(Sunday Mass-missing on purpose is mortal sin; thanks to God for graces and blessings) March 4, 2007

At St. Cecilia’s tabernacle I could see many rows of pews outside in the sun facing towards a large church. Jesus said: “My people, the church in the vision represents My Church and how it leads people to follow My laws. The pews outside represent all the people that I call to conversion from their earthly ways. There are some who do not come to church every Sunday, even though My Third Commandment calls on everyone to keep holy the Lord’s day. This is not just a suggestion, but a requirement for My faithful to give Me honor and glory each week. I give you life for twenty-four hours a day in every seven day week. The least, that you could do, is give Me one hour each week. For those, that knowingly miss Mass on Sunday, it is a sin against Me for not acknowledging Me as Lord of your life. You need to confess this sin in Confession and make a firm amendment to return to Sunday Mass each week. If My faithful do not attend Mass regularly, how can you be a viable member of My faith community of believers? If you truly love Me, you will obey My Commandments in attending Sunday Mass.”