Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, I know that your lives can be complicated in your modern world, but every day you need to plan your events so that you leave some time for Me in prayer and meditation. You need time for working, sleeping, and taking care of your family, but you should offer up all that you do to Me, so all of your work becomes a prayer. If you really are intent on doing something, you make it a priority for your time. Do not try and plan so many events in a day that you could never finish them. There are necessary things to do, but having adequate time for prayer should be one of them. Helping people with good works are like prayers in showing your love for Me in others. You should also think about giving your will over to My Divine Will so you can follow My plan for your life instead of your own will. Be careful not to load up your schedule with unnecessary busy work that you do not need in your life. I am the center of your life, and you need to be ready any day to meet Me at your judgment at death. This life is about serving Me, and a test of your faith in Me. Your goal is to be with Me in heaven, so let heavenly things be your focus more than earthly things and pleasures.”

Jesus said: “My people, I told you that you could see a major earthquake soon that could change the geography of your Western coastline. This split will occur down the San Andreas fault line in California. I have shown you before how San Francisco will be thrown into the ocean, and it will be destroyed as a punishment for the sinful lifestyle of the people of this city. This will be such a major event that it could trigger other disasters to cause a national martial law. Whenever you see such a major disaster, be ready to pack up your things to leave for My refuges once I warn you that it is time to leave. Such events could be caused by a man-made device, so I have warned you to be prepared by having food stored with your refuge things ready to leave. Trust in Me to protect My faithful at My refuges so you can survive the coming tribulation. Evil will have a brief reign before I will bring My victory against all of the evil ones.”