Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, you have seen people crying at funerals over the loss of their relatives. You have seen others crying over the loss of their homes in the fires and the wind storms. In the vision you are seeing a different sorrow when the people of Israel were weeping at the exile of their nation. The Israelite kings were in error when they worshiped Baal and other pagan gods instead of Me. Then when I sent them prophets to warn the nation to repent and change their sinful lives, the people of Israel did not want to hear the words of Amos and Elijah. They actually sought out My prophets to kill them. Then I brought My justice upon Israel, and they were exiled for over seventy years in Babylon. This is when the people of Israel wept over the loss of their country. Today, My prophets are again warning America to repent and change your ways, or you too will be visited by My judgment for your abortions and same sex marriages. You have seen this same message of a coming judgment being given by many people from even different faiths, but still the people of America are not changing their sinful lifestyles. Again the people do not want to hear any critical words from today’s prophets either, and the lives of My prophets could be in danger. Yet if a nation does not repent, it will face the wrath of My judgment. Just as the people of Israel wept over the loss of their nation, even so, the people of America will also be crying at your loss if you do not change your ways.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, many of you have just attended your child’s or your grandchild’s graduation, but it will be difficult for them to find a job, even with a college education. Your country has allowed your corporations to send jobs overseas for cheaper labor, and then they bring these products back here to be sold at full price. Because of this drain of jobs, many of your American workers remain unemployed. Unless your employers can have a fair playing field in competing for jobs, you will continue to have a high unemployment rate. Pray for your employers that they will be able to employ your sons, daughters, and grandchildren.”

Jesus said: “My people, if your community colleges can offer an education at a reasonable price, why are your other colleges and universities charging such an exorbitant tuition and fees? It is already difficult for a family to support their children in college, even with all the aid programs that are available. With such a high cost for a degree, it will be even harder to pay off the school loans with the jobs that are available. Pray for a means to find a cheaper tuition so most people will have an opportunity to obtain a degree.”

Jesus said: “My people, you realize how important it is to have a trade or a degree in some profession so people can be prepared for the work force. It is the public funded state schools that are becoming the cheapest source for obtaining degrees, in addition to correspondence classes. If you want your people to be educated, then some public supported schools may be the best way to support these colleges. Colleges and universities could also encourage intern jobs to provide a labor force that companies can use for on the job training. If schools and companies could interact more, then they could find the trained workers that they desire without bringing in workers from other countries.”

Jesus said: “My people, most of your jobs come from the private sector that does not require any government help. It is the increasing regulations, taxes, and the new Health Care costs that are making it more difficult for small businesses to provide more jobs for your economy. It also is hard to hire more workers when you are seeing such a slow recovery from your recession. Pray that government and business can work together to solve your employment problems instead of fighting against each other.”

Jesus said: “My people of America, you have been used to having your freedoms for so long that you do not realize what it would be like to live in a condition of slave labor. China has provided cheap labor, but your corporations are allowing that government to take advantage of slave labor. These people in China should be allowed to receive a wage that could afford a reasonable living. By your corporations condoning slave labor, you are forcing these people to work for low wages at the expense of American workers. Pray for a resolution of this problem that exploits slave labor.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing a breakdown in your society when your families are not teaching the faith to their children. With the closing of many Catholic schools, the children are not receiving the proper training that would help them to come to know and love Me. When the young children stop coming to church, then the faithful will lose its future members. Pray that your parents will be more vigilant in teaching the faith, and giving good example by their coming to Sunday Mass as well.”

Camille said: “I am doing what I can to wake up my family to come to Mass and Confession. The reason that you have seen me more active, is because your time to improve and change your lives is growing short. You have little time left before major events are going to limit people’s opportunity to convert their lives. You know in your messages how time is running out, so encourage your family members to act quickly while they still have time to change.”