Thursday, July 31, 2008: (St. Ignatius of Loyola)

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen many earthquakes recently along your Western coastline near Los Angeles and off the coast of Oregon. This is in addition to those in Japan and the rest of the Pacific Rim. This increase in activity is another sign of the end times, and this is just the beginning. More severe earthquakes in California will be coming, especially around San Francisco which I have shown you will be falling into the sea. The sinful lifestyles and the court decision of supporting gay marriage, as well as the pornographic movies, are bringing My wrath on these people. You should be supporting laws protecting marriage in the family of a man and a woman, as I have shown you since the beginning of creation. All other lifestyles of living in fornication, or homosexual acts are against My Sixth Commandment. Pray for your people to repent of their sins, or they will see the consequences of their sins as did Sodom and Gomorrah.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, I have given you many messages about making preparations to leave your house for a safe haven refuge. Those, who leave their homes before martial law is declared, have a better chance of being protected at My refuges. Call on Me at the time that I will tell you, and your guardian angel will lead you with a physical sign to the nearest place of refuge. They will make you invisible so you would not be captured. Those, who purposely stay in their homes after martial law, are risking the men in black who will come and take you off to the death camps. Follow My directions if you wish to be alive at My refuges.”
Jesus said: “My people, many are wondering how thousands of people could be accommodated at My refuges. I continue to tell you that once you arrive at a refuge, My angels will multiply the dwellings so everyone will have a place to stay. You will see them spread over the land or built up into the air where land is small. Trust in Me to provide for your needs, even as you will see My angel and a luminous cross at every refuge.”
Jesus said: “My people, you all have special identification documents in your driver’s license, Social Security number, and passport. Many of these documents are having microchips placed in them for security, but they allow your government to track where you go. This mandatory chip in your documents is the first step before the authorities in your Homeland Security and FEMA will soon demand mandatory chips in your bodies. It is at this point that you are to refuse chips in your body, even under pain of death, so you do not allow the evil ones to control your actions as a robot.”
Jesus said: “My people, when your Congress people meet in secret, it is usually to hide some evil plans from the people, just as the one world people have secret meetings. The one world people are continuing to have all of your communications listened to as they invade your privacy to discover who is against their one world order. Secret plans are being made to establish martial law and to have detention centers to detain or kill their enemies. Be prepared to go to your refuges when I give you My word to go. My angels will protect you, so have no fear of these evil ones.”
Jesus said: “My people, My little children are precious to Me, and I do not want to see them martyred in the coming cleansing of religious and patriots in the reign of the Antichrist. I will give the little children under seven years old a special grace from their guardian angel that will make them invisible to the evil ones. You have been killing many unborn in abortion, and some children by abuse. Those involved in these killings will have to make much reparation for these sins of murder. Pray for a stoppage of abortions and all killings as in wars.”
Jesus said: “My people, the evils of your day have been gradually getting worse, but you are so immersed in your daily activities that you do not realize how bad it is. Man is changing My creation with all of your hybrid plants and DNA manipulations. Look how evil your movies are in that it is hard to find those that are not ‘R’ rated and even evil portrayed in disguise as in Harry Potter movies. Your human cloning, sexual perversions, and other sins are clouding your judgment so you do not even know sin when you see it. This evil around you is the evil as in Noah’s day when I said that I would return. But will I find any faith on the earth?”
Jesus said: “My people, I have been advising you to join some local prayer groups so you could help each other in your prayer lives and learn who you could trust to help you in the tribulation time. All of your prayer groups are going to be places of interim protection on your way to your final refuges. You can share your spiritual love and they will be thinking as you on how to prepare for the end times. Pray to your angel that is guarding your prayer group for protection and guidance. These angels will be given special powers to assist your people in their needs. Give thanks to Me in every meeting for watching over you and loving you.”

Wednesday, July 30, 2008: (St. John Chrysologus)

Jesus said: “My people, you have been seeing more earthquake and volcano activity recently, but it is when they occur in populated areas that people could be hurt or killed. This vision of another massive volcano going off shows you how people will seek any place of safety, even in dark caves. I had asked you in some previous messages to have masks for some coming viruses in the chemtrails. You also could use your masks if a volcano should send its dusty ash over large areas. If you cannot find your masks from before, then you may have to purchase some new ones and place them in a spot that you can remember to find them. Volcanoes can spread ash thousands of miles away if it is sent into high atmospheric levels. Such explosive eruptions could even affect your weather when the ash could block out the sun. You have already seen cyclones and earthquakes that have caused many deaths, and there will be more natural disasters to come. Pray that the people will be spared their lives in any future destruction.”
Jesus said: “My people, part of the one world plan is to divide your troops and allow them to be tied down all over the world so they cannot defend the homeland from the one world people’s takeover. Because of your bad economy, less taxes are being collected and your government is running large deficits. The costs of your war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan are not even included in your budgets. You have spent trillions of dollars on these wars, and they are ruining your military with constant tours of duty. If there was a cost analysis of your wars, you would see that you cannot afford to add trillions of dollars of debt to your national debt. You are destroying your economy and your military with useless wars that need to be stopped. Your troops need to come home and let the foreign countries fight their own battles. Peace is more valuable than the constant wars desired by the devil. If your people cannot stop these wars, then you will be inviting your very demise. You are against the one world people who want a one world government, and they must destroy America so your military is not in their way for a takeover. Stop paying for these wars which are not providing any benefit except making the rich richer. Take back control of your country while you still have time, and pray for an end to these hostilities.”

Tuesday, July 29, 2008: (St. Martha)

Jesus said: “My people, you are familiar with St. Martha in her use of hospitality to show her love for Me. Serving people’s needs when they come into your house is a very loving response to show your welcome to your guests. At other times you are called to work for your employer in order to provide for your living. In this situation you should give your employer a fair day’s work for your wage. There are some who busy themselves with too much work at the expense of lost time with their families, and even let their work interfere with time for Me. It is when work is excessive and you are doing it more for the money than love of Me, that you let your work control you. When Mary listened to Me, I told Martha that Mary had chosen the better portion, and she will not be denied her choice. Adoration of Me in My Blessed Sacrament can be your better portion today when you can listen to Me and give Me worship and thanks. Receiving Me in Holy Communion and visiting My Blessed Sacrament are the best ways of showing Me your love. Helping others out of love is important also, but giving Me special attention in person can even be a better expression of your love for Me. Working for Me and prayers are very important to have a complete love relationship with Me and your neighbor.”
Jesus said: “My people, this experience of My Resurrection is one of the most powerful moments in the history of mankind. Not only did I rise from the dead after three days, but it also represented My victory over sin and death. Nothing could contain Me, even in the nature of a man because My Resurrection into a glorified Body is an example to all of My faithful how you will also be resurrected one day. This promise of heaven and a reunited glorified body is what inspires your souls to do everything possible to be perfected through My grace in order to gain heaven. When you went to My tomb in the Holy Sepulcher, you could still feel the residual energy from My Resurrection. When you look at the Shroud of Turin, you can see the effect of that same radiant energy as it embedded an image in the fabric of the Shroud. I showed My resurrected Body to My apostles so they could feel the nail marks in My Body and put their hand into My side that was opened with a lance. I told them to believe in My Resurrection and no longer doubt My reality in the flesh. In the same way I want My faithful to believe in My Real Presence in My Eucharistic Host because I will be present with you to the end of time. Believe in My love and obey My Commandments, and one day you will be standing with Me in heaven in your glorified body after your resurrection.”

Monday, July 28, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, you all should know how much I love you because I chose to die on the cross so all of mankind would be open to heaven and salvation. I suffered the worst torture of the Romans so all of you would have the opportunity to be saved. Adam’s sin and the sins of all mankind for all of history are a weighty sum that required the price of the Son of God’s Blood to make atonement to My Father. If you can understand this extent of My love, then you can see why coming to heaven will require the same love in dying to self, and giving your will over to My Divine Will. I have paid the price for your soul, but only saints are allowed into heaven. This means that your short life is directed toward trying to perfect your spiritual life. This cannot be done on your own, but you must ask for My help and grace through the sacraments to bring you closer to Me in a loving relationship. Some may suffer their purgatory on earth in order to be worthy for heaven. Others may need to be purified in purgatory before My Divine justice and mercy will allow them into heaven. In addition to saving your own soul, you can also gain merits toward heaven by your loving good deeds, and reaching out to save as many souls as possible from going to hell. You have understood My unconditional love, so now you need to show Me how much you love Me in your dying to self and helping others.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have given you messages before that some areas will experience flooding from constant rain storms, and other areas will see droughts and fires where rainfall will be below normal. This pool of fresh water that disappeared is a sign that fresh water will become scarce in some areas and it will be more valuable than oil. Having a supply of oil is necessary for travel, but a supply of fresh water is necessary for life itself, every day. This is why being close to lakes and rivers of fresh water will be a more important in choosing where to live. Living in arid lands or places that have continual fires will become less desirable as the availability of fresh water becomes a problem. Your winds and rainstorm patterns have changed dramatically this year, and it will be increasingly important to see where these trends are leading families to live. Pray for the discernment on where best to live for fresh water and available employment.”

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, the Kingdom of heaven should be the ultimate goal of every soul so you can be with Me forever in My love and peace. I gave the people these symbols of land and a pearl of great value because the Kingdom of heaven is your great prize that you should be willing to give everything up for in this world in order to obtain heaven. I alone through My death on the cross have made you worthy because My Blood has cleansed your sins from your soul. Everything in this world is passing away, but eternal life with Me in heaven will be beyond your earthly comprehension. In order to be saved in heaven, I call on My people to seek the forgiveness of your sins and accept Me as Lord, Master, and Savior of your soul and life. I have told you before: What does it profit a person to gain the whole world, but lose your soul in the process? When you love Me and your neighbor in all that you do, then you will be on the right narrow path to heaven. When you consecrate yourself to Me every day, then I can mold you to be the person that I want you to be and you will be open to fulfill the mission that I have planned for your life. Continue to seek heaven every day in your prayers, your good deeds, and your good example to others in evangelizing souls for heaven. When you do these things, at your judgment I will welcome you into heaven as your reward for being faithful to My requests.”
Jesus said: “My people, the simple life of living among nature away from the modern worldly things, is the way My people will be living again at My refuges. You are so spoiled in America with all the food that you have in your stores, and all of your uses of electricity in your lives. Missing your electronic entertainment devices alone will be one of your sufferings at My refuges. Many of these things are difficult distractions from your prayer life and such distractions can take your focus away from Me. If you want to prepare yourself for what it would be like at a refuge, just try for one day to avoid newspapers, TV, magazines, and computers. Even using candles for light would show you how dependent you are on lights and electricity. When you try to live the simple life without your distractions, you will see how much more time that you will have for Me in your prayers. When you think of how Blessed Kateri had to live, ask her to help you in accepting any little inconveniences that you will find at your refuges.”

Saturday, July 26, 2008: (St. Anne & St. Joachim)

Jesus said: “My people, today you celebrate the feast of My Blessed Mother’s parents, St. Anne and St. Joachim. All parents are given gifts in their children, but they are responsible for the souls of their children as well. You should bring up your children in faith, teach them their prayers, bring them to Mass and Confession, and give them good example in your actions. Even if your children rebel against your teaching, continue to pray for them and direct them even after they leave your house. You also may become grandparents and again you indirectly need to help the grandchildren in their spiritual upbringing. Let your whole family see in you the importance of having a good prayer life and a constant focus on Me in your life. This life passes quickly, and you need to have your souls always in the state of grace by frequent Confession. Encourage your children and grandchildren to confess their sins at least once a month. I know all souls have their own free will, but you have the responsibility at your judgment for bringing your children to Me. It is up to them to accept Me, but do not give up on any soul, and continue to pray for them every day.”

Friday, July 25, 2008: (St. James)

Jesus said: “My people, after Hurricane Dolly hit Texas, now you are seeing the cleanup after power outages and millions of dollars worth of damage. Mexico also had some flooding, but the worst of the storm went through south Texas. Pray for the people who are suffering home or job losses. Thankfully, there was enough evacuation so there was very little loss of life. Your rains and storms have been unusually heavy in the Northeast with some damage as well. The number of storms and the violence of them have increased, and you will see more throughout the rest of the year. Be prepared to suffer more natural disasters as I told you that they would be occurring in the months before the elections. You are also seeing financial storm clouds affecting your housing, jobs, and your economy in general. Pray for My help in providing for your needs and repent of your sins.”
Jesus said: “My people, look at your nation as one of the largest exporters of military weapons, and you will understand how your defense industrial complex has a continuous interest in warfare. If there were no wars, many of your defense contractors would be out of business. This is the underpinning of why the one world people cause constant wars. If there is no war, they will create a reason for one, even if it means killing your own people. If you understand their reasons for greed of money and power, now you will see how their intentions are to take you over in their quest for a one world government. It is this goal that will actually put the Antichrist into power. You can only pray for peace and voice your opinion against these wars. I told My apostles that he who takes up the sword, will die by the sword. This is the end for America because the one world people will use your own weapons against you. When you see an event leading to war, know that the one world people are behind it. Do not lose heart because I will defeat all of these evil ones and they will all be cast into hell.”

Thursday, July 24, 2008: (St. Sharbel Makhluf)

Jesus said: “My people, fresh water is one of your body’s necessities, and it is not always available to everyone. People in arid areas depend on wells, while others use rain water, or bodies of fresh water in lakes or rivers. The Scriptures mention ‘Living Water’ as I explained to the woman at the well. I told her that I could give her ‘Living Water’ in Myself so she would not have to keep coming to the well. But I was speaking of her spiritual thirst and not her physical needs. When you come to receive Me in Holy Communion, you receive My ‘Living Water’ that feeds your soul and satisfies your desire to have My grace in your soul. I know you have the symbol of water in Baptism which is a sign of cleansing of sin, but the ‘Living Water’ that I am referring to is My very Self in Holy Communion. I have told you many times that he, who eats My Body and drinks My Blood, will have eternal life. It is the grace of My sacrament that gives you spiritual life, and without this grace, your soul is dead as in mortal sin. Just as water is necessary for your physical life, so My grace is needed for your spiritual life. Rejoice in receiving My ‘Living Water’ as often as you can, and you will be close to Me throughout this life and the next life.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, at the time to leave for your refuges I am reminding those who have monstrances to bring them, so you can have perpetual Adoration at both the refuges and the interim refuges. By having My monstrance and Host present, I will be protecting you from the evil ones. You will have plenty of time for prayer and worship of My Blessed Sacrament, so you can assign someone to pray all the hours of the day and night. The evil ones fear My Presence, so this will be a great help to you.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have had your first hurricane hit your country and you have most of the hurricane season to come. Pray for the people who will have to endure these natural disasters. You see how quickly these events happen, even as you have been seeing flooding in various parts of your country. These disasters will continue to bring you to your knees along with all of the other crises that you are enduring. Only when you repent of your sins will your weather return to normal. Continue to pray much for the conversion of sinners, as much prayer is needed in this time.”
Jesus said: “My people, at times in the hospital patients will require a lifeline of food nutrients because they cannot swallow normally. If this line is broken, then it must be restored for that person to survive. There is another lifeline to your spiritual life, and that is your frequent reception of Me in Holy Communion. This steady line of My graces, will feed you and keep your spiritual body alive. Give thanks to Me how I feed both your body and your soul.”
Jesus said: “My son, I have asked you to make these two sessions of quiet time in front of My Blessed Sacrament to witness to My desire for contemplative prayer in your lives. By looking at My consecrated Host, you can bring Me into your hearts and souls to enjoy My peace and love. Thank you again for making this DVD on Adoration so My devotion can be shared with people all over the world.”
Jesus said: “My people, at every Mass and every time of Adoration, My angels are constantly around My consecrated Hosts, and they are giving Me praise and worship. So every time, that you start a new place of Adoration, there are more angels who come to the earth to worship Me. The more angels on earth will be more protection for you as you come into the tribulation time.”
Jesus said: “My people, think of all the places of refuge and interim refuges that are being set up for My faithful. When you realize that each of these places will be places of perpetual Adoration, now you know how My power and My angels are going to be so powerful in eventually overcoming the power of the evil ones. My power is much stronger than all of the demons put together, so be patient and have no fear, because this evil age will be brief before My victory will come.”
Jesus said: “My people, remember every time, that you come to visit My tabernacle and pray before Me in Adoration, to spend a few minutes in contemplative prayer of quiet time. This is a special time for each soul to share in My love. You should be grateful for every moment that you can share with Me in Adoration. As you pray with Me in this quiet time, imagine all of the saints and angels all around you that are giving Me praise and glory as well. This time of Adoration is actually preparing you for how much you will be praising and singing to Me in person in heaven.”

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, there are various kinds of churches as Basilicas, Cathedrals, and the Vatican of St. Peter’s. All Catholic churches, that are not closed, have Me present in the tabernacle, or exposed in a monstrance for Adoration. It is My consecrated Hosts that make each church holy because I am truly present in My Body and Blood in every consecrated Host. It is My Real Presence that you seek out in My tabernacle in My church so you can bow or genuflect to give Me praise and glory in My consecrated Hosts. You need to give Me reverence, just as if I were standing right in front of you. This gift of My Real Presence in My Eucharist is My gift to all of you, even to the end of time. Treasure the moments of silence that you share before Me in My consecrated Host. When your heart is open in faith, I can come into your heart and soul to direct you on your mission to heaven. Keep your focus and eyes on Me, and you will see Me one day in heaven, even as I granted the good thief eternal salvation on the day that he died.”

Wednesday, July 23, 2008: (St. Bridget)

Jesus said: “My son, I have given you messages about how I send out the same number of callings for the priesthood, but fewer are saying ‘yes’ to My call, as you can see in very few seminarians. In a similar way I send out a call for messengers and prophets for every age, but even fewer are accepting this role as well. In the readings both in the New and Old Testaments, messengers and prophets were threatened with their lives because the people did not want to hear their message of repenting of sin, and changing their sinful lifestyles. Even today, many souls have become spiritually lazy in avoiding their prayer lives, and even not attending Sunday Mass. I thank you for accepting My call. My mission for you has been trying with the many things that I have asked you to do. Still you have been faithful to My tasks, and I need you to continue your work to help souls come closer to Me and keep away from the evil ones. Continue to promote good prayer lives, Adoration, and frequent Confession. Without these basic necessities in My faithful’s spiritual lives, their love for Me will grow cold, and they will be more vulnerable to the temptations of the devil. Saving souls from hell and directing them to Me in heaven should be everyone’s mission, but it is even more demanding of My messengers and prophets. Keep close to Me in your daily prayer life, your Masses, Adoration, and bringing My messages to My people.”