Friday, January 29, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, in the everyday course of doing your mission, some people have offered to help you. It is part of having a generous spirit to be able to welcome help from others, even when you could have done something yourself. I have asked people to be charitable in helping others in their needs, but when you have a need, then others might be willing to step forward in assisting you. So there is a twofold response to charity. One is being open to help others when the opportunity arises, and the other is being generous in accepting another’s offer to help. By helping one another, then all of your missions can be fulfilled and people will feel satisfied that they could contribute to another’s needs. This is the spiritual reward that you receive from your charity, even when there was no physical reward. You would much rather store up heavenly treasure than be paid in earthly treasure.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is hard for people of faith to understand what would make a mother want to kill her own child by abortion. The numbers of abortions in America are staggering in even its effect on your population. The repercussions of these killings are leading America down a path to your own destruction. I have asked you repeatedly to pray to stop your abortions, but your people seem to have no pity in their hearts for all the unborn babies who are being killed. Just because you do not see the dead babies, some may think it is easier to put them out of your mind. This vision of hundreds of dead babies is real, and the disposal of these little lives does not even honor their deaths. They are many times treated as human garbage where some have to be incinerated to avoid an evil smell of dead bodies. If Americans do not heed My words to stop your abortions, then you are bringing your own destruction upon yourselves. Do whatever you can to close the abortion clinics without violence, and encourage your mothers to have their babies.”