Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, as you look upon this beautiful dawn scene, give thanks to Me for every new day that you are gifted with. I want you to give Me praise and glory for being your Lord and Master. Give Me thanks for being your Savior and Protector. I have given you so many graces and blessings with both material and spiritual things, that they are too numerous to mention. Yet if I took away your warmth, your Light, or your oxygen, you would cease to be alive. So give Me thanks for all that I do for you. It is important to encourage all those in your family to thank Me by honoring Me at Sunday Mass. You heard at the retreat, that those who miss Mass on Sunday on purpose, are committing a mortal sin. You all want to be in the camp of the Lord than in the camp of Satan. Do not be spiritually lazy and miss giving Me worship on My one day of rest for the week. If you do not acknowledge Me before My Father, then I will not acknowledge you before Him. Those, who turn their back on Me, will risk My telling you that I do not know you when you come to your judgment. Keep your focus on Me and love Me in your good actions.”