Monday, December 31, 2007: (New Year’s Eve Mass)

Jesus said: “My people, receive My Blessed Mother and I into your hearts as we share our love and joy with all of you. I am calling all of My children to be loving in every situation that you find yourself. At times you try to be generous with your gifts to people, but you may have your own strings attached to them. If someone does not share your enthusiasm with your gift, and they wish to change it or reject it, do not be offended by their attitude without much gratitude for your efforts. Be loving of the receiver of your gift and try to accommodate their wishes. At other times you may see people presume upon your generosity without asking you first. You may also give gifts to the poor and at times they do not acknowledge your sacrifice and they may not thank you. Even if people do not acknowledge your good intentions, I see all of the intentions in your heart and I thank you on their behalf. Even if someone takes advantage of your kindness, be always loving in these trying situations. You give from a generous heart, so do not let your damaged pride interfere with your loving heart for everyone. Love one another and your Lord, even as you wish others to love you.”

Sunday, December 30, 2007: (Holy Family Sunday)

Jesus said: “My people, the family is the core of your social units, but it is being attacked on all sides from the evil one and your cultural traditions. Unfortunately, worldly things and secular events are overshadowing your spiritual traditions, and Christmas is just one example. Your husbands and wives have become lax in their prayers as a family, and when both work, it puts a strain on love relationships and taking care of the children. Many of your individual desires are placed over the good of the family, and this is why you are seeing so many divorces. Love can grow cold unless there is an underlying faith commitment and a desire for what is best for the family to survive. There are many pressures from the workplace, paying bills, and keeping up with all of your activities outside of the house. When you pray with Me as a part of your family, you will have the graces to overcome difficulties as job losses, illnesses, or deaths in the family. Pray for your families, because every divorce divides My human family, and you need love to keep your peace.”

Saturday, December 29, 2007: (St. Thomas Becket)

Jesus said: “My people, your winter weather will be like this vision. At times it will be cold, icy, and blustery snow, while at other times it will be mild with the snow melting. It would be better if My people were also hot or cold in their faith, and not just lukewarm. (Rev. 3:15,16) ‘I know thy works; thou art neither cold nor hot. I would that thou wert cold or hot. But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I am about to vomit thee out of My mouth.’ If you truly know the faith and are not on fire with My love, how can I know you? Do not just come to church and go through the motions of Mass just to be there. You must have love for Me in your heart, and be willing to live out My ways in your life throughout the whole week and not just for one hour. If you truly love Me, you should say so in your prayers every day. You do not just tell your spouse that you love them only once a week, but you show your affection every day, or your love will soon die. So be on fire all the time in loving Me and your neighbor, and your reward will be great in heaven.”
Jesus said: “My people, there will come a time of tribulation when the evil ones will want to place a microchip in everyone to control your thoughts and give worship to the Antichrist. Refuse to take any chips in your body, even if these evil ones threaten to kill you. I am showing you how to find hiding places either at your home temporarily or at an interim refuge. When you are in trap door locations, pray for My protection that these evil ones will be blinded from detecting you by infra-red, radar, or dogs scenting you. Some of My faithful will be martyred, but they will go straight to heaven as saints with little pain. The rest will be protected by My angels on your way to My refuges. Take care that you have some good hiding places wherever you are staying. I will provide for your needs, so have no fear of these evil ones.”

Friday, December 28, 2007: (The Holy Innocents)

Jesus said: “My people, today’s feast is in memory of all the infants up to two years old that were killed by Herod’s decree in Bethlehem. This was Herod’s attempt to kill Me after the Magi refused to tell him where I was born. Today, there are other innocents being killed in the womb by abortion. In some instances abortions have become the last resort birth control where having children is either an embarrassment or an inconvenience to take care of another child. There are many sins of fornication and adultery going on in America outside of the marriage bed. Living together without marriage is a sinful lifestyle and this flaunts their sin in My face because it is a deliberate sin against My Sixth Commandment. This sexual sin is compounded when any conceived children are aborted. Even among married couples there are sins of using birth control devices which are the precursor for abortions to control family size. The marriage act needs to be always open to birth and the Church only allows Natural Family Planning methods without birth control devices. Some married couples also have abortions thinking they cannot afford another child. All abortions kill innocent life, and they are the same as murder in My eyes. They will require a heavy payment to make reparation for the worst of sins. I still will forgive such a sin, but do not put yourself in these situations that could tempt you to have abortions. Better to have the children and give them up for adoption than have an abortion. Having children should be the product of a loving environment without any intent to kill them out of inconvenience. Life is too precious to kill, so follow My laws to avoid birth control, prostitution, fornication, or adultery that could lead to abortions. When you live a life of love according to My laws of love, then there can be true peace among everyone, especially in this Christmas Season.”
Jesus said: “My people, do not get so comfortable with your home and your belongings that you cannot leave them in a minute’s notice. I am showing you how quickly a chance storm could ruin your home and all that you own. Everything of this world is temporary, and will be gone tomorrow. This is why you should not be so attached to your possessions that you cannot let them go. A time is coming in the tribulation when you will have to leave everything behind and flee to a refuge to save your life and protect your soul. Have no fear of this time because I will be at your side to provide for all of your needs, both spiritual and physical. Do not just accumulate things for your own benefit, but be willing to share all that you have with others. It is your love in charity to help others that will help balance off the punishment due for your sins.”

Thursday, December 27, 2007: (St. John the Evangelist)

Jesus said: “My people, the vision of hands joined over water represents a faithful person leading a convert to Baptism of their sins after repentance. I gave a command to all of My apostles to go out to all of the nations and share My Good News of salvation by baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. (Matt. 28:19) This also applies to all of My baptized faithful that you also are called to save souls, especially in your own family. You are all here on this earth to know, love and serve Me. It is the devil who does not want to serve Me, and he tries to get you to not serve Me as well. Other people have more specific missions, as yourself. As you were given a message from your namesake, your mission of preparing people for the end times is an enlightenment for My faithful to be forewarned. Everyone has their own mission to accomplish, and with My help and their listening to My Word, everyone will be provided the ability to carry out their mission.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, I want to thank your prayer group for keeping your meetings, even among the holidays. There is so much evil going on in the world and it is hard to have time for a vacation from prayer. Prayer for peace is needed even more than before because the evil of the tribulation draws near. Continue to keep your daily prayers coming and ask Me to multiply them to offset all of the sin in the world. As you think of things to improve for the New Year, finding a little more prayer time could help in saving more souls that may be lost otherwise.”
Jesus said: “My people, security and safety from thieves breaking in has become big business, especially in foreign countries or cities that have high crime rates. Such concern about break-ins is why many churches have locked their doors. Only a few churches leave rooms open to visit My tabernacles in off hours. Even as you need to protect My tabernacles from stealing the Hosts, it is still good to be able to encourage extra visits to see Me in My tabernacle. Pray for My help in how to discern proper safety for My Hosts.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is sad when anyone is killed or injured by dangerous animals in a zoo. This incident was more accidental in nature because a wild animal was loose. In other deaths you are seeing planned killings or killings for money. In these cases there are people who need to be held responsible for the taking of life. I am the giver and taker of life and those, who violate My laws, will have to pay a heavy price. Pray that these people will learn the errors of their ways, and will change how they view the preciousness of life.”
Jesus said: “My son, when I asked you to make a DVD of one of your talks to distribute, this sounded like a relatively easy job in your technical world. Little did you know that the evil one could cause you so much interference in this task. Just as you have seen in the past, whenever you do anything of spiritual importance, you need to pray for success first and a novena to bring this work to a good conclusion. Now that you have the tools to go forward, it is important to both pray and work quickly because time grows short while this work can yield some fruit.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have told you before that it is good to belong to prayer groups so you can share your faith with like minded friends. Prayer groups are also helpful to draw on each other for spiritual and physical comfort in your daily problems. They can also be a good help when you may need to hold underground Masses or plans for where to go for refuges in the end times. If you do not have a prayer group, you may want to try and start one among your friends or relatives.”
Jesus said: “My people, sometimes you have to mix your spiritual needs with your physical needs. The importance of prayer in your lives is just one example of how your prayer can be practical in accomplishing your mission. By praying for My help in each of your tasks, your life will go much smoother, even among the difficulties of life. When you trust in Me in your prayer, you have a confidence that your earthly life cannot give you. Your spiritual goals and your physical goals are hard to separate. I have created everything, and all of nature should be in harmony with My Will. I know all of your needs more than you know them, so do not forget to involve Me in everything that you do.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have already shared your gifts with one another, but now I ask you to think a little beyond exchanging gifts to gifts that are given without any expectation of a pay back in any way. When you give gifts of time and money to the poor, you will store more treasure in heaven because the poor cannot pay you back except to thank you. These kind of gifts have more joy and love associated with them because you may be helping a poor person to survive, or find a means to help themselves. Continue to always be watching for anyone who needs help so you can gain a grace that will be stored in heaven.”

Wednesday, December 26, 2007: (St. Stephen)

Jesus said: “My people, when you believe in Me and follow My Commandments, you will always be faced with persecution. The world and the body loves comforts and pleasures that can be unlawful. The spirit of the soul searches for the love of its Creator, and to follow My Will. This is why even in each person there is a battle going on between the spirit and the flesh. The devil has prodded people to start wars for profit and for gain in property. Do not be misled, but search for the truth and eternal life instead of following anything of the world which is temporary and passing away. Those, who come to Me in faith, will be set free of their sins when they ask for My forgiveness. Be satisfied with your lot in this life because you are seeking to be with Me in heaven in the next life after death. Spread the peace and joy of My Gospel message of love to all nations, as you strive to save souls from going to hell. Repent now, for now is the acceptable time to be saved.”
Jesus said: “My people, the one world people are masters of deceit and they have created many deliberate atrocities in order to stir up people into fighting a war. They profit from selling arms to both sides and they make money from your taxpayers on the interest from your war debts. These are some of their slogans: Remember the Maine, Remember the Alamo, Remember the Luisitania, Remember Pearl Harbor, and Remember the Twin Towers. All of these wars were planned and contrived by these same evil men. I am warning you about this now, because you are about to see another made up reason for war which could trigger the very martial law that they want to declare for their takeover. When you see such an event, you should be prepared to call on My protection with My angels, and be ready to leave for safety at My refuges.”

Tuesday, December 25, 2007: (Christmas)

Jesus said: “My people, when I came into the world as a man, I was truly a King of Kings, even as an Infant. Some countries honor Me as El Nino in a novena to Christmas. Some know Me as the Infant of Prague. I truly answer your prayers and petitions either as an adult or as an infant because I am outside of time, but historically you followed My growing up to a man while I was in human form on the earth. Today, you honor and praise Me as an Infant King, even as you are viewing My scepter in the vision. All of the angels sang their Gloria in the Highest to Me as they helped to bring the shepherds to My crib. So I invite all people to know and love Me in the peace of My appearance in the crib on My birthday. You remember how you celebrated the birth of all of your children. Now you can celebrate the commemoration of My birth, even as you share gifts with each other. Most of all share your love with Me and your neighbor.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are just finishing Advent and already I am sharing some more refuge messages. The significance of the fast travel to the refuges in the mountains is not about the speed of the vehicle, but it is about how soon you will need to go to My refuges for protection. Events are going to move so fast that they could precipitate martial law in a short time. Be constantly prepared to leave both spiritually with Confession, and physically with plenty of sacramentals to share with those who have none. Have your priest bless your sacramentals and salt so you can have your weapons to fight the demons. You are in a constant battle between good and evil, so do the best that you can to save souls, especially in your own family.”

Monday, December 24, 2007: (Vigil of Christmas)

Jesus said: “My people, in the readings you are seeing the themes of joy and peace that I would like to see all over the earth. If all of you could live My Christmas message of peace, there would be no wars. Think of your own families and how you could heal any grudges or disagreements, so you all could truly be a loving family. Many of your jealousies or greed for things can get in the way of love for one another. Make an effort this Christmas to heal any anger that could cause ill will or separations. If you can achieve peace and love in your families, then you could more easily achieve peace among your nations. By trying to be peacemakers in your families and between nations, you can truly work toward imitating the harmony that I have created in nature. It is man’s wrong choices that have broken up families and have caused wars among nations. Work to restore love between everyone, and you truly will be working to restore peace all over the world.”

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, the account of My birth in Bethlehem talks about a stable scene when we were refused places at the inn. Those, who have traveled to Bethlehem, know that this place for the animals was really located in a cave where there was hay in the creche. This coming to Bethlehem was all started by a decree of Caesar and the Romans which demanded that everyone had to be registered with their original tribe. Bethlehem was the house of David and where St. Joseph and My Blessed Mother had to register. Even now in the coming time of tribulation, My faithful remnant will have to seek out places of refuge of My Blessed Mother’s apparitions, places of holy ground, and places of caves for protection from your government authorities. Your government will soon demand that you will need microchips in your driver’s licenses and in your passports. Eventually, if you do not take chips in your bodies, the authorities will try to kill you in detention death camps. This is why you will need to seek My refuges of protection even in caves, as we had to hide from Herod in Egypt.”

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, it is a good gesture to buy gifts for your family and friends, but it is over done when you spend more than your family budget can afford. Many go into debt to pay for their Christmas spending spree. Your focus should be on giving Me praise and glory, and wishing people a ‘Merry Christmas’ instead of happy holidays. It is sad when your shopkeepers are instructed not to mention ‘Christmas’, and they make their biggest profits on this day. Do not praise the gods of the mall and the things of the world. Only I am worthy of your praise and Adoration. These gifts will soon be forgotten, but I will always be present before you as your loving God. Love for Me should come before all the glitter of this temporary world.”