Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday, July 10, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, I healed many people of various diseases and afflictions, and this was amazing to the people of Israel. When I showed My power over the demons, the people had more trouble in understanding My power as the Son of God. They even accused Me of being the prince of demons, but I told them that Satan’s kingdom would fall if it was so divided. Some of the people could not understand how a man could have power over the evil spirits. They did not realize that I was God, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. All things, people, and spirits are under My power and authority. The evil spirits know who I am, and they sometimes even admitted this in words that people could hear, but I rebuked them. Healing people, raising people from the dead, multiplying food, calming the storms, and even resurrecting from the dead are all signs of My power as God. Many came to believe in Me because of the miracles that I performed. My main mission was to bring salvation to all souls by My eventual sacrifice on the cross. I taught My apostles in My sermons and parables of how to live a life worthy of heaven in obeying My Commandments. I sent My apostles out to preach the Good News of My Resurrection and salvation by My sacrifice. I even mentioned in today’s Gospel to pray to the harvest master in Me to send out more laborers to harvest the souls for heaven. My people of today also need to pray for vocations to the priesthood. I call many souls to the religious life, and you need to nurture and encourage these men, instead of rejecting their call by having them seek other earthly professions. My priests and lay ministers are helping to direct souls to conversion, so encourage these people to bring souls to Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, there are many people both in your country and abroad that depend on your corn crop and other grains. The hot temperatures are drying out your crops, and with a lower rainfall many crops are going to be lost without irrigation to provide water. If the output of crops is low, then there will be rationing to all the customers. If you start to see a famine or food shortage, this will fit the world famine that I have tried to prepare you for. Those, who have food, should share it with their relatives and friends. The problem will come when some people cannot get their own food, and they will try and steal it from others or from their fields. This is where violence with guns will make it dangerous for the lives of My faithful. If you are not threatened, then I will multiply your food while you are at your homes. If people start killing for food, then it will be time to come to My refuges for protection. Have no fear because there will always be enough to eat for all of My faithful who come to My refuges. Again, food will be multiplied at My refuges so you will not go hungry, even with a world famine. As your crops are endangered, you will appreciate the value of your farmers more, and the sun and rain that I provide to grow your crops. Pray for your farmers, and pray that the people will find enough food to survive.”

Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday, July 9, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, if today’s Gospel from Matthew (9:18-26) sounds familiar, it is because you heard a longer version of this account a week ago on Sunday from Mark (5:21-43). In this account from Matthew the little girl of twelve was already dead when the ruler asked Me to bring her back to life. This is very similar in Luke (8:40-56). When raising a girl from death and a woman being healed from her bleeding is mentioned in three Gospels, this underlines the importance of these readings. In Mark’s and Luke’s account the ruler of the synagogue, Jairus, was encouraged to have faith in his daughter being raised to life. (Mark 5:36) ‘Do not be afraid, only have faith.’ The main message is the faith of Jairus to have his daughter restored to life, and the faith of the woman who desired to be cured of her bleeding by touching My tassel. I had many miracles of healing people from their afflictions, but only a few accounts of bringing people back to life. It was My restoring life to Lazarus that was one of the reasons that the Jewish leaders wanted to kill Me and Lazarus. Too many people were converting to Christianity, and the Jewish leaders felt threatened in their positions of authority. Be attentive to other important readings as well that are found in multiple accounts of the Gospel writers.”

Jesus said: “My people, beware of the darkness where the demons and the Antichrist hide their treachery. There will be a division in My Church between a schismatic church and My faithful remnant. The Masons and the one world people will find a way to control the churches. This schismatic church will teach New Age principles and they will try to deceive even My elect. I will warn My faithful to have meetings in secret, and My angels will help My faithful to discern who is true and who is false. After My Warning, you will know My faithful by the cross visible on their foreheads. Those, who do not bear My cross on the forehead, will be the evil ones who have taken the mark of the beast after the Warning. When the lives of My faithful are in danger, I will warn them that it is time to leave for My refuges. Rejoice in the protection of My angels at My refuges. Your guardian angels will guide you to My nearest refuge where you will be protected, and I will provide for your needs. This is an exciting time to be alive when My faithful will be separated from the evil ones. Some of My people will be martyred for their faith, but they will be rewarded with instant sainthood in heaven. Trust in Me to guard your faith, but you must stay close to Me in prayer and My sacraments. Your sacramentals and My angels will be your shield, and not any physical weapons.”

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday, July 8, 2012:
Jesus said: “My son, these readings are very appropriate for you because you have to deal with people and family in your hometown as well. The word ‘prophet’ can be used to mean teacher, or it can mean your situation where you are receiving messages from Me. I have told you before that you need to stay close to Me in your daily prayers, Mass, and Communion. Coming to Me in Adoration and at Mass has enabled Me to share My messages with you. I am showing you a dark room as a confessional because being humble and coming to frequent Confession are also a part of your life. Some people may criticize you for My words in My messages because they do not believe that I am giving them to you, or they are offended with the words. It is not easy to live a holy life, so you need to work on your actions to give good example. I was rejected in My hometown, and many times My words of changing people’s lives were hard to accept because it means giving up sinful pleasures. Giving messages on the end times of the Antichrist and refuges is even harder for people to accept, but it is the mission that I am calling you to do in order to prepare souls for the coming tribulation. Many things that you have warned people about, are happening now, and they cannot be denied. Stay true to your mission of telling people how to follow My Commandments of love in order to save souls. Many prophets have been criticized, and I have asked you not to make any defense, but believe in My words. Some prophets have even had to hide from being killed because the people do not want to hear My words of judgment against their country for its sins. Preaching a message of repentance is not going to be a popular message, but it is still a message which you need to keep proclaiming, even if your life is threatened. Call on your angel and My angels to protect you at your talks and in your travel. I thank you for answering My call to this ministry.”

Jesus said: “My people, this year the Olympics will be held in London, England. (July 27 to August 12) Already some terrorists have been captured with weapons. This vision of an attack once the Olympics are underway, is a plan by several terrorist cells to disrupt the Olympics and kill some people. They will try to deploy explosives wherever they can find a weak link in the heightened security. This is not the first time that such attacks have been made. Several incidents have occurred at other Olympic sites in previous years. Metal detectors and some search devices may be used to check people entering where the games are played. You have seen bombs in buses and other transportation before, so attacks could come from many directions. Security for so many people will be a major undertaking. Pray that any possible terrorists could be stopped from killing anyone.”

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday, July 7, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, the Gospel talked about fasting when the Pharisees questioned why My disciples did not fast. I told the Pharisees that My apostles would fast when I leave them. Many people pray to Me for their special intentions of illnesses or financial problems. The most important intention is praying for the conversion of sinners. It is the saving of souls that is most important because the souls are the real treasure of this life. In addition to your prayers, fasting is also a means of petition. Fasting and prayer together are even more powerful in having your intentions answered. In the vision there are some who are more focused on gaining riches instead of prayer and fasting for souls. You can pray for the souls in purgatory as well as for the souls who are living. If you are preparing for the end times, there are some who are exchanging their dollars for gold and silver because of a threat to the stability of paper money. Having stored food to share and some means for barter, may help you until you are able to come to My refuges at the proper time.”

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012: (St. Maria Goretti)
Jesus said: “My people, I chose My apostles from many walks of life, and Levi was a tax collector to whom I gave the name Matthew when he decided to follow Me. When I went to his house for dinner, there were many tax collectors and sinners there. The Scribes and Pharisees asked My apostles: ‘Why does your Master eat and drink with tax collectors and sinners?’ In answer to them I confounded them when I said: ‘The healthy people do not need a physician, but the sick do.’ I came to call sinners to conversion, and not the self-righteous. In My eyes all of the people are sinners, but many do not want to admit it. It is the humble of heart that know they are not worthy of heaven by their own merits. Only those, who are purified, are worthy of entering heaven. You must strive for perfection, and you can only be purified by My help, and the Blood of My perfect sacrifice. I offer all peoples an opportunity for salvation, but you must come to Me and repent of your sins, and ask for My forgiveness. I have given you My sacrament of Penance where you can come to Me when you go to the priest in Confession. Once you confess your sins, I can release you from the bonds of your sins, and grant you My grace to renew your soul. I invite all sinners to cleanse their souls, and come to My Eucharistic banquet at Mass to share My dinner. Unless you eat My Body and drink My Blood, you cannot have eternal life.”

Jesus said: “My people, My angels are praising Me constantly at every tabernacle on earth. Even if people do not visit Me in My tabernacle, My angels are always keeping company with Me all day long. You are being graced to see My angels at My tabernacle in the vision because they are spirits who you cannot see normally. When you see these angels giving Me praise, this is another proof to you that I am truly present in every consecrated Host. My Hosts appear as bread, but you have My Body present just the same. My Blessed Sacrament is a source of grace to you in Holy Communion, and you receive graces for making holy hours in adoring Me and praising Me. I have told you many times that My faithful adorers, who visit Me regularly, are very close to Me, and they have a special place in My Sacred Heart. Many of you make special trips to come and pray before Me, and I will store your treasure in heaven for the day of your judgment. Because you are familiar with Me, and I know the sincerity of your faith in Me, you are assured of coming to heaven. Woe to those, who do not know Me, since they will not enter heaven because they did not love Me, and they did not follow My Commandments.”

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, you have seen people crying at funerals over the loss of their relatives. You have seen others crying over the loss of their homes in the fires and the wind storms. In the vision you are seeing a different sorrow when the people of Israel were weeping at the exile of their nation. The Israelite kings were in error when they worshiped Baal and other pagan gods instead of Me. Then when I sent them prophets to warn the nation to repent and change their sinful lives, the people of Israel did not want to hear the words of Amos and Elijah. They actually sought out My prophets to kill them. Then I brought My justice upon Israel, and they were exiled for over seventy years in Babylon. This is when the people of Israel wept over the loss of their country. Today, My prophets are again warning America to repent and change your ways, or you too will be visited by My judgment for your abortions and same sex marriages. You have seen this same message of a coming judgment being given by many people from even different faiths, but still the people of America are not changing their sinful lifestyles. Again the people do not want to hear any critical words from today’s prophets either, and the lives of My prophets could be in danger. Yet if a nation does not repent, it will face the wrath of My judgment. Just as the people of Israel wept over the loss of their nation, even so, the people of America will also be crying at your loss if you do not change your ways.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, many of you have just attended your child’s or your grandchild’s graduation, but it will be difficult for them to find a job, even with a college education. Your country has allowed your corporations to send jobs overseas for cheaper labor, and then they bring these products back here to be sold at full price. Because of this drain of jobs, many of your American workers remain unemployed. Unless your employers can have a fair playing field in competing for jobs, you will continue to have a high unemployment rate. Pray for your employers that they will be able to employ your sons, daughters, and grandchildren.”

Jesus said: “My people, if your community colleges can offer an education at a reasonable price, why are your other colleges and universities charging such an exorbitant tuition and fees? It is already difficult for a family to support their children in college, even with all the aid programs that are available. With such a high cost for a degree, it will be even harder to pay off the school loans with the jobs that are available. Pray for a means to find a cheaper tuition so most people will have an opportunity to obtain a degree.”

Jesus said: “My people, you realize how important it is to have a trade or a degree in some profession so people can be prepared for the work force. It is the public funded state schools that are becoming the cheapest source for obtaining degrees, in addition to correspondence classes. If you want your people to be educated, then some public supported schools may be the best way to support these colleges. Colleges and universities could also encourage intern jobs to provide a labor force that companies can use for on the job training. If schools and companies could interact more, then they could find the trained workers that they desire without bringing in workers from other countries.”

Jesus said: “My people, most of your jobs come from the private sector that does not require any government help. It is the increasing regulations, taxes, and the new Health Care costs that are making it more difficult for small businesses to provide more jobs for your economy. It also is hard to hire more workers when you are seeing such a slow recovery from your recession. Pray that government and business can work together to solve your employment problems instead of fighting against each other.”

Jesus said: “My people of America, you have been used to having your freedoms for so long that you do not realize what it would be like to live in a condition of slave labor. China has provided cheap labor, but your corporations are allowing that government to take advantage of slave labor. These people in China should be allowed to receive a wage that could afford a reasonable living. By your corporations condoning slave labor, you are forcing these people to work for low wages at the expense of American workers. Pray for a resolution of this problem that exploits slave labor.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing a breakdown in your society when your families are not teaching the faith to their children. With the closing of many Catholic schools, the children are not receiving the proper training that would help them to come to know and love Me. When the young children stop coming to church, then the faithful will lose its future members. Pray that your parents will be more vigilant in teaching the faith, and giving good example by their coming to Sunday Mass as well.”

Camille said: “I am doing what I can to wake up my family to come to Mass and Confession. The reason that you have seen me more active, is because your time to improve and change your lives is growing short. You have little time left before major events are going to limit people’s opportunity to convert their lives. You know in your messages how time is running out, so encourage your family members to act quickly while they still have time to change.”

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012: (Independence Day)
Jesus said: “My people, many of your early documents honored Me, and the reason that people came here, was to have religious freedom to worship Me in the way they wanted. Now you have a few atheists demanding that you cannot pray in your schools or they would be offended. Even your books, coins, and other public places are being forced to remove My name. Your country was founded on Godly principles as a republic, but now you are accentuating a controlling democracy where the masons and the one world people are dictating their Godless rules to you. You are having to struggle for your religious freedoms that your President’s edicts and czars are trying to remove. Your true independence is being threatened, but only a few are fighting back against your current rulers. Because My Name is being stricken from your society, and many are falling away from their faith in Me, you will see a judgment fall against your country. You are being punished for denying your dependence on Me, and you are not repenting of your sins and idol worship. When your country falls to the one world people, you will truly see how you had such freedoms with My help. When you refuse My help and My blessings, you will fall like a rock because you are depending only on your own strength, which is nothing without Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, smoking cigarettes is a bad habit that can become an addiction. Cigarettes are heavily taxed and this smoking can be expensive, and it can cause lung cancer. People who smoke do not realize how second hand smoke can be offensive and harmful to people around them. It is not easy to stop smoking, just as it is difficult to break other addictions as drugs or drinking alcoholic drinks. Many of these substance abuses can affect the liver or other parts of the body as the brain. These things are all unnatural to your body, and you would be well not to start any of these addictions. Remember that most addictions have a demon associated with them, and it is sinful to purposely harm your body for such pleasures. The bigger problem is that under the influence of drugs and drinking, you do not have full control of your actions, and you could harm people in bad driving or by your behavior. There are many people that have these addictions, and they are hard to stop. A person needs to have the desire to stop, and seek help in clinics that may help that person break any bad habits. Pray for all of these people with addictions that they may desire to break their addictions in order to save their health and allow for the safety of others.”

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012: (St. Thomas, 47th Wedding Anniversary)
Jesus said: “My people, today’s feast of St. Thomas is in today’s Gospel when I made sure that his faith was certain by asking him to put his finger into My hands and feet, and his hand into My side. In doing so he exclaimed: ‘My Lord and My God’ which is what you say at the Consecration of the bread and wine into My Body and Blood. This belief in My Real Presence is a testimony to your true belief in My words. This is why I said: ‘Blessed are those who believe and have not seen Me in the flesh.’ This day is also your 47th wedding anniversary, and you saw a flashback of when your children were very young. It is in those earlier moments which are contrasted to seeing your grandchildren, that you realize how time passes more quickly than your realize. Your time on earth is short, so you have to make the most of every day of your life. When you face Me at your judgment, you will have to make an accounting for all of your time on earth. Keep your focus on Me throughout your life, and you will be well along on your path to heaven. Congratulations to you and your family on your 47th wedding anniversary.”

Jesus said: “My people, a good number of your states are still trying to determine how many new expenses they will have to pay for when all the new people sign up for this new Health insurance plan. It is hard to know if there will be a political fight over the funding of this new law. Many employers may stop funding health insurance plans and let the government pay for the insurance. There will still be problems in finding enough doctors to serve the new patients. If the doctors are not paid appropriately for their services, they may choose not to take new patients or move out of your country. There will be more battles over religious freedoms and possible mandatory chips in the body. Depending on the outcome of the elections, this law or parts of it could be repealed. Now that the mandate is considered a tax, there could be some implications that more people will be against this law. This law was forced on the people by one party without the Congress people even reading the bill. Because of all the problems caused by this law, you could see some serious divisions between your states and your government. Pray for peace in your country, but this will be debated for some time.”

Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, I know that your lives can be complicated in your modern world, but every day you need to plan your events so that you leave some time for Me in prayer and meditation. You need time for working, sleeping, and taking care of your family, but you should offer up all that you do to Me, so all of your work becomes a prayer. If you really are intent on doing something, you make it a priority for your time. Do not try and plan so many events in a day that you could never finish them. There are necessary things to do, but having adequate time for prayer should be one of them. Helping people with good works are like prayers in showing your love for Me in others. You should also think about giving your will over to My Divine Will so you can follow My plan for your life instead of your own will. Be careful not to load up your schedule with unnecessary busy work that you do not need in your life. I am the center of your life, and you need to be ready any day to meet Me at your judgment at death. This life is about serving Me, and a test of your faith in Me. Your goal is to be with Me in heaven, so let heavenly things be your focus more than earthly things and pleasures.”

Jesus said: “My people, I told you that you could see a major earthquake soon that could change the geography of your Western coastline. This split will occur down the San Andreas fault line in California. I have shown you before how San Francisco will be thrown into the ocean, and it will be destroyed as a punishment for the sinful lifestyle of the people of this city. This will be such a major event that it could trigger other disasters to cause a national martial law. Whenever you see such a major disaster, be ready to pack up your things to leave for My refuges once I warn you that it is time to leave. Such events could be caused by a man-made device, so I have warned you to be prepared by having food stored with your refuge things ready to leave. Trust in Me to protect My faithful at My refuges so you can survive the coming tribulation. Evil will have a brief reign before I will bring My victory against all of the evil ones.”

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, today’s Gospel was an unusual healing of raising a twelve year old girl from the dead. (Mark 5:21-43) Jairus had faith that I could heal his daughter, but the people did not want to trouble Me further when she died. Even though the people criticized Me when I said she was only asleep, I then put them out, and I raised the daughter to life again. The people were astounded, and they believed in Me more. There are several instances in the Bible where people were raised from the dead, even as I raised Lazarus as well. But I was the only One to rise from the dead on My own, and in a glorified Body. I showed My glorified Body to My apostles at My Transfiguration on Mt. Tabor as a preview to My Resurrection. My worthy faithful will have to wait until the last judgment in order to see their glorified bodies when they will be resurrected. My Resurrection is the hope that I give every soul if they are true to My Commandments. Rejoice in My promise of salvation that will be My reward for those who are faithful to Me.”