(Purgatory-souls suffer burning, loss of love of Jesus; souls-seek prayers, cleanse earthly desires) November 2, 2008

At Sacred Heart Church, Marmora, Ontario, Canada after Communion I could see Jesus in His loving way holding a lost sheep. Jesus said: “My people, My love goes out to all of you as I search for the lost sheep while the other ninety-nine are safe. You are to help Me also in life to bring back My lost lukewarm sheep who are becoming more numerous in these end days. Today, you are remembering the souls who are being purified in purgatory. You, yourself, can witness to others of the reality of this place of suffering in My justice. Some in the lower regions of purgatory are suffering flames as in hell together with the pain of not seeing Me or having My Real Presence. Others, who have less to purify in upper purgatory, are suffering not seeing Me, but without the flames. Some also have to suffer a minimum time before your prayers and Masses can shorten their time in purgatory. In purgatory you are making reparation for your sins and you will need to suffer until you can detach yourself from worldly cares and desires for things and wealth. When you are purified as a saint with a complete focus on My love without any other concerns, only then can you enter heaven from purgatory. This is why I and My Blessed Mother have encouraged you to pray for the souls in purgatory with a special intention for your relatives and for those who have no one praying for them. Should you find yourself here in purgatory, those, that you prayed for, will be praying for you. As you see all of Louise’s friends and family coming to celebrate her birthday, think also of praying for each other before your death. The more you make reparation for your sins on earth and detach yourself from things, the less that you will have to suffer in purgatory. Give praise and glory to Me for that great day when I will welcome you to your designated place in heaven.”