Saturday, May 31, 2008: (Visitation)

Jesus said: “My people, you are very familiar with the account of My Blessed Mother’s Visitation of St. Elizabeth and the focus on the forming babies in their pregnancies. St. John the Baptist first heralded My coming even from the womb of his mother. These were two pregnancies that were brought to term. My Blessed Mother conceived Me by the power of the Holy Spirit, but it was before she was married to St. Joseph. She could even be considered a patron for unwed mothers. This vision of a flowing river of blood is very graphic in considering what happens in an abortion and how the doctors and nurses have to dispose of the destroyed babies. This killing of the unborn is just as violent as the babies that King Herod had killed in the Holy Innocents when he tried to kill Me. These people involved with abortion, by their actions, have no apparent feeling for the preciousness of life. The women appear to think more of their convenience and shame than their own flesh and blood children. The abortion doctors are more concerned with making their blood money than saving the lives of these children. They all can be forgiven of their sins if they seek My forgiveness, but they will pay a heavy price in making reparation for their sins at their judgments. Then I will show them the plan that I had for the lives of these little ones. Remember that My Blessed Mother warned you to do whatever you could to work against abortion, or you would be committing the worst sin of omission. Pray and work to stop abortion in America because your country is accountable for this river of blood on your hands.”