Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday, September 16, 2015: (St. Cornelius and St. Cyprian)
Jesus said: “My people, I am giving you this vision of a boat, as it is being steered by Me at the helm. I give you the right directions to follow Me to heaven, but you must be willing to say ‘yes’ for what I want you to do. I give all of you a free will to choose to love Me and follow Me, as I led My apostles. For those faithful, who do follow Me, even out of their comfort zone, I will give them the grace to endure their trials, and treasure will be stored up in heaven for their good deeds. I need to be the center of your life in your prayers, Masses, and all that you do for your neighbor out of love for Me. I am the rock for the foundation of your faith. I give you strength along with the Holy Spirit to help you with your mission of evangelization, and your mission to set up an interim refuge. You have answered My call, and I thank you for following My lead in both missions. You will face a major trial with the coming tribulation, but call on My help and My protection in all that you do.”

Jesus said: “My people, there have been many martyrs killed because they did not want to give up their faith. They would rather give up their lives than deny Me. You are seeing in the vision all the ruthless kings as Herod, and the emperors in Rome who killed many of the Early Christians. Herod gave the order to kill all the male children under two years old in Bethlehem in an attempt to kill Me. The emperors of Rome killed many Christians, even the early Popes. So it will be during the tribulation when the Antichrist and your leaders will be trying to kill all of My believers. This is why I am having My refuge builders make safe havens to protect My faithful from being killed. My angels will defend you from the evil ones at My refuges. When I come at the end of the tribulation, I will cast all of these evil leaders into hell for their misdeeds. This includes the Antichrist, the False Prophet, and all of his minions and demons as well. These evil ones may martyr some of My faithful, but in the end these murderers will suffer in hell forever. Trust in My protection from these killers.”