Monday, March 31, 2008: (Annunciation)

Mary said: “My dear children, this feast day of the Annunciation was the most important moment in my life, when St. Gabriel announced to me that I would be the Mother of God. I gave my fiat that I would be the handmaid of the Lord, even though this holy pregnancy could endanger my life. I did everything in faith in God, and I followed His Will in all that was asked of me. You read the Scriptures that foretold a virgin would be with child. I know that God prepared me for my birth without sin so I could be the holy tabernacle, or Ark of the Covenant for the Son of God. My Son, Jesus, was sent, as you have seen in Holy Week, to die as an unblemished Lamb in sacrifice for all the sins of mankind. God used me as His instrument to bring my Son into the world by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Church has set aside this feast nine months before Christmas in honor of this calling by St. Gabriel. You have seen by prophesy, and by historical events how God has brought about the opportunity of salvation for every soul. Give praise and glory to God that He blessed me in this role as the Blessed Mother of Jesus.”
Jesus said: “My son, this vision of jets of ink aimed in your general direction represents another smear campaign to attack your credibility. You asked the source of this trouble, and I am only revealing that it is coming from the old sources that criticized you before. I will be protecting you for a while, but gradually these forces will try to block out your messages in the books and on the internet. As the schismatic church comes more into power, they will begin to shut down any distribution of messages. Further on in time the government forces will also cause you problems in traveling, and eventually you will be sought out to remove you to one of their prisons. This message is not meant to scare you, but prepare you for the attacks coming to you so you are prepared to go into hiding. Keep your full trust in My protection, and I will allow your mission to continue until the evil one’s hour is upon you.”

Sunday, March 30, 2008: (Mercy Sunday)

Jesus said: “My people, this glorious Easter Season is all about bringing people back to life again, only even better than Lazarus. I brought Lazarus back to an earthly body, but at the final judgment I will raise My faithful back into glorified bodies. I told Mary and Martha that I am the ‘Resurrection and the Life’ even before I died and resurrected. As you see this place of the dead in the vision, it is empty as I was raised from the tomb. Then My apostles saw Me standing in their midst in the flesh and still with My wounds. Even St. Thomas did not believe in My Resurrection when the other apostles told him of My appearance to them. St. Thomas has taken some criticism in doubting My Resurrection. Once he placed his finger into My wounds, he exclaimed ‘My Lord and My God’, which is what you pray at the Consecration of the bread into My Body. He then believed that I resurrected, just as My disciples of today believe in Me and some have even died for Me in martyrdom than give up their faith. You are blessed in your belief without seeing Me, and I commission you, as I did My apostles, to go out and preach My Good News of My salvation to all the nations.”
Jesus said: “My people, this is a blessing of My mercy on all of mankind this day that can take away temporal punishment due for your sins. This looking through the cracks and dark narrow alleys represents all of the souls who need prayer and My mercy that have been forgotten and have fallen through the cracks. You pray for the souls in purgatory who have no one to pray for them. Now I want you to likewise pray for all the souls that are living and whom no one is praying for. I do not want one soul to be forgotten, even after their deaths. You remember to pray for your relatives and friends, but now I will give you another list to pray for. Think of all the prisoners in all of the prisons around the world, and pray for them, even if they are murderers or thieves. I allowed the thief on the cross next to Me to enter into paradise, so I can allow your prayers to save these prisoners as well. Pray for all the sick and elderly in nursing homes whom many family members have forgotten. Pray for the salvation of all souls who do not know Me, souls who have rejected Me, and the lukewarm souls. Pray for all the homeless and hungry poor people who have no one to help them. Pray for those in places of war that have been displaced from their homes. Pray for those suffering from floods and natural disasters. As you can see, there are many who are deserving of your prayers. Just as I shine My graces and blessings of My mercy on every soul, so I want My followers to do as I do and be merciful to even those who are forgotten. I am an example to you as I washed My apostles’ feet for them.”

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, there are some people who should be in a nursing home, but they cannot afford one or they cannot get the local government to pay for it. These handicapped or sick people need people to help them with their lodging, food, and getting what financial aid they are entitled to. If they do not have children, or their children are not living in the same city, then these people need help from charity people or charity organizations. This is the vision of a kind woman helping a needy person to get food for the day. Every kind deed, that you do for someone that you are not paid to do, will store up a spiritual treasure for you in heaven. It is this storehouse of treasure that will help you at your judgment time to balance off the sins that you have committed. With enough such good deeds, you could be judged to heaven, or a shorter time in purgatory. Whenever you help My little ones, you are helping Me in them.”

Friday, March 28, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, you know how dangerous it can be when you are traveling on the road on a wet or snowy night. Even more so when your driving visibility is poor, there are white lines on the edge of the road, reflectors, and guard rails to protect you from getting off the road. Just as you have signs and protections on the road, I am the one to lead you and guide you spiritually so you do not fall off the path to heaven and into sin. I also give you warnings of danger and I offer opportunities to repair your soul from sin in Confession. I give you the eyes of faith so you can see clearly how to stay on the narrow road to heaven and avoid detours into sinful lifestyles and worldly distractions. See Me as your spiritual guard rail, and I send you your guardian angels to advise you in your daily actions. By My looking out for each souls’s spiritual welfare, you can again see how much I love you. It is your duty to use your free will to follow Me, love Me, and serve Me in this life.”
Jesus said: “My people, this person coming up out of the ground represents My underground Church that My faithful will be a part of during the tribulation. You have already witnessed an underground Catholic Church in China where Catholics are persecuted if they are found openly professing their faith. In the increasing evil of these end days, you will be more and more persecuted for expressing a love for God in public. Your Masses and prayer meetings will eventually need to be held in secret so you are not taken off to detention center death camps. Once martial law is declared, or chips are being made mandatory in the body, then you will need to have your guardian angel lead you to a safe haven or refuge where you would be protected by My angels from the evil ones trying to kill you. The early stages of religious persecution will be the first sign of the tribulation beginning. You would rather give up your life, than give up your faith in Me. Remain true to Me and refuse to take the mark of the beast or a computer chip in your body, even if they threaten you with death. You will be in hiding at My refuges for no longer than 3 ½ years, but then I will come in victory to defeat all the evil ones, and I will establish My Era of Peace to reign for a time.”

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, when I appeared to all the apostles for the first time, I came among their midst without going through the door. They were incredulous with joy to see Me, and I wanted to prove to them that it truly was Me in a resurrected body. I allowed them to touch My wounds and I ate the fish that they gave Me, as in the vision. Up until then, they believed because of those who saw the empty tomb, and the disciples that I appeared to on the road to Emmaus. It took another visit for St. Thomas to believe by placing his hands into My wounds. I told them that they believed because they saw Me, but blessed are those who have not seen Me and still believe. Many accounts of My appearances in the flesh after My death are written down for all of My followers to believe in My death and Resurrection. All of this happened in the historical time of man as you mark your calendars before and after My birth. Not only are you to believe in My Resurrection, but one day I promise to return in victory over the Antichrist. You will see a renewed earth in My Era of Peace, and all of My faithful will also be resurrected in their glorified bodies on the day of the final judgment.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, I am reminding you to care for the elderly when they are sick, incapacitated, or need their meals and pills. Your parents and relatives cared for you in your younger years, and now you need to return the favor in helping them in their old age. My Blessed Mother and I had to care for St. Joseph in his dying time, so I know what each of you are going through. Be willing to assist these people without complaint, even when it is not convenient in your time.”
Jesus said: “My people, every year right before spring begins, your people grow tired of cold, snow, and the lack of color in nature. You long for early flowers of spring so you can experience new life in another season of spring. In your Southern states, they already are seeing the trees blossom, but your Northern states are still languishing in the cold. Have patience, even as those who waited for My Resurrection and waited for their Messiah to come. My people of this age need patience also until I come again to make all things new and conquer the evil ones.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have been patiently enduring your Lenten penances to renew your spiritual life. Now you are in a state of celebration of new life in the Spirit. You will celebrate this Easter time in joy up to My Ascension and the celebration of Pentecost with the coming of the Holy Spirit. During this time you will read many beautiful readings from the Acts of the Apostles, and you will see how My early Church had its beginnings. Even during this Octave of Easter you are praying your Novena for Divine Mercy Sunday. This is another outpouring of My graces and blessings to remove all temporal punishment due for your sins through My Divine Mercy. You honor My death every day at the 3:00 p.m. hour with your chaplet of Divine Mercy. Give thanks and praise to your God who shines His mercy and love upon all of you.”
Jesus said: “My people, fighting and killing your neighbors is only helping Satan in his desire to kill humanity. All of this killing and destruction never wins anything for either side but grief, death, and more anger toward each other. It is the rich and the one world people that promote long wars to make their blood money on the weapons and control the people under them. Pray for peace and compromise instead of having more killing and a greed for power and oil. Support those who want to be peacemakers, and do not listen to those who promote perpetual fighting.”
Jesus said: “My people, your Easter lilies do not last very long, but they remind you of My angels who are blowing their trumpets to announce the Good News of My Resurrection. Lilies are also white as My White Light shines upon those who come to Me in death or near death experiences. You all will see My Light when you come to Me in your Warning experience, and you face your mini-judgment. Always keep focused on Me in Holy Communion at Mass, at Adoration, and before My Blessed Sacrament in My tabernacles. The closer you are to Me in My sacraments, as in Confession and My Eucharist, the easier it will go for you at your judgment.”
Jesus said: “My people, by now you may be tired of your Easter dinner left overs, but on Easter this feast of a meal was a real celebration of My Resurrection among your family. I only pray that you can share your food with the poor and the hungry who do not have enough to eat. In America you have a land of plenty by My blessings, but other countries are not as fortunate. Pray for those who hunger, and send food to help them in their need. Even support your local food shelves, who are being strained by many who have fallen on hard times. In times of recession there are fewer donations available to help the poor. When you help the poor, maybe one day you will be returned this favor in your own need.”
Jesus said: “My people, your friend, Joyce, had a deep love for Me and she opened her home for prayer groups and sharing the seal of the Eternal Father in helping you to not take the mark of the beast, and to not worship the Antichrist. You, yourself, have had this mission to prepare people for the coming tribulation and encouraging people not to take chips in the body. Joyce was always evangelizing souls and she worked diligently throughout her life to help My faithful. Now it is your time to help her in your prayers and remember her life’s example for your own work. Give praise and thanks to Me for every prayer warrior that I send to help My people.”

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, there is love between people, which is most beautiful between your hearts, but there is a love that I share with you which is even greater than your earthly love. It is My agape love and your love of Me which should be at the center of your lives. I am the Creator of angels, man, and all the beauty of nature that you see. At times it is a beautiful experience to view nature in the flowers of spring, and the colored leaves of fall. Every time that you marvel at the colors and different varieties of flowers, you are giving glory and praise to My perfect creation. Man tries to make hybrids to try and make better plants, but My natural plants have more beauty in their natural form. When you love Me, you love all of My creations in the plants and animals, and all of mankind as well. See how fortunate you are to be alive and to experience all that I have created. But always worship Me alone as your Creator, and put no strange gods before Me.”

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of the devil as a wolf with many large teeth may be fearsome in appearance, but it shows you how much he wants to destroy man by leading him to hell and away from Me. In this life you will always have to fight off his temptations, but you have Me and My angels to protect you. The power of the evil one will not last much longer, when I will come and defeat him and cast all the evil spirits and evil people into hell. The second vision of the wolf without his teeth represents My victory when he will no longer tempt man. Man in his weakened nature is suffering every day to resist the evil one. That is why those, who are faithful to Me through this trial, will find a joyous reward in heaven because you had to endure more than even My angels who know of all of My love and power. I have told you before how heaven rejoices over every soul that is saved from hell by repenting of their sins and seeking My forgiveness. So when you have Me protecting your soul, you should not be afraid of the devil and all of his powers.”

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, many times I have asked you to consecrate everything over to Me so I could be a Light for you, leading you through the darkness of life. Light is another Easter symbol and many, who die or have near death experiences, come to My Light for judgment. During life you are beset with many unknowns that question you in what vocation to take, whether the religious life, married, or single. You are also seeking some kind of career or trade so you can earn a living for your bare necessities. Even finding an affordable place to live is becoming more of a problem. Each major step in your life should be prayed over and discerned with My guidance. By consulting with Me in prayer, I will help guide you to use your talents in the best way to help your soul and help those around you. Once you are settled and have made these major decisions, then you may be called to help your children or others in making their right decisions. Choosing to follow Me in faith is another life decision that should be at the center of your life. As I lead you with My Light, you will be given the knowledge of how best to serve Me and your neighbor. This life is passing away, but your soul lives on forever. This is why your life’s decisions will lead you either to heaven with Me, or to hell with Satan. Love, joy, and happiness forever can be had only in heaven
with Me. Hate, anger, and eternal torment will be found for the hopeless in hell for those who refuse to love Me and serve Me. So let My Light lead you through the dark unknowns of this life into the glory and Light of heaven. Trust in Me in everything, and you will have peace and rest both on earth and in heaven.”
(Helen Hogan’s funeral Mass) Jesus said: “My people, it is always hard to lose a mother in the family, and it was also sad that her memory changed her personality at the end, much like your own mother. She has suffered much in life, but now she is at peace with Me. She was thankful for all who cared for her in her later years. Even though she could not express her love very well at the end, she indeed loved her family, friends, and relatives very much. She was a very faithful woman both to Me, her sons, and her husband, John. Give thanks to God for the gift of her life to all whom she came in touch with.”

Monday, March 24, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, during your Mass services, you see the priest blessing you with holy water in a sprinkling rite. There are two symbols for Easter in water and Light that are necessities of life. Without water and sunlight your crops could not exist or grow. As the Easter Season proceeds, your amount of daylight will be increasing. Also as your temperatures warm up, you will see the spring rain bring life to your early flowers. Many are anxious for spring after a long winter. The water for Easter is also a symbol for Baptism because many are brought into My Church at the Easter Vigil, whether adults or infants. The water sprinkling is also a symbol of how My graces are showered over everyone, but those, who believe in Me, will benefit the most for grace in their souls. My sacraments of Penance, Holy Communion, and even Confirmation are shared with those who are entering My Church. Every sacrament, that you receive, bestows grace upon your souls. Give praise and glory to God for sharing His Son and His graces with all of you.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have told you before that the one world people are placing viruses and bacteria into the chem trails with an eventual plan to reduce the population through pandemic diseases. All of these chem trails are having an effect not only on man, but there also will be effects on all animals and plants that could completely upset My balance of nature. These evil minded people have vaccines for these diseases, so they think that they will be immune to these viruses and bacteria. What they do not count on is the effect on the rest of nature. This in fact will not only kill people from the diseases, but it will also threaten a major famine all over the world. When man so disturbs this delicate balance on earth, I will have to intervene with a supernatural intervention. Man’s hybrids, disease experiments, and DNA manipulation have so changed the direction of life on earth, that I will be forced to intervene. When I do intervene, it will be at the same time that the Antichrist has reached the top of his power. All evil will be cleansed from the earth, and I will renew the earth to its original balance, and you will see a new heavens and a new earth as I will bring about My Era of Peace. Rejoice at this intervention because man is calling on My justice to restore order where there is chaos.”