Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, when I was on the earth in human form, I took many liberties to do My mission, and My life is an example to all Christians not to be afraid to step out in faith. When you were baptized, you were given the grace to carry out your own mission and help save souls. When people are paralyzed with fear to fight the political correctness of your society, then they will refuse to fight against abortion. Many times even in My own efforts, I did things to show the hypocrisy of many of the actions of the religious authorities. It takes spiritual courage to stand up for the morally right decisions. Taking a correct stand by My laws will gain you a reward in heaven, even if you will suffer in this world. Whenever you are faced with making decisions, always take the morally high road, despite any repercussions.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you several messages on the Swine Flu shots with an emphasis on not to take it. Every time another wave of disease comes out, the authorities start offering free Swine Flu shots. They are not truly free because your government pays the drug companies to distribute the shots. Many of these diseases are man-made, but the vaccine shots can damage your immune system and cause other problems for years. Some develop Gulf War type reactions to the shots, while others do not see any immediate effects. The mercury preservative and the squalene in some shots are the most damaging to your health. These diseases and viruses, that are being spread, are meant to reduce the population as part of the death culture plan to make an easier takeover of your country. The Health Plan is part of their grab for power to control your medications and operations. This plan will now have a harder time to pass through the Senate without enough votes to by-pass the Republicans. The people are waking up to the threat against their freedoms. They are finally taking some action to block your president’s plan to push an unfavorable bill through by backroom trickery. Pray to protect your health and freedoms from the one world people who want to control you.”