Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday, September 22, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, you have many hot spots of possible conflict in Korea, Ukraine, and the Middle East. The evil ones want to draw America into another conflict, and there are several places that this could happen. Some possible terrorist attacks in America could cause a reaction to attack ISIS. The one world people are planning some events to draw America into another conflict. They are also planning an internal situation that will trigger a call for martial law. I have told you before that I will send My Warning experience to everyone before your lives will be threatened in the coming Christian persecution in America. Be prepared after the Warning, when you will be called to My refuges for protection from the men in black who want to kill you. Trust in My protection during the coming chaos in your streets.”

Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday, September 21, 2015: (St. Matthew)
Jesus said: “My son, you have read about My calling of St. Matthew, the tax collector, to be one of My apostles. The Scribes and Pharisees criticized Me for eating and drinking with sinners. Then I told them that sick people need a physician to heal them, which meant that they need spiritual healing the most. I also said that I came to heal sinners and not the self-righteous. You all are sinners, and you are in need of cleansing your souls of your sins. I called many other disciples to come and follow Me, so they could be trained in My way of love, and later to spread the Good News of My death and Resurrection. It is My sacrifice on the cross that has brought salvation to all repentant sinners. Even today, I am still calling My disciples to spread My Good News and to evangelize those souls who need conversion. My son, I have called you also from your computer addiction that I healed. I have given you two missions now, one to alert the people of the end times, and the other is to set up an interim refuge. I have accepted your ‘yes’ to both missions, and I thank you for sharing My words with the people in your books and on the internet. You also have been asked to go out to all the nations to preach My Word and pray over the people. I have only a few messengers, and you have been faithful to My call. Now, you are also preparing your refuge for the coming tribulation of the Antichrist. You are seeing how Christians are being persecuted and even martyred in the Middle East. Soon you will see such persecution in America, as My faithful will be fleeing to My refuges of protection. Trust in Me to protect My faithful, and I am still coming to save as many sinners as possible, especially with My coming Warning experience.”

Our Blessed Mother said: “My dear children, I am showing you a new way as indicated by the construction of a new road. This is a path to my Son’s refuges that you will be shown when it is time. I am asking all the refuge builders to get their supplies ready to share with the people when they are called by my Son to come. When you saw my lips moving, you heard what Ferdinand used to say: ‘Are you talking to me?’ So yes, I am talking to you now. Even if refuges are not preparing their food, water, and bedding, my Son will have His angels bring what you need. You will be seeing events lead up to my Son’s Warning experience, so be prepared by coming to frequent Confession. I thank you for your devotions to me by praying your rosaries for all the souls who are most in need of my Son’s graces.”

(Reparation Mass) Jesus said: “My people, I am proposing a question to all of you if you are being generous enough with your money, your time, or sharing your faith with family, friends, and others? Some people only give token amounts of help, when they could really share more if they wanted to. If you are a true Christian, you could share as much as possible to help someone in need. Do not be so selfish with your time and money, when you could help people with their needs. Sharing your faith or evangelizing souls, takes a little more spiritual courage, because doing so, might take some people out of their comfort zone. It might take some time and your personal interest to discover what people truly need help with. Once you realize the people’s needs, you might have to consider how much help you could afford to share. I told you that the more wealth that is given to you, means you are expected to share more. I thank you for all of your gifts of charity that will be storing up treasure in heaven for your judgment.”

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday, September 20, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, I want to focus this message on the sacrament of Reconciliation, which My people so desperately need for My grace and My forgiveness. I call all repentant sinners to come to Confession where you can confess your sins to the priest. I act through the priest to absolve you and forgive your sins, so you can have a pure soul with My sanctifying grace. There are many souls who do not come to Confession, even though they should. You are not perfect, and you commit sins that offend Me. This is why you need to come at least monthly to cleanse your souls of your sins. Before confessing your sins, you need to make a good examination of your conscience so you can remember your sins, and tell the priest how long it has been since your last Confession. After you have been absolved of your sins, remember to pray your penance from the priest before you forget. You should take your family with you to Confession so you can train them in this part of their faith. Remember to seek My forgiveness in Confession sooner if you have any mortal sin on your soul. You cannot receive Me in Holy Communion unless your soul is free of any mortal sin, or you will commit a sin of sacrilege. You want to have pure souls as much as you can, so you are always ready to meet Me at your judgment when you will die. Living holy lives can also lead you to the higher places in heaven. I do not force souls to come to Confession, but I wait for you to come home to Me, even as the father of the Prodigal son waited for his son’s return. I thank all of you who come to frequent Confession, and I encourage all of your family and friends to cleanse their souls as well.”

Jesus said: “My son, be grateful that you are going out to many meeting places now, because there will come a time when your travel will be secret and restricted. Once your highways demand a chip in the hand, or an easy pass to travel with your van, then your travel will be much longer on side roads. I told you that your travel to your talks would become harder to get there. Eventually, you will no longer be able to travel either by van or by airplane. This is why you need to take advantage of what little time you have left to spread My Word. Once you can no longer travel, My Warning and My refuge time will be at hand. By reading the signs around you, you will be able to tell the timing of My Warning. After My Warning, you need to get your family together, and be ready to open your refuge to those who are coming. Work on evangelizing those people who are not coming to church, or your refuge angel may not accept them as part of My faithful. You will need to get acquainted with your refuge angel to allow people into your refuge. Be grateful that I am calling you to set up a refuge, so you can bring your relatives to your home. Trust in Me to put My protection around your refuges.”

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday, September 19, 2015: (St. Januarius)
Jesus said: “My people, you are familiar with planting grass seed, and you need to be patient as you water the planted seed and watch the grass break through the soil. This parable of the Sower has been explained to you, where My Word is represented by the seed. In the vision, you are seeing the time of your life spread out and how you reacted to My Word of love. Some people fall away from My love as the devil distracts them with earthly pleasures. I am patient, and I wait for My faithful to come to Me in love. It is not easy for man or woman to be persistent in your love for Me and love for your neighbor. I wait for you to come to Confession and seek My forgiveness of your sins. During life some come back to Me later in life, some are faithful all of the time, and some reject Me. You all have free will and I wait for you to love Me in your time. You only have so many years in your life, so do not waste your time on your own desires, but focus your time on doing My Will for your mission. You can be fruitful in your good deeds and prayers, which store up treasure in heaven. Respond to My Word and My love, so you can also spread My Word of faith to your family and others. You are thankful for your gift of faith, so you can thank Me by sharing your gift of faith with other souls. Keep striving to save as many souls as you can, so they can be with Me in heaven and not lost in hell. Those people, who are faithful to Me in life, will share their reward of eternal life with Me in heaven. Hold Me in your hearts of love every day of your life.”

Jesus said: “My son, you have prepared a beautiful chapel and a large kitchen so you can provide a place to worship and a place for eating. You have also prepared your bunk beds in the basement with cots to provide for the forty people that could come to your refuge. You could even get some more canned food for your food storage. In the vision I am showing you your backyard and how you could build a latrine and possibly a pump to supply your water from a well. Check to see what your town requirements would be to drill a well, and how much it would cost. Then try to see how you could dig a latrine with some lime on hand. Your next project would be to see if you could install some solar cells for some electricity. I know you are starting a refuge late in a possible time of chaos, but move forward in what you need. If you have problems establishing these projects, then I will give you some alternatives.”

Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday, September 18, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you My Commandments because I want you to follow the desire of your soul in obedience to My laws. You are born with original sin, and your body craves to please your senses in usually sinful excesses. I give you a guardian angel to help direct you down the right path to holiness. I do not violate your free will, but I want you to love Me and your neighbor. In My Gospels I have advised you to be generous in sharing what you have with others. I have even suggested giving ten per cent of your income to charity causes, especially the poor and My Church. The more wealth that you are entrusted with, the more you should share with others. Even when you are asked to prepare a refuge, you will be sharing your wealth in buying food, bedding, and your other refuge needs. I see that you are generous, and I will multiply what is needed for the people. You are sharing your money, and your time, but you also need to share your faith in My messages and your healing gifts. All the money and prayers that you give to others, will store up treasure in heaven for your judgment. When you give of what you have, this is a way of thanking Me for My gifts to you. I take care of you in life, and now I will be providing for the people who come to your refuge by multiplying what they need.”

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday, September 17, 2015: (St. Robert Bellarmine)
Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel I compared people’s sins to loans of money. If two people had loans forgiven, and one loan was ten times the other, surely the one who had a larger debt would be more thankful. I welcome all repentant sinners to come to Me in Confession for the forgiveness of their sins. Some people who do not come to Confession so often may also be more thankful than other people who come monthly. It is better to confess your sins more often, at least monthly, so you can still remember your faults and mistakes in sin. You receive My grace each time you receive My sacrament of Reconciliation. Some people find it hard to come to Confession because they are forced to root out any sinful addictions. It is difficult to admit your imperfections, but it is better to root out your sins, than to let them get worse by not coming to Confession so often. Some souls need to come more often instead of waiting to the last minute on their death bed, when it could be too late to make amends before they meet Me at their judgment. Do not put off Confession until an indefinite tomorrow, because today is an acceptable time.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing some unusual heavy rains with some hail in some areas. Even some have died from an 8.3 earthquake off the coast of Chile. These natural disasters test the people with unsettled weather. Some areas, as in New York, are seeing four inches of rainfall over your normal level. Other areas in California are seeing ten inch deficits, and they are seeing historically large fires with hundreds of homes destroyed. Pray for all the victims of these fires, storms, and earthquakes. Many families will have to relocate all over again.”

Jesus said: “My people, when people die suddenly in severe storms or earthquakes, they may not have their souls purified to meet Me at their judgment. This is why you have been having your Masses of reparation for such troubled souls. These people may have need of your chaplet of Divine Mercy and your three beautiful prayers for the dying. With prayers and Masses for these victims, you could help save these souls from going to hell.”

I could see a tight schedule of talks and plans being made for our interim refuge. Jesus said: “My son, you have had a chance to come to several meetings for talks, as you sense an urgency to reach as many souls as possible before some serious events happen. You are making the best use of your time in reaching many souls with My messages. You also are being called to prepare food and bedding for about forty people at your interim refuge. You have ordered another ten cots which will give you forty sleeping places. I have given you the funds and time to set up your refuge in a short time. Be ready for those people who you will be sheltering in the coming tribulation.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing an increase in cancers due to your foods and your environment. Many people also are being stressed to make a living, which can weaken their immune systems. My people need to focus on trusting in Me for their needs and watching what they can do to build up their immune systems. Eating non-GMO foods and taking vitamins, herbs, and Hawthorn can help avoid some cancers. Pray for those people, who have cancer, so they could be healed.”

Jesus said: “My people, by getting regular medical checkups, you can have a better chance of catching any cancers early. Do not short yourself in getting checkups, even if you have to pay the whole bill. If you notice any unusual lumps or growths, you should seek immediate medical attention to test them for cancer. If you wait too long, you could let a cancer get more serious. Know the signs of cancer and keep a watch over your body. Some cancers can be treated if they are discovered early. Again you can pray for any cancer victims to be healed.”

Jesus said: “My people, once you experience My Warning, it will not be long before you will be coming to My refuges for protection from the evil ones who are trying to kill you. At My final refuges, you can look upon My Luminous cross and you will be healed of all of your health problems. At the interim refuges you will have spring water or holy water to heal any sickness. Give thanks and praise to Me for providing for your health, food, water, as well as a bed in a shelter. My angels will protect you and lead you safely to My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have been asking you to get prepared for My Warning and the coming tribulation for some years. Some have questioned if it is truly coming, but I told you it would be in your lifetime. One person told you that the Warning would be coming for sure. I would not have so many people preparing refuges unless they would be needed. Even now, you may want to have a year’s supply of food per person for the coming world famine. Call on Me to guard you and bring you to a safe place when you will need My protection.”

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday, September 16, 2015: (St. Cornelius and St. Cyprian)
Jesus said: “My people, I am giving you this vision of a boat, as it is being steered by Me at the helm. I give you the right directions to follow Me to heaven, but you must be willing to say ‘yes’ for what I want you to do. I give all of you a free will to choose to love Me and follow Me, as I led My apostles. For those faithful, who do follow Me, even out of their comfort zone, I will give them the grace to endure their trials, and treasure will be stored up in heaven for their good deeds. I need to be the center of your life in your prayers, Masses, and all that you do for your neighbor out of love for Me. I am the rock for the foundation of your faith. I give you strength along with the Holy Spirit to help you with your mission of evangelization, and your mission to set up an interim refuge. You have answered My call, and I thank you for following My lead in both missions. You will face a major trial with the coming tribulation, but call on My help and My protection in all that you do.”

Jesus said: “My people, there have been many martyrs killed because they did not want to give up their faith. They would rather give up their lives than deny Me. You are seeing in the vision all the ruthless kings as Herod, and the emperors in Rome who killed many of the Early Christians. Herod gave the order to kill all the male children under two years old in Bethlehem in an attempt to kill Me. The emperors of Rome killed many Christians, even the early Popes. So it will be during the tribulation when the Antichrist and your leaders will be trying to kill all of My believers. This is why I am having My refuge builders make safe havens to protect My faithful from being killed. My angels will defend you from the evil ones at My refuges. When I come at the end of the tribulation, I will cast all of these evil leaders into hell for their misdeeds. This includes the Antichrist, the False Prophet, and all of his minions and demons as well. These evil ones may martyr some of My faithful, but in the end these murderers will suffer in hell forever. Trust in My protection from these killers.”

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015: (Our Lady of Sorrows)
Jesus said: “My people, you all have sorrows and difficulties to suffer in your lives. So it was with My Blessed Mother during her life. She first endured the blessing of Simeon when I was brought to the Temple for My circumcision. He told her a sword would later pierce her heart. Another scene was when Herod wanted to kill Me, and My family had to flee to Egypt. When I was twelve years old, My parents had lost Me, but I was teaching people in the Temple. When I was carrying My cross, My Blessed Mother was in agony to see Me scourged and bleeding, when she met Me on the way. Later, she saw Me dying on the cross, and I gave her over to St. John. Finally, she held My dead Body in her arms after they had taken Me down from the cross. My Blessed Mother had to endure all of these sorrows, as she pondered them in her heart. Even when you are going through your own trials, you can call on My Blessed Mother to console you because she feels your pain, and she will pray for you. You all have to go through death, pain, and tears, but you can call on Me and My Blessed Mother to endure them, and even offer up your hurts to help souls here and in purgatory.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is just a matter of time when the one world people will close your banks, and turn off your electricity, as they declare a martial law. I will warn My people with an interior message when it is time to come to My refuges. Life is going to get very dangerous when people cannot get money out of the banks, and the stores are ransacked for what food and water was there. This is why I am having My refuge builders set up safe havens that will be protected by My angels and your shields of invisibility. At My refuges you will have food, water, and bedding accommodations which will be multiplied for your survival. The Antichrist will control the world for a short time, until I will bring My victory over all the evil ones. Trust in My power to control the evil people and the demons. Some of My faithful will be martyred, and become instant saints in heaven. The rest of My faithful will endure the tribulation at My refuges. Then you will have your reward in My Era of Peace, and later in heaven.”

Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday, September 14, 2015: (The Exultation of the Holy Cross)
Jesus said: “My people, you are all blessed that I died for all the souls of mankind. I gave up My life on the cross so that all the people, who accept Me in love, will have eternal life in heaven. This is My promise to all of My disciples that you will die, but at the final judgment, you will all be resurrected body and soul to be with Me in heaven forever. I carried My cross of suffering to Calvary where I was crucified, and I paid the price of your sins with My Blood sacrifice. You repeat this sacrifice at the Mass as you eat My Body and drink My Blood. I have brought salvation to everyone who accepts Me and acts on My Word. I have broken the bonds of your sins to set you free. I call on you to carry your own cross of suffering to your Calvary at your death. All of you have to die in this life as a result of Adam’s sin. You cannot escape dying in your mortal bodies, but your soul lives on forever. It is the destination of your soul that is your most important choice in life. I call you to love Me as your Master, and to seek the forgiveness of your sins in Confession. By giving your allegiance to Me in all that you do, you will have your reward with Me one day in heaven. Pray also to bring as many souls as you can to Me, so they can be saved for heaven and avoid hell. Especially, be a witness of faith to your family and friends so they will desire to be with Me in heaven. I love all of you so much, and I gave up My life so everyone could come to heaven if each person so chose. Choose to be with the One who loves you in the glory of heaven, instead of being with the devil who hates you in the flames of hell.”

Jesus said: “My people, many people do not have the right priorities in their lives. Those people, who put their trust in Me to help them with their necessities, have the right attitude. It is your spiritual orientation that will help you throughout your life. You do not need a lot of money to have a family with the necessities of life. If you work hard and you are honest with people, you will make enough money to get by. It is when people are responsible in loving Me that they will live responsibly at their job and provide for their families. If you abuse your bodies with alcohol, drugs, and other addictions, then the devil will lead you into sin, and your life will be in chaos. Follow My Commandments of loving Me and loving your neighbor, and you will have your reward. By doing good works for others, and helping needy people and the poor, you will be storing up treasures in heaven. Everyone will get tested with health problems, accidents, or financial losses. It is how you react to your problems that I am watching for. A good Christian will call on Me every day to help him or her, and not just in hard times. I hear your prayers, and I will help you in whatever is best for your soul, and the souls of others. Let Me guide you in your daily lives, and you will have no worries, no anxieties, and no fears, because I know what your need the most.”

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday, September 13, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, I looked with disdain on the Scribes and Pharisees because of the hypocrisy of their thoughts. They preached the law, but they did not have a true feeling of obeying My laws out of love. In your society also, you have laws on your books and decisions from your Supreme Court that defy My laws. One decision has allowed women to kill their children by abortion. Another decision has legalized same-sex marriage all over your country. Even a few states allow euthanasia or assisted suicide. You have evil inspired men and women on your Supreme Court who cannot separate politically correct laws from moral laws that follow My Ten Commandments. Spiritual laws are on a higher level than your earthly human laws. This is why it is more important to obey Me than to obey man. The evil ones may persecute you for not following the immoral laws of man, but you must be true to Me first, and do not obey such evil laws. The evil ones will try to imprison you, even as they jailed the woman who would not give out marriage licenses to gay couples. It is these corrupt laws and decisions that are killing My babies, and this will bring My judgment against your country. You will also be mandated soon to have chips in your body. Refuse to take any chips in the body that could control your free will, even if the authorities threaten to kill you. It is when your lives are at risk, that I will warn you that it is time to come to My refuges of protection. Have no fear of the evil ones, but focus on obeying My laws, even if you are called to be martyrs for your faith in Me. All martyrs for the faith will become instant saints in heaven. The rest of My faithful will be protected by My angels at My refuges.”