Thursday, September 3, 2009: (St. Gregory the Great)

Jesus said: “My people, I have sent you prophets, messengers, and saints to help give you a good example of prayer life and a focus more on My ways than your ways. When you pray to Me to help you in your daily tasks, things will go easier for you when you do what I want you to do. When you work to be in harmony with My Will, you are following what is natural, as the rest of My creation. It is when you go off on your own interests, that you are like My apostles that caught nothing all night. Follow Me and you also will have an abundant catch when I help you evangelize souls to be saved. This is your purpose to be here so you can know, love, and serve Me. I can only use you when you are working with Me on your mission.”
Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, as you see this vision of a large hurricane, you know the physical damage such a storm could bring when it comes inland. This vision is more about a spiritual storm of evil that is about to come on the earth during the Antichrist’s reign in the time of the tribulation. The gathering clouds are beginning with the formation of the European Union and the North American Union. When people’s rights and freedoms are taken away, then the one world people will bring about a takeover of America. Be prepared to go to My refuges when this takeover occurs.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is with a heavy heart that I still encourage My people not to take these shots because there are more side effects causing worse problems than the Swine Flu itself. You have yet to see a more virulent form of Swine Flu as the death rate is less than the seasonal flu. Making a vaccine six months in advance is hard to predict any mutations of what strain will be in circulation. Beware of any mandatory vaccinations or quarantines that may cause a need to go to My refuges if prison is an alternative.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is a noble task to try and supply health care for everyone. The Health System is expensive and it is difficult to afford the premiums for insurance without a group plan. Discussion has been heavy on who would pay for this plan and how it would be carried out. It has been a concern when the death culture people are making the bill that they want to pass. Concerns about abortion, euthanasia, and computerization of health records are not being openly discussed. Most of the vague language of the bill is being kept secret until it is passed. Pray that people, who need health care, can be taken care of without putting an undo tax burden on everyone’s children.”
Jesus said: “My people, your abortion mentality of killing millions of babies is making your people open to the taking of life that is not seen. This mentality will extend into the arbitrary killing of those in pain or those who are elderly. This death culture mentality will continue to get even worse in some of the new proposed health reforms. Pray to change your laws so life is protected.”
Jesus said: “My people, many times I performed miracles so My apostles could bring in great catches of fish until their boats were sinking. Just as I performed these miracles of fish, so I gave My disciples the gifts of the Holy Spirit so they could evangelize many souls. Thus My Church grew through their hands and My graces. Even as you are good providers for your physical bodies, you should work even harder to evangelize spiritual souls that are more important. Just as you share your time, money, and talent to help your neighbor in charity, so you also need to share your faith to save souls.”
Jesus said: “My people, you see good people praying and doing good deeds on one side, and the evil ones planning their killing and takeover on the other side. This age will turn more evil in leading up to the tribulation. You will need more prayer and a call on My angel power to defend you against the evil ones. Rely more on My help than using any weapons. My angels will fight your battles, so trust in My power.”
Jesus said: “My people, you should dress modestly without causing sin to others in the way that you appear in public. My people should especially be dressed properly when you come before Me in church. Your movies and TV programming flaunt nudity and immodest dress. Do not follow this bad example, but teach your children to be modest in their attire. Keep pure and chaste in your hearts so you can have pure souls before Me. All of your actions will have an accounting, so have purity of heart both inside and outside of your body.”