Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012: (St. Thomas, 47th Wedding Anniversary)
Jesus said: “My people, today’s feast of St. Thomas is in today’s Gospel when I made sure that his faith was certain by asking him to put his finger into My hands and feet, and his hand into My side. In doing so he exclaimed: ‘My Lord and My God’ which is what you say at the Consecration of the bread and wine into My Body and Blood. This belief in My Real Presence is a testimony to your true belief in My words. This is why I said: ‘Blessed are those who believe and have not seen Me in the flesh.’ This day is also your 47th wedding anniversary, and you saw a flashback of when your children were very young. It is in those earlier moments which are contrasted to seeing your grandchildren, that you realize how time passes more quickly than your realize. Your time on earth is short, so you have to make the most of every day of your life. When you face Me at your judgment, you will have to make an accounting for all of your time on earth. Keep your focus on Me throughout your life, and you will be well along on your path to heaven. Congratulations to you and your family on your 47th wedding anniversary.”

Jesus said: “My people, a good number of your states are still trying to determine how many new expenses they will have to pay for when all the new people sign up for this new Health insurance plan. It is hard to know if there will be a political fight over the funding of this new law. Many employers may stop funding health insurance plans and let the government pay for the insurance. There will still be problems in finding enough doctors to serve the new patients. If the doctors are not paid appropriately for their services, they may choose not to take new patients or move out of your country. There will be more battles over religious freedoms and possible mandatory chips in the body. Depending on the outcome of the elections, this law or parts of it could be repealed. Now that the mandate is considered a tax, there could be some implications that more people will be against this law. This law was forced on the people by one party without the Congress people even reading the bill. Because of all the problems caused by this law, you could see some serious divisions between your states and your government. Pray for peace in your country, but this will be debated for some time.”