Thursday, January 28, 2010: (St. Thomas Aquinas)

Jesus said: “My people, I have invited My faithful to take time to visit Me in My Blessed Sacrament in contemplative prayer. After you receive Me in Holy Communion at Mass, you usually do not have a lot of quiet time to hear My words to your heart. That is why at Adoration you have more time for meditation and listening to what I want you to do. Also, your time in Adoration of My Blessed Sacrament is a preparation for what it will be like in heaven as My saints and angels are always praising Me in song and adoration. Give thanks to Me for My two great gifts of My salvation in My death on the cross, and My Real Presence in My Blessed Sacrament. My sacraments are the fullness of the faith that are missing in other religions. So enjoy this intimate closeness with Me that you have in My Blessed Sacrament.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My people, it has been a tragedy in Haiti where many have lost their lives in the rubble from the earthquake. Another tragedy is how many young children, who were fortunate to survive, are now orphans because their parents have either died or they have been separated from each other. Some orphans have been adopted in America, but the rest will need help to continue surviving. Pray for these people and continue your donations for their basic needs.”

Jesus said: “My people, driving in blizzard snow is very risky, and you have seen some major pileups in your recent storms. Sometimes it may be better to avoid driving in real bad weather if it can be put off. Pray for the safety of your workers who have to battle the storms to make a living. Living in the North has its trials in dealing with the snow, ice, and windy cold.”

Jesus said: “My people, at times wearing gold jewelry may be tempting someone to steal any valuable jewelry. You have seen such theft in Venezuela on one of your trips to Betania. In certain places it is prudent not to wear such an expensive necklace. You have noticed how many are turning in their gold things because they are more valuable now. The gold maintains its buying power, but it is your dollar that is losing its value. When commodities such as gold increase in price rapidly, then you can see how quickly your dollar’s value is deteriorating due to your rising deficits. Trust in Me more than any of your valuables.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is this time of year that many start taking vacations in warmer climates. Older people or retirees have more opportunity to live down in the Southern states in the winter. Those, who endure the winter cold and snow are hearty and may not have the time or money to travel to the South. Every area of your country has its risks to live in. The South must bear hot summers and possible hurricanes. The North has its cold, and the West endures fires, mud slides, and earthquakes. Pray that you live in as safe an area as possible. Offer up your pain and suffering for souls, as everyone is tested by trials in this life.”

Jesus said: “My people, at times in history you are blessed with some gifted doctors of the Church in their writings. St. Thomas has left you with many valuable books and even some beautiful hymns to honor My Blessed Sacrament. You sing these hymns often at Adoration, as St. Thomas had a great love for Me in My Divinity. When you come to heaven, you will hear all kinds of beautiful music that gives honor and glory to Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, your business people are always using various holidays and occasions to sell their goods to those who prepare for these special days. Earthly love is part of your St. Valentine celebration. Marital love is a needed cornerstone for your families which are under attack in your society. Many enjoy a good love story and it is good to see couples in love getting married. There is also a spiritual love for Me and your neighbor. Think of sharing valentines of love with Me as I show My love for you as well.”

Jesus said: “My people, think of how the world glorifies earthly things in this world with all of your high profile advertising. Your businesses try to entice you to buy many things that you do not need, and these things do not make you happy just to own them. The real valuable things are those gifts from heaven as life itself and your faith. Desiring to lead good lives in preparation for heaven is a lot more rewarding than buying the latest things being advertised. Helping your neighbor with food, clothing, and shelter is again more rewarding than keeping your wealth just for yourself. Loving and sharing is what you should be doing instead of focusing on just your earthly desires.”