Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of the devil as a wolf with many large teeth may be fearsome in appearance, but it shows you how much he wants to destroy man by leading him to hell and away from Me. In this life you will always have to fight off his temptations, but you have Me and My angels to protect you. The power of the evil one will not last much longer, when I will come and defeat him and cast all the evil spirits and evil people into hell. The second vision of the wolf without his teeth represents My victory when he will no longer tempt man. Man in his weakened nature is suffering every day to resist the evil one. That is why those, who are faithful to Me through this trial, will find a joyous reward in heaven because you had to endure more than even My angels who know of all of My love and power. I have told you before how heaven rejoices over every soul that is saved from hell by repenting of their sins and seeking My forgiveness. So when you have Me protecting your soul, you should not be afraid of the devil and all of his powers.”