Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, many times your path to improving your spiritual life has been blocked by your complacency to take any action to improve it. The idea of this vision of a door blocking your way is a challenge to decide how to act and when to act. Until you open the door from the inside of your heart to Me, I cannot enter. So the first step to improving your life is to be open to My grace and change in your life. The second step is to have enough belief in your faith that you are willing to reach out and try to understand your faith better with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. A third step to improving your spiritual life is to learn how to love Me and your neighbor more as you love yourself. You should have the intention in your heart to do everything out of love for Me without worry about the cost of how you will be viewed by the world. I am love itself, and you were created out of love. So love should be in your make-up by the life I give you as your inheritance. In order to accomplish any improvement in your spiritual life, you need a good prayer life and be humble in all that you succeed in doing. You are to give glory to Me for all of your accomplishments, and not just give all the credit to yourself. When I ask you to love everyone, I want you to love even your enemies and your persecutors because My Light of grace shines on the good and the bad. See Me in every person so that it is this part of loving Me in them that will help your faith grow. Listen to My words and let them touch your heart so you can truly grow and improve your spiritual life. It is this searching for perfection that will lead you on your path to sainthood. Remember that only saints can enter heaven, so ask Me to give you the grace to achieve your crown in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, all of these skulls represent how many babies are dying from abortion every year. The avalanche is a sign of how many abortions are being done in America which is in the thousands. If man cannot hold back all of these abortions from being performed, then I cannot hold back My arm of justice that will strike your country. All of these slain babies are martyrs who are having their reward in heaven. All of My faithful need to struggle to save your brothers and sisters from being murdered. Unless you do everything that you can to stop these abortions, then they will continue to condemn your land. If you truly love Me, then you will fight to save these lives from being killed. I love all of My people so much, but you must wake up your country to all the horrors going on in your abortion clinics.”