Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday, September 19, 2015: (St. Januarius)
Jesus said: “My people, you are familiar with planting grass seed, and you need to be patient as you water the planted seed and watch the grass break through the soil. This parable of the Sower has been explained to you, where My Word is represented by the seed. In the vision, you are seeing the time of your life spread out and how you reacted to My Word of love. Some people fall away from My love as the devil distracts them with earthly pleasures. I am patient, and I wait for My faithful to come to Me in love. It is not easy for man or woman to be persistent in your love for Me and love for your neighbor. I wait for you to come to Confession and seek My forgiveness of your sins. During life some come back to Me later in life, some are faithful all of the time, and some reject Me. You all have free will and I wait for you to love Me in your time. You only have so many years in your life, so do not waste your time on your own desires, but focus your time on doing My Will for your mission. You can be fruitful in your good deeds and prayers, which store up treasure in heaven. Respond to My Word and My love, so you can also spread My Word of faith to your family and others. You are thankful for your gift of faith, so you can thank Me by sharing your gift of faith with other souls. Keep striving to save as many souls as you can, so they can be with Me in heaven and not lost in hell. Those people, who are faithful to Me in life, will share their reward of eternal life with Me in heaven. Hold Me in your hearts of love every day of your life.”

Jesus said: “My son, you have prepared a beautiful chapel and a large kitchen so you can provide a place to worship and a place for eating. You have also prepared your bunk beds in the basement with cots to provide for the forty people that could come to your refuge. You could even get some more canned food for your food storage. In the vision I am showing you your backyard and how you could build a latrine and possibly a pump to supply your water from a well. Check to see what your town requirements would be to drill a well, and how much it would cost. Then try to see how you could dig a latrine with some lime on hand. Your next project would be to see if you could install some solar cells for some electricity. I know you are starting a refuge late in a possible time of chaos, but move forward in what you need. If you have problems establishing these projects, then I will give you some alternatives.”