Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, many times I have asked you to consecrate everything over to Me so I could be a Light for you, leading you through the darkness of life. Light is another Easter symbol and many, who die or have near death experiences, come to My Light for judgment. During life you are beset with many unknowns that question you in what vocation to take, whether the religious life, married, or single. You are also seeking some kind of career or trade so you can earn a living for your bare necessities. Even finding an affordable place to live is becoming more of a problem. Each major step in your life should be prayed over and discerned with My guidance. By consulting with Me in prayer, I will help guide you to use your talents in the best way to help your soul and help those around you. Once you are settled and have made these major decisions, then you may be called to help your children or others in making their right decisions. Choosing to follow Me in faith is another life decision that should be at the center of your life. As I lead you with My Light, you will be given the knowledge of how best to serve Me and your neighbor. This life is passing away, but your soul lives on forever. This is why your life’s decisions will lead you either to heaven with Me, or to hell with Satan. Love, joy, and happiness forever can be had only in heaven
with Me. Hate, anger, and eternal torment will be found for the hopeless in hell for those who refuse to love Me and serve Me. So let My Light lead you through the dark unknowns of this life into the glory and Light of heaven. Trust in Me in everything, and you will have peace and rest both on earth and in heaven.”
(Helen Hogan’s funeral Mass) Jesus said: “My people, it is always hard to lose a mother in the family, and it was also sad that her memory changed her personality at the end, much like your own mother. She has suffered much in life, but now she is at peace with Me. She was thankful for all who cared for her in her later years. Even though she could not express her love very well at the end, she indeed loved her family, friends, and relatives very much. She was a very faithful woman both to Me, her sons, and her husband, John. Give thanks to God for the gift of her life to all whom she came in touch with.”