Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday, June 8, 2015:

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing the sinful people getting worse, and My faithful are becoming stronger in their faith. The lifestyles of living in fornication, or some in same sex marriages, are so foreign to My faithful’s way of living. Because My faithful live faithful lives, and they try to share My love with others, they are a threat to other people’s lifestyle. Because those, who live evil lives even hate you, you will be suffering various persecutions for who you are. Do not feel that you have to change your lives to be accepted. It is better to obey Me than to obey people who may threaten your lives because of your faith in Me. Once your lives are in danger after the Warning, you will have to seek out My refuges for protection, or you may face martyrdom. Even as you may suffer persecution now, you can unite any of your suffering with Me on the cross. The coming tribulation will be shortened, and it will last less then 3½ years. This is a brief time of suffering for an eternity in heaven. Keep close to Me with pure souls, and you will have nothing to fear.”

Jesus said: “My people, you know how much I love you because I came to the earth to give up My life to save all of those souls who love Me. I call on all of you to love Me as well, and I give you the Beatitudes to follow for your perfection. There are many people who I have called to become missionaries in spreading My Good News of My Resurrection and salvation. If you love Me every day, then you should desire to share My love with your neighbors. My desire is that My faithful should reach out to save as many souls as they can from the fires of hell with My help.”

Private message about the thousands of flies in our house. Jesus said: “My son, in all the months of the construction of your chapel and kitchen, your workers left the doors open, and only a few flies came in. Now, as you are giving your talks, you are seeing thousands of flies in the chapel behind the stained glass windows. You have sensed that this attack of flies is not normal, and it could well be an attack of the demons. I want you to pray the St. Michael prayer and spread some blessed salt and holy water all over your house. Fight this with prayer and exorcism first. Then work to remove the flies. I have allowed this as a sign to you that Satan is very upset with your chapel plans. When you do good things, the evil one will attack you, and try to bring it down. Call on Me and My angels to defeat any attacks of the demons.”