Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015:

Jesus said: “My people, you remember when I met the woman at the well, and I told her that I could give her ‘Living Water’ so she would not have to keep drawing water from the well.  I told her about her life, and when the town’s people heard My words and saw My miracles, they too believed in Me.  This vision of ‘Living Water’ coming forth from the Light of God, is how I bring God the Father and the Holy Spirit to all of you who are worthy.  I call My people to come to frequent Confession, so you can keep a pure soul, worthy of receiving Me in Holy Communion.  The Three of Us in the Blessed Trinity are brought to you as ‘Living Water’ every time you receive Us in Holy Communion.  In St. John’s Gospel I told you: ‘That whoever eats My Body and drinks My Blood, will receive eternal life.’  Receiving Me in Holy Communion is your spiritual nourishment, and you can only come to heaven through Me.  I am always Present to you in My Blessed Sacrament, and you give glory to Me in your prayers and your visits to My tabernacle.  Keep close to Me with a pure soul, and you will be ready to meet Me at your judgment.”

Jesus said: “My people, there are some people who believe a world government should run everything.  These people are quite naive to think that other people are going to take care of them.  The one world people worship Satan, and they carry out his evil orders.  These people are the money people behind the forming of the European Union and the North American Union.  They want to control everyone with chips in the body.  They are not just satisfied with controlling people with chips in their charge cards, passports, and drivers’ licenses.  These evil ones want to control your free will as a robot with chips in your body.  Avoid taking any chip in the body for any reason, and do not worship the Antichrist.  This computer chip in the body is the mark of the beast that the Antichrist will try and use to control people’s minds to do his bidding.  When these evil ones declare mandatory chips in the body, this will be a sign to come to My refuges.  This world government will control your body, if you take the chip in the body, so you would be in a hypnotized state.  These evil ones will try to force everyone to take a chip in the body, and they will try to kill those people who refuse to take it.  This is why I am having My faithful build interim and final refuges to protect them from the evil ones.  At the Warning, I will tell people not to take chips in the body, and not to worship the Antichrist.  I will also warn My faithful that they will need to come to My refuges to be protected from those people who are trying to kill them or persecute them.  Fear not these evil ones because I am stronger, and I will bring My victory over all of them.  It will be hard to live a rustic life at My refuges, but everyone will be helping one another to survive and use your individual skills.  Bring the tools of your trade to help those people at your refuge.”

Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday, May 18, 2015: (St. John I)

Jesus said: “My people, you have been preparing for the coming of the evil of the Antichrist in the tribulation for many years.  All of your preparations are about to be vindicated as you will be coming to My refuges.  All of My refuge builders have been working hard to have their places ready to receive My faithful at both the interim and final refuges.  Without My help and the angels, all of My faithful would be killed by the evil ones.  But you have My promise of protection during the tribulation.  Some will be martyred, but they will become instant saints in heaven.  During this brief reign of evil, at My refuges I want My faithful to hold a constant vigil of prayer for souls in front of My Blessed Sacrament.  As in the vision, you will need a constant flame burning in your vigil.  The evil time will come after My Warning.  Once I bring My victory over the evil ones, you will blow out this vigil candle, and be ready to enter My Era of Peace.”

Jesus said: “My son, you have been patiently waiting for your kitchen and chapel to be done, while having to live without cooking on a stove.  You will need to clean up all of your furniture and the contents from your old cupboards.  Once you are back to a normal household, do not lose your focus on making your place a refuge for people to stay and eat.  You will need your new space for tables, chairs, and some bedding.  You are securing an altar, and you will need places for books and vestments.  I will be giving you instructions as you go along.  You have obtained some beautiful things, but keep focused on your prayers, and a place for future services and prayer meetings.  You will need books for Mass and singing.  Have some Bibles with notes on where to find the readings for Mass for the three cycles.  You will need a lectern and some stands to store things.  I am asking you to keep focused on this second mission because your time for preparation is short.”

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday, May 17, 2015:

Jesus said: “My people, you have just read of how Judas was replaced with Matthias to complete the twelve apostles.  Judas betrayed Me, and he was an influence of evil at the beginning of My Church on earth.  I have been warning you of a coming division in My Church between a schismatic church and My faithful remnant.  You will see the beginnings of this division now, but after the Warning, you will see the two beasts of Revelation coming into power with the Antichrist and the False Prophet.  There will be a Christian persecution that will close the remnant churches, so you will have to have services in the homes.  After the Warning, the major events will occur that will endanger your lives.  At this point I will warn My faithful with an interior message that it is time to come to the safety of My refuges that will be guarded by My angels.  Have no fear because I will bring My victory over the brief time of the Antichrist.  Then I will bring My faithful into their reward in My Era of Peace, and later into heaven.”

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday, May 16, 2015:

Jesus said: “My people, I gave you some inspirations during Lent to pray for the poor and now earthquake victims, and even the giving of alms.  I know it is difficult to give to causes when you do not know how the money is distributed.  Do not forget the poor, and do something positive to help them.  You have some ongoing requests for donations, but you need to make the poor a higher priority in your donations.  Do not be so concerned that you may not have enough money to pay all of your bills.  I see to it that you have what you need, and I am using your financial help to assist the poor.  Have more compassion for the people who have lost their lives and their homes in Nepal.  Pray again for the souls who have died in these disaster.  The more you give in prayers and donations for charity, the more you will be rewarded.”

Jesus said: “My people, enjoy the availability of your fresh foods today, because water shortages could make your food more expensive and harder to find.  As the one world people try to take over America, you will see that you will be forced to have credit cards with chips in them by this year.  All of your smart cards, and chips in all of your documents are all part of a plan for complete control of your people.  The next stage of control will be mandatory chips in your body that would control you as a robot with no free will.  This is why I keep warning you not to take any chip in your body for any reason.  When such chips in the body, or the mark of the beast, become mandatory, this will be the time to come to My refuges.  These evil ones will try to kill any people who refuse to take a chip in the body.  This will be the beginning of the North American Union that will take away all of your rights when the Bill of Rights are cancelled.  You could also see a possible bank failure that would precipitate martial law.  My Warning experience for everyone has to occur first.  Then you will have six weeks of time for conversions.  This will be followed by events that will lead up to the declaration of the Antichrist as a brief ruler of the earth.  I will warn My faithful when it is time to come to My refuges of safety.  Trust in My power which is greater than all the plans of the evil ones.”

Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday, May 15, 2015: (St. Isidore, the farmer)

Jesus said: “My people, today’s readings show you the contrast between what My faithful suffer on earth, and the joy they will have in heaven.  Suffering pain in health problems or from persecution, is just a short time in life compared to an eternity of joy and love with Me in heaven.  The suffering you have on earth can help make up some of the punishment in purgatory for your sins.  Your earthly body is subject to health problems and your eventual death.  Your life after death will be freed from the weaknesses of the body.  Most souls, who do not go to hell, will need some purification in purgatory.  Suffering in purgatory will seem worse for your soul body, but you may have people praying for you, as you pray for the poor souls in purgatory.  Have some Masses requested in your will, or give instructions to your relatives.  My faithful are promised to be with Me one day, and you will be ecstatic to comprehend My infinite love.  Whatever suffering that you endure for My sake, will seem minor compared to eternal joy with Me in heaven.  So do not let any suffering or problems hold you down, because your spirit will be jumping for joy on the day that you come to Me forever.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a large hive of wasps and the thorny weeds in the grass, are a warning for people to avoid getting stung or suffering pain from the thorns on your skin.  When you are outside, there are things in nature that could harm you.  So you try to avoid any discomforts.  In your spiritual life you can be harmed by sin or addictions.  Avoiding occasions of sin is not always thought of because there is not an immediate pain if you make a mistake.  Certain addictions may be hard to avoid once a habit has been established.  People can get drawn into addictions without realizing it at first.  Sinful actions can also be subtle at first, but your body’s desires can cause you to sin, which could cause habitual sin to form.  Even as you are smart enough to avoid painful things in nature, so you also need to be ever alert to the devil’s temptations by avoiding any occasions of sin.  Fortunately, you have My sacrament of Reconciliation which allows you to cleanse your souls of mortal and venial sin.  My faithful should learn from their mistakes so they could avoid the same sin in the future.  It is the sins that you commit most frequently that you should work on, so you can avoid them as much as possible.  If you truly love Me, you need to avoid offending Me with any habitual sin.  Pray for My angels to help you in any weakness to sin.”

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday, May 14, 2015: (Ascension Thursday)

Jesus said: “My people, this scene of My leaving My apostles was a little somber because the apostles did not have the power of the Holy Spirit as yet.  They would receive gifts from the Holy Spirit when the flames appeared over their heads.  The apostles did not have a clear picture of what they had to do.  Just as I left the earth, now My followers would have to carry on the mission of spreading My Good News of salvation.  The apostles and St. Paul would be My missionaries once they received the flames of the Holy Spirit.  You have been reading the Acts of the Apostles and how the early Church was formed, with Me as the cornerstone.  Today, My believers are called on the same mission to spread My Good News to all the nations.  You have been empowered by Me and the Holy Spirit in Baptism and Confirmation to spread the faith.  You are to be My prayer warriors, and your first responsibility is to help bring your own family to Sunday Mass, and teach them the faith by your good example.  Some of My faithful are even called to share their faith with others by traveling to various cities and countries.  I brought the faith to My disciples, and now you all are sharing both your faith and finances to help build up My Church.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My people, in just the last few weeks you have seen thousands of people killed from two major earthquakes in Nepal.  Some also have died in a train crash, and still more in tornadoes in the Midwest.  You have been having Masses of reparation offered up for the souls who die suddenly, and they may not have clean souls to meet Me at their judgment.  I am asking you to pray daily for such souls that may not have anyone praying for them.  I have told you that a constant flow of prayers could help save such souls from hell, especially if you pray the Divine Mercy chaplet at their death.”

Jesus said: “My people, the structure of your jet streams and your geography causes a higher number of tornadoes to form in the spring in the Midwest.  You need rain, but some storms are more violent with tornadoes in them.  Most people know how to get in a basement with sufficient warning, but most of the tornadoes do not hit big cities.  These storms come quickly, and there is not always a lot of warning time.  These tornadoes can cause serious damage, and have killed some people recently.  Again, pray for the victims of these storms, and especially for those who are killed.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen some serious flooding in Texas where they have had heavy rainfalls.  This is another natural disaster that could drown people when rivers overflow in torrents of water.  It is hard to prepare for floods that happen quickly.  Since these events can threaten your lives, the best advice is to come to frequent Confession, so your soul is in a pure state, free of sin.  By being ready to die every day, then you will be ready to meet Me if you should die quickly in an accident or weather event.”

Jesus said: “My son, you have just seen over a thousand graduates at your granddaughter’s graduation exercises.  Many of these graduates will be addressing how to get a good paying job in your current economy.  You remember your own experience in trying to keep a good job.  Sometimes it takes six months to a year to obtain a good job.  You need to pray for these graduates to find work.  Many students have to deal with paying off school loans, if their parents could not pay for the tuition.  It is becoming more of a financial problem to obtain a degree in college because of the high tuition at your colleges and universities.  Keep praying for the young people to get started in their life’s occupation.”

Jesus said: “My people of America are seeing a problem for families to find jobs that pay enough to provide food and other needs for their children.  You are even seeing many young people staying with their parents until they could afford a house or an apartment.  This means that the children may need more help from the parents to get started with loans and living expenses.  Continue to pray for your families and your children as you help them where you can.”

Jesus said: “My people, novenas are powerful in helping you with any of your personal intentions.  You are seeing how many prayers are needed for families and the children.  You are also seeing many attacks on the family both from divorce and same sex marriages.  Your society is falling apart because you are allowing your family life to deteriorate by your immoral actions.  The family of a husband and wife should be the basic structure to bring up children in a loving environment.  When you have so many single parent households, this is a sign of why your country’s morality is being undermined by your sins of fornication, adultery, and prostitution.  If you do not change your ways, America could fall to the one world people as your punishment.”

Jesus said: “My people, My apostles were empowered by the Holy Spirit, as you will soon be celebrating Pentecost Sunday.  Even in your Baptism and Confirmation, you are receiving  the many gifts of the Holy Spirit.  You pray the Sign of the Cross, and your Glory Be prayers that call on the Holy Spirit to help you in life both for your earthly and spiritual needs.  Just as you call on Me and God the Father, you can also pray to the Holy Spirit to empower you with His gifts.”

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday, May 13, 2015: (Our Lady of Fatima)

Our Lady said: “My dear children, I am like a good mother as I watch over all of my children in your health problems, and your prayer requests.  I love all of you, and I want you to be faithful to your daily rosaries.  Your world is in a crisis of evil, and events will be accelerating this year, even as you are familiar with my messages at Fatima.  My son, you have been given many messages about preparing refuges for a money crash, and a possible martial law.  These safe havens will be guarded by God’s angels, and you will be protected there.  Be prepared, my children, for you will be seeing a serious evil time that is worse than you have ever seen.  Trust in my Son’s protection, and pray continuously for the saving of souls from hell.”

Jesus said: “My people, many of you are aware of a protracted drought in most of California.  Over the years the average rainfall in California has been fifteen inches per year.  In the last year or so, the rainfall has only been a few inches per year.  There are weather making microwave machines both in America and Russia.  They can be used to control the jet streams with standing high pressure areas to cause droughts, or standing low pressure areas that could cause rain and floods.  It has been measured that a high pressure area has formed off the coast of California, and this has caused all the rain storms to go around this high.  California has provided many fruits and vegetables for your country, but the farmers are having trouble getting enough water to irrigate their crops.  This has resulted in water restrictions for California as the weather machines are causing this problem.  The mountain snow that provides runoff water, is no longer present in normal quantities as seen in pictures of the mountains.  It is a question why this drought is being forced on California, but it has an evil intention if it is to cut down your food production.”

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015:

Jesus said: “My people, the one world people have their plans for a takeover of America, but they do not control My Divine intervention.  By My postponing the Warning, I am putting off their schedule for a takeover.  I am allowing My refuge builders to have time to finish their refuges.  The Warning will give every sinner an opportunity to repent and seek My forgiveness.  I will also give people six weeks time for conversion after the Warning, and an opportunity to improve their spiritual lives.  After the Warning, people will know that they can only come to heaven through Me.  All sinners will know true right from wrong, and they will be more responsible for their sins that offend Me.  The more information you have, the more reason you have to love Me.  I am reaching out to save as many souls as possible, so My Warning will be a wake-up call in your life reviews.  I am greater than all the evil ones, and I will be victorious over all of their plans.  Evil will have its hour, but it will be brief before I cast this evil lot into the eternal flames of hell.”

Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday, May 11, 2015:

Jesus said: “My son, just as you read of St. Paul’s teaching of the people, I have asked you to spread My Word as well.  Even if you are tested with health problems or travel difficulties,  I want you to remain faithful to your mission of preparing My people for the coming tribulation.  I will give you the grace and the power of the Holy Spirit to speak My words of love and comfort to My people.  The people of faith need My words of encouragement to bear the struggles of life, despite the evil in the world.  My people need to put their full trust in Me that I will lead them and protect them for what is to come.  You will see a Christian persecution where some people will be martyred, and the rest of My faithful will be protected at My refuges.  You are preparing your  place of safety that will be guarded by My angels against any evil ones.  This time of trial will be shortened for the sake of My elect.  So go forth to carry out your missions in full confidence of My help and My Presence by your side.”

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday, May 10, 2015: (Mother’s Day)

Jesus said: “My people, today’s Gospel invites you to share in My love because I am perfect love.  This love is even expressed in My Commandment of loving Me and loving your neighbor as yourself.  You are living in a world that has little love, and your society focuses more on earthly things than on the things of heaven.  When you love your spouse and family, this is a pure love of the people who are close to you.  When you love Me, it is on a higher level which is a spiritual love for the One who died for your sins to be forgiven.  I love My people so much that I want you to know you are living in My Presence at all times.  I will never leave you, and I am always at your side to help you and hear your prayer requests.  I shower each of you with My love, My grace, and My mercy.  I only pray that you love Me and that you abide by My laws.  You show your love and thanks to Me by your good works to your neighbor, and by your daily prayer life.  When you experience My love relationship, you want to share My love with everyone.  By spreading My love, you can counter all the hate and killings in your world.  My faithful are beacons of light and love, and you diminish the darkness of sin and evil in the world.”

Our Lady said: “My dear children, today’s readings are all about love, especially for all the mothers and grandmothers.  I am your Blessed Mother, and I bring you to the love of my Son, Jesus.  At the foot of the cross my Son gave me over to St. John as his mother, and I became the Blessed Mother of all God’s children.  The Scriptures and the prophets prepared the way for my Son’s coming.  All the prophesies had to be fulfilled.  I also bring you to the love of my Son in the Host of His Blessed Sacrament.  Jesus is always present to you in His Eucharist.  Give glory and praise to Him for all that He does for you everyday.  You  can also give your prayer requests to me, and I will intercede for you because He always listens to His Blessed Mother.”