Tuesday, May 27, 2008: (St. Augustine of Canterbury)

Jesus said: “My people, you are being given a history lesson today in how the faith was brought to early England from Rome. St. Augustine represents the ‘rock’ of St. Peter that established the Catholic Church in Canterbury. This remnant of a stone Roman arch in the vision is emphasizing the origin of the Church in England. It is part of history how the Anglican Church was separated from the pope by the kings in England. Now you have even heard how some Anglican Church members are returning to the Catholic Church. The Eastern Rite Church also has been separated from Rome for many years. All of these remnants of My Church still need to be prayed for so that one day they all could be reunited as My one true Church. By reading about these early missionaries, My faithful can be inspired in your own evangelizing efforts to bring souls to Me so they could be saved from hell. Also pray for the lukewarm Catholics that also need to be brought back into the Church to receive the sacraments, especially Confession.”
Jesus said: “My people, it is sad when your parishes are made to close their Catholic Schools, even when they are being well financed. Giving your children a Catholic education in grammar school is needed to train the young minds in the faith. This is much more affordable than high schools. Parishes should see this financial need is well worth the expense. Catholic High Schools are also a good influence, but it is getting less affordable for some families. If you can afford to educate your children in Catholic schools, you should be willing to put this ahead of some of your other discretionary expenses. Many parents are working and they do not always have the time to teach their children in the faith. This is why your children need a Catholic education for as long as you can afford it. Sometimes the Diocese cannot afford a complete Catholic school funding. This is why private Catholic schools, funded by the parents, may present another opportunity. Sunday religion classes of only one hour is not adequate for what is needed, and it is difficult to get enough voluntary attendance when the parents do not support it. Pray and help your children in imitating a good Christian life, and be willing to go the extra mile in teaching them properly. Without a good Catholic upbringing, this is why many children are falling away from their faith, and why they are not attending Sunday Mass.”