Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, you remember when I criticized the Scribes and Pharisees for making too much care over human precepts as cleaning pots and pans, but their inner soul was full of dead man’s bones. I warned the people to follow My words that they taught, but do not follow their hypocritical actions. So it is today that people go to great lengths to make their outward appearances pleasing to the eye, but their inner soul’s appearance is dark with sins. Cleanse the inner soul first by confessing your sins, and be more concerned how your soul appears to Me than how your body appears to others. The body will pass into dust at your death, but your soul lives on forever. It is best to have a clean soul at your judgment so you do not risk the fires of hell, but also because you want to be restored in My love. When you are in mortal sin, your soul is dead to Me, and it is difficult for your angel to help you stay away from more sin. Every sin has to have an accounting, and you have to make up for the temporal punishment due to your sin. Divine Mercy novenas can take this away, and your good deeds or offered up pain can reduce this as well. Otherwise, you may have to suffer some time in purgatory to satisfy these spiritual debts.”
Jesus said: “My people, there are times when you are tested by not getting something to work in your work place or at home. After trying several times, it can get frustrating when things do not work, even after a lot of effort. My message is not to let such testing so disturb your peace that you get angry with swearing. It is better to stay calm and pray for My help than to get upset. Rethink your job and try different ways to solve it, or call some experts or service people for help. You may even have to buy another device to replace the problem. There usually is a way around most problems, so be patient and go around your problems if necessary. Pray to have peace through all of your trials, and you will be on the road to sainthood.”