Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012: (Independence Day)
Jesus said: “My people, many of your early documents honored Me, and the reason that people came here, was to have religious freedom to worship Me in the way they wanted. Now you have a few atheists demanding that you cannot pray in your schools or they would be offended. Even your books, coins, and other public places are being forced to remove My name. Your country was founded on Godly principles as a republic, but now you are accentuating a controlling democracy where the masons and the one world people are dictating their Godless rules to you. You are having to struggle for your religious freedoms that your President’s edicts and czars are trying to remove. Your true independence is being threatened, but only a few are fighting back against your current rulers. Because My Name is being stricken from your society, and many are falling away from their faith in Me, you will see a judgment fall against your country. You are being punished for denying your dependence on Me, and you are not repenting of your sins and idol worship. When your country falls to the one world people, you will truly see how you had such freedoms with My help. When you refuse My help and My blessings, you will fall like a rock because you are depending only on your own strength, which is nothing without Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, smoking cigarettes is a bad habit that can become an addiction. Cigarettes are heavily taxed and this smoking can be expensive, and it can cause lung cancer. People who smoke do not realize how second hand smoke can be offensive and harmful to people around them. It is not easy to stop smoking, just as it is difficult to break other addictions as drugs or drinking alcoholic drinks. Many of these substance abuses can affect the liver or other parts of the body as the brain. These things are all unnatural to your body, and you would be well not to start any of these addictions. Remember that most addictions have a demon associated with them, and it is sinful to purposely harm your body for such pleasures. The bigger problem is that under the influence of drugs and drinking, you do not have full control of your actions, and you could harm people in bad driving or by your behavior. There are many people that have these addictions, and they are hard to stop. A person needs to have the desire to stop, and seek help in clinics that may help that person break any bad habits. Pray for all of these people with addictions that they may desire to break their addictions in order to save their health and allow for the safety of others.”