, and it should not be accepted by My Church. If you see this being accepted, then you know that this is a heresy, and you do not have to accept it. Follow My Church’s current position. You can have love for these people, but you do not have to accept their sinful actions as legal in My Church. Stand up for what is taught in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. You may see the beginnings of a split in My Church, but stay with the teachings of My Church in My faithful remnant.”

Jesus said: “My people, your Senate will vote on your agreement with Iran, but it will not matter because your President is determined to push this through. You know that Iran will cheat on this because they will be making a bomb underground. This is why any agreement with Iran is flawed, because they are intent on destroying Israel as soon as they have a device to launch. This is why there is a strong possibility of a war between Israel and Iran.”

Jesus said: “My people, your country has existed a long time based on your Constitution and obeying My Commandments. Your government is about to collapse, as you know it, because you are not following your own Constitution, and you are turning your back on Me in your laws and in your decisions. Any country that becomes corrupt and turns their back on Me, will not last, and America will soon fall as you know it. I will punish America for your abortions, fornications, and gay marriages by allowing the one world people to take you over. You will soon see a persecution of Christians and My believers, when you will have to come to My refuges for your protection.”

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday, August 18, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, I am grateful for all of My refuge builders who have given their ‘yes’ to build refuges for Me for the end times. I realize that building refuges and preparing food, water, and bedding takes a lot of sacrifice, money, time, and physical effort. My refuge builders are building up My Church of the faithful remnant. I have warned you that there will be a division in My Church between the schismatic church and My faithful remnant. It is this faithful remnant that will be protected from the gates of hell. So My refuge builders will be supplying safe havens for My faithful remnant, who believe in Me, even if some are martyred. These builders also will be storing up treasure and graces in heaven for all that they are doing for Me on earth. My faithful remnant should also thank Me and these builders for making a place for their protection, and for being fed and housed. It is this remnant Church that I am calling My faithful to build up, because the rest of the evil ones, who do not believe, will receive a just punishment. Continue to give Me praise and thanks at My tabernacles, and later at My protected places of Adoration.”

Jesus said: “My people, in the vision you saw a tsunami on the East coast of America, and a large wall of water went inland covering over the fields of crops. You saw a tidal wave which was caused by a comet that struck in the Atlantic Ocean. I have shown you this before, but as part of a Comet of Chastisement at the end of the tribulation. Such a comet could strike soon, if the tribulation and the Warning would appear in a short time. Make a thorough investigation of any comets that could come close to striking the earth in the near future. (There did not appear to be any comets striking the earth that NASA was willing to tell you.) No matter when My Comet of Chastisement strikes, I will protect My people from being killed by it. I will raise you up in the air so you are not killed. Then I will cast the evil ones into hell, and recreate the earth. My people will follow Me down into My Era of Peace. This Comet will come, but in My time and not your time.”

Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday, August 17, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, do not be afraid of what you are to eat and drink at My places of refuge. If you have a priest for Mass every day, you will be blessed. If you do not have a priest, I am showing you a vision of how St. Michael the archangel gave Holy Communion to the visionaries at Fatima, Portugal. My angels will give you Holy Communion every day, and you will have perpetual Adoration of My Blessed Sacrament at every refuge. You have heard in the past how some saints were able to live on only receiving Holy Communion. If you do not have enough food, you could live this way also. My refuge builders or My angels will provide the food you need. My angels will multiply your food and water, when it is needed. Bedding for your sleeping will also be provided. You will be praying more and helping each other in all of your spiritual and physical needs. Give thanks and praise to Me for watching over My children, even through the coming tribulation.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have been warning you for many years that a time of persecution was coming when the Antichrist would declare himself at the tribulation time. I will warn My faithful with an interior message when it is time to leave your homes for My refuges. You have seen some places of refuge, and how they have stored some food and water. You could have water from lakes, rivers, or wells. You could even start a spring of water, or have the water multiplied by Me in your barrels. You will have bread in Holy Communion, and even deer will come into your camp for meat. You could store dried food, MREs, or canned goods. I have asked you to get some bunk beds, mattresses, and some cots with foam for sleeping places. You may have to get rid of some of your old things to make room for your bedding. My angels will put their protection around you with invisible shields. Be grateful that I will supply all of your needs at My refuges.”

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday, August 16, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, today’s Gospel has the heart of St. John’s account in Chapter six that describes My greatest gift of Myself to all of you in My Eucharistic Presence. I have told you how receiving Me in Holy Communion is the closest taste of heaven that you could have on earth. Those, who eat My Body and drink My Blood, will have eternal life with Me forever in heaven. It takes a true gift of faith with My grace to fully grasp this belief in My Real Presence in My consecrated Host. My faithful need to be free of mortal sin in order to receive Me worthily into their hearts and souls. Some of My disciples left Me when I presented this teaching because they thought that I was calling them to cannibalism. I even asked My apostles if they would leave Me, but St. Peter said: ‘Lord, where else could we go, for you have the Words of everlasting life.’ The bread and wine are transubstantiated into My true Body and Blood when the priest consecrates these species. Belief in My Real Presence is difficult, unless My people have the grace to believe. Some say only thirty per cent of Roman Catholics believe in My Real Presence. For those, who believe in this miracle at every Mass, My believers will do everything to be at daily Mass, and they desire to be with Me in Adoration of My Blessed Sacrament. I should be the center of your lives, and I am always ready to guide you in life, so you can be with Me in heaven one day. Your love for Me and your neighbor, is your preparation for being with Me in the glory of heaven. Keep your focus on Me, and keep the faith in Me for all that you do for Me to give Me greater glory.”

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturday, August 15, 2015: (The Assumption)
The Blessed Mother said: “My dear children, I love you all so much, and I thank you for praying my three rosaries every day. When you pray, my Son hears your prayers, and you are united with Him in love. My Lord has seen fit to raise me body and soul into heaven when my mission on earth was finished. My Assumption has even been accepted by the Church as a dogma of the faith. You will see my foot crush the head of the serpent, the devil. I watch over all of my children in love, and I am your intercessor of your prayers, as I bring them to my Son, Jesus. Hold your rosaries and scapulars close as your weapons of protection from the evil ones. I put my mantle of protection over all of my children as Jesus does not want to lose even one soul to the evil one. Give glory and thanks to my Son for all that He does for you every day. Go in peace to show your love and service to your Lord. I am the Ark of the Covenant as I held my Son in my womb. My children, you too are little arks of the covenant for a short time after you receive Jesus in Holy Communion. Be grateful for His greatest gift of Himself in His Eucharistic Presence.”