Friday, May 30, 2008: (Sacred Heart of Jesus)

Jesus said: “My people, on My feast day of My Sacred Heart you are seeing in vision all the angels in church who give honor to Me at the Mass when the priest consecrates the bread and wine into My Body and Blood. This goes on at every Mass, but this vision is special for this feast day. There is an eternal flame both in My Sacred Heart and My Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart. This represents our love for you which is unconditional and will never end. It also is how our two hearts are joined as one in looking out for all of our children in your souls. We both love you so much, and it pains our hearts to see so much sin going on in your country and all over the world. Remember to pray to our two hearts, especially to stop abortion and this latest flaunting of gay marriage against My institution of Marriage as a sacrament. Gay marriage is an abomination that will require reparation for those supporting it.”
Jesus said: ‘My people, man’s desire for fame and riches is a fleeting moment in time. You are so occupied with wanting earthly treasures, that you forget the real treasure is your soul for after this life. Everything that you see today, will soon be gone tomorrow, and you will be standing before Me at your judgment. The spiritual treasure that your soul desires is to be with Me in Holy Communion, or visiting Me in My tabernacle. So do not seek out earthly treasure and fame because it will not help you get to heaven, but they could deter you from finding real joy and love with Me. Once you acquire things, there may be a brief earthly joy, but these things will not make you happy or give you My peace. Trust in Me to give you all that you need to survive, but most of all give yourself over to My Will, so I can have you accomplish the mission that I created you to carry out for My glory.”