Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, there is love between people, which is most beautiful between your hearts, but there is a love that I share with you which is even greater than your earthly love. It is My agape love and your love of Me which should be at the center of your lives. I am the Creator of angels, man, and all the beauty of nature that you see. At times it is a beautiful experience to view nature in the flowers of spring, and the colored leaves of fall. Every time that you marvel at the colors and different varieties of flowers, you are giving glory and praise to My perfect creation. Man tries to make hybrids to try and make better plants, but My natural plants have more beauty in their natural form. When you love Me, you love all of My creations in the plants and animals, and all of mankind as well. See how fortunate you are to be alive and to experience all that I have created. But always worship Me alone as your Creator, and put no strange gods before Me.”