Monday, March 31, 2008: (Annunciation)

Mary said: “My dear children, this feast day of the Annunciation was the most important moment in my life, when St. Gabriel announced to me that I would be the Mother of God. I gave my fiat that I would be the handmaid of the Lord, even though this holy pregnancy could endanger my life. I did everything in faith in God, and I followed His Will in all that was asked of me. You read the Scriptures that foretold a virgin would be with child. I know that God prepared me for my birth without sin so I could be the holy tabernacle, or Ark of the Covenant for the Son of God. My Son, Jesus, was sent, as you have seen in Holy Week, to die as an unblemished Lamb in sacrifice for all the sins of mankind. God used me as His instrument to bring my Son into the world by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Church has set aside this feast nine months before Christmas in honor of this calling by St. Gabriel. You have seen by prophesy, and by historical events how God has brought about the opportunity of salvation for every soul. Give praise and glory to God that He blessed me in this role as the Blessed Mother of Jesus.”
Jesus said: “My son, this vision of jets of ink aimed in your general direction represents another smear campaign to attack your credibility. You asked the source of this trouble, and I am only revealing that it is coming from the old sources that criticized you before. I will be protecting you for a while, but gradually these forces will try to block out your messages in the books and on the internet. As the schismatic church comes more into power, they will begin to shut down any distribution of messages. Further on in time the government forces will also cause you problems in traveling, and eventually you will be sought out to remove you to one of their prisons. This message is not meant to scare you, but prepare you for the attacks coming to you so you are prepared to go into hiding. Keep your full trust in My protection, and I will allow your mission to continue until the evil one’s hour is upon you.”