Friday, July 25, 2008: (St. James)

Jesus said: “My people, after Hurricane Dolly hit Texas, now you are seeing the cleanup after power outages and millions of dollars worth of damage. Mexico also had some flooding, but the worst of the storm went through south Texas. Pray for the people who are suffering home or job losses. Thankfully, there was enough evacuation so there was very little loss of life. Your rains and storms have been unusually heavy in the Northeast with some damage as well. The number of storms and the violence of them have increased, and you will see more throughout the rest of the year. Be prepared to suffer more natural disasters as I told you that they would be occurring in the months before the elections. You are also seeing financial storm clouds affecting your housing, jobs, and your economy in general. Pray for My help in providing for your needs and repent of your sins.”
Jesus said: “My people, look at your nation as one of the largest exporters of military weapons, and you will understand how your defense industrial complex has a continuous interest in warfare. If there were no wars, many of your defense contractors would be out of business. This is the underpinning of why the one world people cause constant wars. If there is no war, they will create a reason for one, even if it means killing your own people. If you understand their reasons for greed of money and power, now you will see how their intentions are to take you over in their quest for a one world government. It is this goal that will actually put the Antichrist into power. You can only pray for peace and voice your opinion against these wars. I told My apostles that he who takes up the sword, will die by the sword. This is the end for America because the one world people will use your own weapons against you. When you see an event leading to war, know that the one world people are behind it. Do not lose heart because I will defeat all of these evil ones and they will all be cast into hell.”