Monday, January 25, 2010: (Conversion of St. Paul)

Jesus said: “My people, what you are seeing in this vision is a spring time experience with blooming flowers. Sometimes your life is like the winter weather where all the plant life seems dull and dead. This is when you need a retreat or a spiritual awakening to put some spirit back into your life. If you truly believe in your Christian faith, then you should look forward to every day as a new opportunity to do something for Me and your neighbor out of love. If you do everything only for yourself, then your life will be dull. Conversion, as with St. Paul, can wake you up to your real purpose on earth to know, love and serve Me. Wake up out of your complacency, and you truly will feel alive in the Spirit.”

Jesus said: “My people, you would be amazed to see the process of how your money is created through bonds and Federal Notes. The documents are all debt instruments that make up a part of your trillions of dollars of the National Debt. People from here and various countries buy these notes and bonds, expecting to be paid back interest in more debt notes. As long as people accept these notes as backed by the taxpayer and your net worth, these notes have value. The larger your National Debt is as a percentage of your GDP, then the value of your money decreases. The more the Federal Reserve monetizes your debt, the more chance that they are going to inflate your dollar. In days past you had real money in gold and silver as a currency. Once you accepted Federal Notes, there is no intrinsic value to your paper money. This has allowed your central bankers to control you by the loans you are making to the Federal Reserve, which is not a part of your government. Once people stop buying your Treasury Notes, you will go into bankruptcy with no market to sell your debt and interest. This is why gold and silver will always be more valuable than your paper promises to pay. This bankruptcy could happen any time, and everything denominated in dollars will become worthless as the one world people will use ameros to replace your dollars. Do not put faith and trust in your money or your possessions because they can be stolen, devalued, or lost. Put your faith and trust in Me because I can always be trusted to treat you fairly and protect your souls. Keep close to Me in your prayers and your obedience to My Commandments.”