Wednesday, September 30, 2009: (St. Jerome)

Jesus said: “My people, many of your old traditional stands, statues, icons, and large crucifixes are being stored in attics and back rooms. Some people, who treasure these things, have been going to closed churches to save these things from being thrown out. There are Old Testament readings where conquerors of the Jews abused the use of sacred vessels and they were killed as a punishment. Some of your modern churches are barren of any crucifixes or statues, and they have placed My tabernacles in back rooms. Why are you ashamed to have Me in plain sight, or why do you not put statues of Me and the saints on the altar to remind the people of us? There is a movement in My Church to minimize the importance of My Eucharist and to deny My Real Presence in the Host. Because My Real Presence is not proclaimed in the pulpit, many do not believe that I am present Body and Blood in My consecrated Hosts. Even if someone does not believe, I am still present there just the same. My laws and My Words will not pass away, even if this earth will pass away. Let your faith be strong, and do not let the elements of modernism in My Church mislead you.”
Jesus said: “My people, I warned you that you could see another large earthquake on the ocean floor followed by a tsunami. (1-21-09) This earthquake in the Pacific was smaller, and the tsunami wave was also smaller, but there were still deaths from flooding and water damage. There also was another large earthquake in Indonesia only a day after the first one. Earthquakes on land can kill people as well, but earthquakes under water have the added threat of tsunami waves. These increased intensities and frequencies of earthquakes are all signs of the end times that are coming upon you in this age. Just as evil gets worse leading up to the tribulation time, so My protection is needed to fight the evil ones’ trials. Pray for the victims of these earthquakes and protect them from any looting.”