Friday, May 23, 2008: (Sacred Heart)

Jesus said: “My people, water is a basic necessity needed for all life to live. Fresh water is required which is in shorter supply than the ocean’s salt water. Rivers, lakes, wells, and rain are your ususal sources of water, which is why it is important not to pollute them. In the vision you are seeing how water can become a problem for you if the weather accumulates too much rain to cause flooding. Even in the winter, snow and ice storms or hail storms can be very damaging. This same water is a symbol in Baptism for cleansing your sins through My grace. You also use holy water to bless yourselves or to bless sacramentals. See the many different ways that water influences your earthly and spiritual lives. Pray that you can be sheltered from life’s storms, and that holy water and blessed salt will serve as your protection from the evil ones.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing food costs continue to increase and shortages of food appearing in third world countries, especially where there have been major natural disasters. Truly, articles of a silent famine are slipping into your news coverage. A few years ago I suggested that you put aside some food that would be multiplied for the end times before you have to leave for your refuges. I told you then that you would begin to see famines and food shortages because of natural disasters and a need to have smart cards to buy your food. This extra food is not about hoarding, but having food to multiply and share when people come to your house looking for food. Some people, that have listened to My request and have stored some extra food, will become interim refuges for people traveling on the way to their final place of refuge. All of My faithful who are being tested and persecuted for these preparations will be vindicated when the prophesies of the end times will come about. Continue to be prepared physically and spiritually for the coming time of tribulation.”