Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday, September 20, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, I want to focus this message on the sacrament of Reconciliation, which My people so desperately need for My grace and My forgiveness. I call all repentant sinners to come to Confession where you can confess your sins to the priest. I act through the priest to absolve you and forgive your sins, so you can have a pure soul with My sanctifying grace. There are many souls who do not come to Confession, even though they should. You are not perfect, and you commit sins that offend Me. This is why you need to come at least monthly to cleanse your souls of your sins. Before confessing your sins, you need to make a good examination of your conscience so you can remember your sins, and tell the priest how long it has been since your last Confession. After you have been absolved of your sins, remember to pray your penance from the priest before you forget. You should take your family with you to Confession so you can train them in this part of their faith. Remember to seek My forgiveness in Confession sooner if you have any mortal sin on your soul. You cannot receive Me in Holy Communion unless your soul is free of any mortal sin, or you will commit a sin of sacrilege. You want to have pure souls as much as you can, so you are always ready to meet Me at your judgment when you will die. Living holy lives can also lead you to the higher places in heaven. I do not force souls to come to Confession, but I wait for you to come home to Me, even as the father of the Prodigal son waited for his son’s return. I thank all of you who come to frequent Confession, and I encourage all of your family and friends to cleanse their souls as well.”

Jesus said: “My son, be grateful that you are going out to many meeting places now, because there will come a time when your travel will be secret and restricted. Once your highways demand a chip in the hand, or an easy pass to travel with your van, then your travel will be much longer on side roads. I told you that your travel to your talks would become harder to get there. Eventually, you will no longer be able to travel either by van or by airplane. This is why you need to take advantage of what little time you have left to spread My Word. Once you can no longer travel, My Warning and My refuge time will be at hand. By reading the signs around you, you will be able to tell the timing of My Warning. After My Warning, you need to get your family together, and be ready to open your refuge to those who are coming. Work on evangelizing those people who are not coming to church, or your refuge angel may not accept them as part of My faithful. You will need to get acquainted with your refuge angel to allow people into your refuge. Be grateful that I am calling you to set up a refuge, so you can bring your relatives to your home. Trust in Me to put My protection around your refuges.”