Monday, March 24, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, during your Mass services, you see the priest blessing you with holy water in a sprinkling rite. There are two symbols for Easter in water and Light that are necessities of life. Without water and sunlight your crops could not exist or grow. As the Easter Season proceeds, your amount of daylight will be increasing. Also as your temperatures warm up, you will see the spring rain bring life to your early flowers. Many are anxious for spring after a long winter. The water for Easter is also a symbol for Baptism because many are brought into My Church at the Easter Vigil, whether adults or infants. The water sprinkling is also a symbol of how My graces are showered over everyone, but those, who believe in Me, will benefit the most for grace in their souls. My sacraments of Penance, Holy Communion, and even Confirmation are shared with those who are entering My Church. Every sacrament, that you receive, bestows grace upon your souls. Give praise and glory to God for sharing His Son and His graces with all of you.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have told you before that the one world people are placing viruses and bacteria into the chem trails with an eventual plan to reduce the population through pandemic diseases. All of these chem trails are having an effect not only on man, but there also will be effects on all animals and plants that could completely upset My balance of nature. These evil minded people have vaccines for these diseases, so they think that they will be immune to these viruses and bacteria. What they do not count on is the effect on the rest of nature. This in fact will not only kill people from the diseases, but it will also threaten a major famine all over the world. When man so disturbs this delicate balance on earth, I will have to intervene with a supernatural intervention. Man’s hybrids, disease experiments, and DNA manipulation have so changed the direction of life on earth, that I will be forced to intervene. When I do intervene, it will be at the same time that the Antichrist has reached the top of his power. All evil will be cleansed from the earth, and I will renew the earth to its original balance, and you will see a new heavens and a new earth as I will bring about My Era of Peace. Rejoice at this intervention because man is calling on My justice to restore order where there is chaos.”