Friday, January 22, 2010: (Row vs. Wade Anniversary)

Jesus said: “My people, in the Early Christian era you were sought out and killed if you practiced your Christian faith. Even today in some communist countries you risk jail or martyrdom for being a Christian. Many of these early martyrs became saints and were canonized by My Church. Also today, you have new martyrs in all of the babies being killed by abortion. Your society, by its laws, has little respect for life in the womb and even life at the end in old age. Any kind of killing is not acceptable behavior in My eyes. Self-defense and just war situations may be justified in self-preservation, but any other killing is against My Fifth Commandment. When you are allowed to kill by abortion or euthanasia, your society does not appreciate how precious life is to be honored. Your marches for life on this day of the court decision bring to mind every year how brutal and inhumane your people are in killing their own children. You have read studies of the increased abuse of your children, but killing them is the ultimate abuse. If people can be tried for murder in killing their born children, why should they not be tried for murder for killing their unborn children? Your laws in this area are not consistent, and they are against My laws which is more important. Work to stop abortion in your prayers and actions. Even if people persecute you for being outspoken about murdering My babies, be willing to stand up for a greater good against your evil society.”

Jesus said: “My people, as adults you are already alive and you see some mothers having abortions that you are praying would have their babies. Too often abortions are performed to hide affairs outside of marriage or when married people do not want to have any more children. If you were the soul in a forming baby that was at risk of being killed, you would be praying for loving parents who would not even consider having an abortion. If you were a forming baby who was being aborted, it would seem like an unexpected terror to be killed by your own mother. Mothers need to think of life as precious, and babies are too valuable to be slaughtered like an animal that you would use for meat. These little ones are defenseless and vulnerable in needing care for their survival. You should only have the marriage act if you are married and are willing to bear any children that result from your relations. Adultery and fornication are mortal sins requiring Confession, but abortion compounds these sins with a worse sin of murder. All unborn babies are human beings and not just flesh only. Each unborn baby has a soul and a body that the parents are responsible for. When you think about abortion from the baby’s point of view, abortion becomes a much more serious crime. This is why your society is very evil when it thinks that these lives are expendable. Pray for all mothers to avoid abortion at all costs, even if having a baby may be embarrassing to the parents.”