Wednesday, July 30, 2008: (St. John Chrysologus)

Jesus said: “My people, you have been seeing more earthquake and volcano activity recently, but it is when they occur in populated areas that people could be hurt or killed. This vision of another massive volcano going off shows you how people will seek any place of safety, even in dark caves. I had asked you in some previous messages to have masks for some coming viruses in the chemtrails. You also could use your masks if a volcano should send its dusty ash over large areas. If you cannot find your masks from before, then you may have to purchase some new ones and place them in a spot that you can remember to find them. Volcanoes can spread ash thousands of miles away if it is sent into high atmospheric levels. Such explosive eruptions could even affect your weather when the ash could block out the sun. You have already seen cyclones and earthquakes that have caused many deaths, and there will be more natural disasters to come. Pray that the people will be spared their lives in any future destruction.”
Jesus said: “My people, part of the one world plan is to divide your troops and allow them to be tied down all over the world so they cannot defend the homeland from the one world people’s takeover. Because of your bad economy, less taxes are being collected and your government is running large deficits. The costs of your war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan are not even included in your budgets. You have spent trillions of dollars on these wars, and they are ruining your military with constant tours of duty. If there was a cost analysis of your wars, you would see that you cannot afford to add trillions of dollars of debt to your national debt. You are destroying your economy and your military with useless wars that need to be stopped. Your troops need to come home and let the foreign countries fight their own battles. Peace is more valuable than the constant wars desired by the devil. If your people cannot stop these wars, then you will be inviting your very demise. You are against the one world people who want a one world government, and they must destroy America so your military is not in their way for a takeover. Stop paying for these wars which are not providing any benefit except making the rich richer. Take back control of your country while you still have time, and pray for an end to these hostilities.”