(Success-how measured by God vs. man; greed & pride-humility and self-denial instead) July 3, 2007

At St. Theodore’s Adoration I could see a trophy case with many first places in sports. Jesus said: “My people, it is interesting to Me to see what man values most in this world. Some people strive to gain as many sports trophies as they can, thinking fame in such accomplishments is their goal in life. Others seek as many patents as they can to show off their knowledge skills. Others seek to make it rich in stocks or property, thinking that success is in how much wealth you can accumulate. Yet success in worldly things will not gain you heaven. In fact giving up your life’s wealth in total faith is more desirable to gain heaven. I measure success in how much you can love Me and love your neighbor. Saving souls, doing good deeds, donating to charities, and daily prayer are much more valuable than any money that you have acquired. Your treasure in heaven will mean more to your soul when you die, because you cannot take your money or your possessions with you. When your soul leaves your body, you are spiritually naked with only the good deeds that you did in your hands. Live your life in total commitment to Me, and you will be led on the right path to heaven. Forget about fame and money, for they do not exist in heaven.”