Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, the Kingdom of heaven should be the ultimate goal of every soul so you can be with Me forever in My love and peace. I gave the people these symbols of land and a pearl of great value because the Kingdom of heaven is your great prize that you should be willing to give everything up for in this world in order to obtain heaven. I alone through My death on the cross have made you worthy because My Blood has cleansed your sins from your soul. Everything in this world is passing away, but eternal life with Me in heaven will be beyond your earthly comprehension. In order to be saved in heaven, I call on My people to seek the forgiveness of your sins and accept Me as Lord, Master, and Savior of your soul and life. I have told you before: What does it profit a person to gain the whole world, but lose your soul in the process? When you love Me and your neighbor in all that you do, then you will be on the right narrow path to heaven. When you consecrate yourself to Me every day, then I can mold you to be the person that I want you to be and you will be open to fulfill the mission that I have planned for your life. Continue to seek heaven every day in your prayers, your good deeds, and your good example to others in evangelizing souls for heaven. When you do these things, at your judgment I will welcome you into heaven as your reward for being faithful to My requests.”
Jesus said: “My people, the simple life of living among nature away from the modern worldly things, is the way My people will be living again at My refuges. You are so spoiled in America with all the food that you have in your stores, and all of your uses of electricity in your lives. Missing your electronic entertainment devices alone will be one of your sufferings at My refuges. Many of these things are difficult distractions from your prayer life and such distractions can take your focus away from Me. If you want to prepare yourself for what it would be like at a refuge, just try for one day to avoid newspapers, TV, magazines, and computers. Even using candles for light would show you how dependent you are on lights and electricity. When you try to live the simple life without your distractions, you will see how much more time that you will have for Me in your prayers. When you think of how Blessed Kateri had to live, ask her to help you in accepting any little inconveniences that you will find at your refuges.”