Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015: (The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus)

Jesus said: “My people, I thank you for honoring My feast day and that of My Blessed Mother, because our two hearts are always joined together. You have a picture of our Two Hearts in your bedroom, and you look at us while you are praying your rosaries. I have an infinite love of all souls, as I pray that all of you could be saved from the evil one. I do not force My love on you, but I want you all to love Me of your own free will. In the picture of My Sacred Heart, you can see an eternal flame of love, and I unite your suffering with Mine on the cross. My mercy and My love are poured out on everyone, as you see Me as your Creator and your Savior. I desire that you show your love for Me in your holy hours of prayer, in your Masses, in your Adoration of Me, and in your good deeds for your neighbors. I am all loving, and I want you to imitate Me by loving Me and your neighbor.”

(Pat Amato’s Funeral Mass) Pat said: “I am overwhelmed by the kindness of all the people who attended my funeral. I love Fred and all of my family so much, and I am sorry that I had to leave all of you so suddenly. I thank all of the people who helped me in my health problems. You know in life how much I loved to help people in many ways and through many organizations. I had this mother instinct in me for not only my children and grandchildren, but also for all the people that I could help. You know I had a great love of life, and I always worked to save the unborn and help all the mothers. I even had compassion for those mothers who had abortions. I am with my Jesus in heaven by his grace, and I will be praying for my family and for all the organizations that I worked with. It is the loving people that I enjoyed working with, and I will miss being with all of you.”