Sunday, September 30, 2007: (Rich man Divies, Lazarus)

Jesus said: “My people, all of you have free will and you have a choice to either serve Me or serve yourself.  In this generation of riches in America you are blessed with plenty of food, and an abundance of comforts in your heating, cooling, transportation, and many electronic devices.  But these things of the world should not become goals, priorities, or idols in themselves.  You are stewards of all of your accumulated wealth and possessions, but you have responsibilities for all of My gifts in that you use them correctly for My glory.  Do not pride yourself in your accomplishments and rewards for your works, but thank Me for all the skills that you have and the opportunities to have jobs to pay your bills.  There are many people in this world who are poor like Lazarus and they are in need of your help to have the necessities of life to survive.  So be willing to serve Me in charity as well as your neighbor, and do not be selfish with your physical treasure or your spiritual gifts of faith.  Any charity of time or money, that you share with others, is like giving Me thanks for all the gifts that I have given you.  Give freely of what you have, and you will gain a greater treasure in heaven for your kindness and thoughtfulness.  Be a cheerful giver and do not give charity expecting anything in return.  I assure you if you are repaid on earth, it will diminish any gain of treasure in heaven.  Do everything out of love for Me, and this love will flow over into loving your neighbor.”

Saturday, September 29, 2007

St. Therese said: “My son, you are seeing a beautiful picture of the cross of my Jesus on the window of this house.  In the vision you are seeing many roses which is a sign of my presence.  Then you saw my very image holding a cross with my roses.  I love all of you so much and the saints of heaven and I are watching over you.  Remember to pray to us as intercessors for your petitions.  You know how I have tried to help you in the past.  The angels also are all around you and they are protecting you from the evil ones.  Call on Jesus and He will send many angels to protect you in your trials.  Just as you see me carrying the cross of Jesus, so you should be willing to carry your own cross.  Continue to show your great love for my Savior, Jesus, and He will walk with you in all of your suffering.”
(Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael) St. Michael, the archangel, said: “I am Michael who stands before God.  In the vision you are seeing many angels in the church.  They are always praising God in the tabernacle or in Adoration.  After the reception of Holy Communion the angels are all around every soul who received Communion, and they are praising God in your souls.  The other part of this vision is showing you the coming great battle of Armageddon on earth between the angels of heaven and the demons from hell.  When you are beset by temptations or evil attacks of the demons, you can call on Jesus’ Name and pray my prayer of exorcism, and these demons will leave you.  Call on our help at any time, and we will support you against any evil.  Even when you meet people in mortal sin or possessed people, we angels are more powerful than these demons, and these people and demons will have no power over you.  Even by praying as a group, you can pray prayers of deliverance for binding any evil spirits to the foot of Jesus’ cross, and never to return to that soul.  Pray every day for angel protection in all that you do, and we will be there for your help against any evil around you.”
Jesus said: “My people, I am grateful to this prayer group for all of their prayers, sufferings, and offering of Masses for poor sinners and the souls in purgatory.  They are storing up great treasures in heaven for all of their good works.  This is a great commitment of love and time to serve those who need your prayers in order to enter heaven.  These poor souls need prayers from everyone, so encourage everyone to pray for these intentions.”

Friday, September 28, 2007: (St. Wenceslaus)

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a butterfly is to show you how all of My faithful will be changed into a new life after your own resurrection.  You know how the caterpillar goes through a metamorphosis change into a butterfly of beauty.  Even as I was incarnated as a man, I was called a ‘Worm of a Man’ in the Scriptures.  The apostles were asked who I was.  St. Peter responded that I was the Christ, the Son of the Living God.  Each of you must make this same proclamation in public to all the nations.  Be willing to share My ‘Good News’ that I died for your sins, and on the third day I resurrected into My glorified Body.  This is how I have gone before all of My faithful as an example of how one day, all of you will be reunited with your glorified body in your resurrection.  You will also be like this new butterfly when you will be transformed from your earthly life into a heavenly creation that will last forever.  Even in Betania you witnessed a sign of My Blessed Mother in the blue butterfly that you saw representing her presence.  Give glory and praise to God for allowing all of you to have this spiritual transformation to be with Me forever in heaven.”

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, this is an appearance with My crown representing My Kingship over all the earth.  I am your heavenly king and I have brought the Kingdom of God upon you.  I ask that you consecrate yourselves to Me each day, and give honor, glory, and praise in worship of your Lord and Master.  When I sacrificed My Body and Blood for all of mankind’s sins, I became your Savior and I opened up the gates of heaven so that all, who are worthy, may enter.  Let Me be first in your life over all of your earthly activities.  Only when you are at Mass in Communion with Me, are you united entirely with My Real Presence.  Let Me be your first priority in your life as you serve Me and your neighbor in love.  Follow My Commandments and follow the mission that I have specifically given each of you.  I give you the graces to endure your trials and the graces to evangelize souls for saving them from hell, so they can be with Me in heaven.  Give praise and glory to your king every day because I am at your side always, awaiting your call for My help.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have talked to you of the tribulation time as a modern day Exodus.  You remember the story of the Exodus when Moses led thousands of Israelites out into the desert in search of the Promised Land.  They roamed through the desert for forty years, yet I provided them with water and food in the manna and quail.  In this coming modern day Exodus My faithful remnant will also find water, manna, and deer meat.  There will be thousands coming to each refuge and I will multiply the water, food, and dwellings to accommodate everyone with their needs.  Have faith and believe in My miracles, and you will see Me do the impossible for My faithful.  So do not have any fear of the evil ones, for I will protect you from any harm, and the evil ones will not be able to see you.”

Wednesday, September 26, 2007: (St. Cosmas & Damian)

Jesus said:  “My people, this simple dwelling of a home is how I want you to live in humble faith.  Living simply means that you do not do things to show off to others, but it means living in total consecration to Me in full obedience to My ways and not man’s ways.  I called My apostles to go out and evangelize all nations to the presence of My Kingdom.  I wanted them to live simply by not taking a lot of baggage, and depend entirely on Me in full trust that I would provide for them.  Those, who evangelize souls, are worth their keep to be supported by those who welcome them into their town.  Those, who persecute My evangelists, will be dealt with in My justice.  My disciples will shake the dust of that town from their feet in testimony against them.  Just as I called My apostles to proclaim the Kingdom of God, so I call on all of My faithful to reach out and share your faith with others.  Proclaim My Kingdom and call people to conversion in the repenting of their sins.  Do not have any worry, nor be anxious if people reject My message, but be faithful to your mission of offering My invitation of love to all souls.  By doing your work, you will have fulfilled your responsibility to bring My Word to the people.  It will then be their responsibility to accept My Word and live by it in their actions.”

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading you have read how the people were directed by God and King Darius to reconstruct the temple in Jerusalem after they returned from exile back to Israel.  In the Holy of Holies sanctuary they stored the Ark of the Covenant with the Ten Commandments from Moses, and the Torah.  This is where the priests gave incense every day.  Today, in your churches, you have another Holy of Holies in My tabernacles that contain My Real Presence in the Hosts of My Blessed Sacrament.  When you come to daily Mass or visit My Blessed Sacrament, you are also giving Me praise and glory, even as the angels and saints sing My praises constantly in heaven.  Every day is a gift to you, so thank Me for your very life and the opportunity to do more good deeds to serve Me for My greater glory.  I love all of you so much, and when you come together at daily Mass, you are sharing your love with Me and your neighbor.  Also in the Gospel I said blessed are those who hear the Word of God and act on it.  So My faithful must reach out to all sinners in all the nations to bring them My Good News, and invite them to conversion of their sins.  Saving souls should be your first priority.”
Jesus said: “My people, you know that I want to help everyone to have an opportunity to be saved and come to heaven.  The coming Warning experience is an example of My mercy to show everyone their sinful ways and to show them how to turn around their lives.  You will see Me at a mini-judgment and I will let you know that you can only come to heaven through Me.  Some will be sorrowful for offending Me, and they will seek out a priest to confess their sins.  I have told you before that everyone will be warned not to take the mark of the beast, or a computer chip in your body.  Also, you are not  to worship the Antichrist because it is against My First Commandment.  Now you are asking how will people know enough to seek out refuges during this time of evil.  I will offer everyone an opportunity to call on Me for protection.  I will not force their free will, but help will be available in your guardian angels to lead you to places of refuge to protect you from the evil ones.  People will have to put their faith and trust in Me and I will do the impossible for each person who believes in Me.”

Monday, September 24, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, this light from the candle and the sunlight all represent Me as the Light of the World.  My words are true and the Truth of My Good News will set you free of your sins.  Focus on My Light of faith, and the Gospel tells you not to put a bushel basket over this Light, but to witness to My Light of truth.  Do not be embarrassed to share your faith with others, but be willing to shout it from the roof tops without any fear of criticism or persecution.  You have a deep love for Me, and it is your mission to share this fervor of love with your neighbor.  You know of the threat of Satan to souls, and you need to reach out to save them from hell by your evangelization efforts.  Be prepared to say your grace before meals in restaurants.  Be able to speak out against abortion, living together, and homosexual acts.  All of these stands are not popular in society, but you need to be more spiritually correct in your actions, instead of the world’s politically correct which would have you be silent on the subject of religion.  You cannot be quiet about your love for Me if you aspire to sainthood in heaven.  Many saints spoke out in defense of their faith, even when it meant that they could be martyred for doing so.  Anything, that you suffer for spreading My Kingdom on earth, will bring you a great reward in heaven.”
Jesus said: “My people, this old cash register is to show you the evolution of your money.  Originally, your money was gold and silver which had an intrinsic value of its own.  You then went to gold and silver paper certificates.  This became a Federal note or promise to pay without any real value tied to it.  You then developed checks, charge cards, and now smart cards.  The chips in the body will be next as you are now controlled by your money instead of you controlling the money.  This is how the central bankers have come to own your government through its debts and over budget spending.  You have gone from bartering with real money to owed money with no backing and a freedom for the bankers to print as much money as they want and similar uncontrolled credit.  It is no wonder that you have inflation with the dollar losing value as your debts exceed your assets.  Now you know how much you are already controlled by the central bankers and how they control your government by the purse strings.  Refuse to take any chips in your body that could control your mind, even if the authorities take all of your money or threaten to kill you.  This will be the mark of the beast mentioned in the Scriptures.  When they make it mandatory for chips in the body, it will be time to go to the refuges.  This transition to total control of your buying and selling is very near, so be prepared to leave at any time.”

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel (Luke 16:1-13) there is a mention of your earthly wealth as dishonest wealth.  This is truly the case in situations where evil men are dishonest in fraudulently stealing money from others.  Even in your own Federal Reserve Banking System your central bankers create money out of thin air in claiming bond values that exist only by the stroke of a pen.  They create wars and profit from selling arms and the interest on these war debts.  Some earn their money properly, but a good share are cheating even as the Israelites did in the first reading by fixing their scales.  There is another kind of true wealth which is the treasure in heaven that you store up for all of your good deeds that you are not repaid for.  All of your prayers, evangelization efforts, and teachings of My Word are storing up your reward in heaven, even as this gold box indicates in the vision.  Those, who idolize their earthly treasure in money, property, and possessions, are making gods out of this earthly, dishonest wealth.  But those, who are more concerned with serving Me in prayers, love, and good deeds, are praising and worshiping Me.  These people will receive true wealth in their reward in heaven.  (Luke 12:33,34) ‘Sell what you have and give alms.  Make for yourselves purses that do not grow old, a treasure unfailing in heaven, where neither thief draws near, nor moth destroys.  For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.’”
Jesus said: “My people, everything that you see in this world is passing away, including what you call money.  Even in today’s Gospel I am asking you to use this dishonest money to help others so you can put treasure in heaven.  (Luke 16:9) ‘I tell you, make friends for yourselves with dishonest wealth, so that when it fails, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings.’  You have poor people and your own friends and relatives that could benefit from your charity, both for money, time, and even prayers.  Whenever you help a poor person, you will receive even more graces because they cannot pay you back.  Many times people commit sins of omission when I give them opportunities to give charity to poor people in money or time, but they refuse to help them.  You should always be open in your heart out of love to help your neighbor in need, even when you do not know them.  I love all of you very much and I lavish you with many gifts, both spiritual and temporal.  Just as I share everything with you, so you should be willing to share with others from all that you have without being selfish with your possessions.  All of the charity money that you donate will be more valuable to the poor person and more valuable to you as treasure in heaven.  Share with others in prayers, faith, charity, and good deeds, and your treasure in heaven will last forever.”

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, each season of the year has its own testings in severe weather.  This large black tube leading to a house is a sign of the time of refuge in the winter time when it will be difficult to heat and keep warm.  I have advised you to have extra food and extra fuels because you could find it difficult to get to the store and find fuel if you lose power.  Be prepared for difficult weather this winter.  This sign of a refuge and a severe winter is showing you how difficult it will be when you have to suffer through a winter during the tribulation time.  Pray for My protection and My multiplication of your food and your fuel when you need it most.  Remember also to have warm clothing and blankets for this time of cold weather.  Have no fear of these trials because I will provide for your needs, but you will still have to suffer through this time.”

Friday, September 21, 2007: (St. Matthew)

Jesus said: “My people, today you celebrate the feast day of St. Matthew who was a tax collector.  I called him as Levi to follow Me and he left everything to come after Me.  This was an instant conversion of faith because he would have to change his lifestyle to become My disciple.  He was one of the four evangelists who recorded My words that you treasure and follow today.  In the vision I am showing you an older traditional church, but My message is to build up My Church among My faithful.  It is not easy to call someone to follow Me in today’s world because you have so many different voices in other religions, as well as many earthly distractions.  Your best means of conversion is to show your love in your actions of everyday life, and to share your beliefs of your Catholic Faith.  People need to see you praying, doing good deeds, and practicing what you preach with no bad language and no displays of anger.  Spreading My message of My Good News to all the nations was My call for My apostles and it is the same call to all of My faithful who have been baptized and confirmed.  Even reach out to the children to teach them the faith because they are the next generation of Catholics.  The children need to be deeply rooted in the true faith with a deep love for My Blessed Sacrament in reverence of My Real Presence.  When you come to your judgment, I will ask you how many souls did you bring to Me?  So work constantly to save souls and pray for poor sinners.”
Jesus said: “My people, there are some cities where sin is rampant because of a bad lifestyle.  This city of Las Vegas is known for its gambling, but also for its drinking and the sexual sins.  Where fast money abounds, it attracts many who are weak to the sins of greed, lust, and gluttony.  Many of these casinos offer prostitutes to get people to gamble at their tables.  It is this sinful lifestyle that puts a cloud of evil around these gambling cities.  These cities also draw My wrath against their sinful actions.  Where man exploits others for their money, and women for money, these people will have much to pay in reparation for their sins.  See these kinds of entertainment as strong occasions of sin that should be avoided.  Pray for the people in these gambling cities to wake up to the importance of Me in their lives, instead of self-gratification in their earthly pleasures.  Anyone can have a gift of insight to wake up to My love as more valuable to their spiritual life than anything else on earth.  There is no peace, rest, or love that can come out of your sins.  By receiving Me in Holy Communion or being forgiven in Confession, this will give you My true peace.  Guard this peace in your heart from all earthly temptations, and you will be happy and joyful to follow Me in your mission.”