Monday, July 28, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, you all should know how much I love you because I chose to die on the cross so all of mankind would be open to heaven and salvation. I suffered the worst torture of the Romans so all of you would have the opportunity to be saved. Adam’s sin and the sins of all mankind for all of history are a weighty sum that required the price of the Son of God’s Blood to make atonement to My Father. If you can understand this extent of My love, then you can see why coming to heaven will require the same love in dying to self, and giving your will over to My Divine Will. I have paid the price for your soul, but only saints are allowed into heaven. This means that your short life is directed toward trying to perfect your spiritual life. This cannot be done on your own, but you must ask for My help and grace through the sacraments to bring you closer to Me in a loving relationship. Some may suffer their purgatory on earth in order to be worthy for heaven. Others may need to be purified in purgatory before My Divine justice and mercy will allow them into heaven. In addition to saving your own soul, you can also gain merits toward heaven by your loving good deeds, and reaching out to save as many souls as possible from going to hell. You have understood My unconditional love, so now you need to show Me how much you love Me in your dying to self and helping others.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have given you messages before that some areas will experience flooding from constant rain storms, and other areas will see droughts and fires where rainfall will be below normal. This pool of fresh water that disappeared is a sign that fresh water will become scarce in some areas and it will be more valuable than oil. Having a supply of oil is necessary for travel, but a supply of fresh water is necessary for life itself, every day. This is why being close to lakes and rivers of fresh water will be a more important in choosing where to live. Living in arid lands or places that have continual fires will become less desirable as the availability of fresh water becomes a problem. Your winds and rainstorm patterns have changed dramatically this year, and it will be increasingly important to see where these trends are leading families to live. Pray for the discernment on where best to live for fresh water and available employment.”